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Comment Re:overgeneralization (Score 1) 780

You apparently can't read. I said I hate Apple because of all of the fanboys and marketing telling me I should love it, when it doesn't work for me.

So basically, I hate apple because of you. If you really loved apple, you'd kill yourself now. :)

Comment Re:overgeneralization (Score 1) 780

Of course the question must be asked - where were you when Macs were incredibly easy to open and upgrade parts. The entire box folded open like a piece of origami for access to vital parts, and then folded back for operation. No screws to undo, cables to unwind, just a few locking clips and unfold away.

I was a poor teenager who could barely scrub together 800$ for an AMD K6-2 400 and a monitor, and that took me close to a year to accomplish. That's my excuse - that and I was a gamer first, second, third, fourth, and fifth - with "being an instant messaging scrub" somewhere around 6th and "doing homework" somewhere around 32nd. Roughly. With the exception of Myth II, I don't think any games coming out then also were on the Mac, which made it a non-option on multiple levels.

If there were enough people who liked that in the '90s, then Apple wouldn't have had to change its way of doing things to become profitable again. Hence, the reason Apple doesn't care about you is that to them, you don't matter. The extra effort and spending just to entice you to buy one of their products is just not worth it. Or don't you like capitalism?

Eh, I'm not particularly sold on capitalism any more than I'm particularly sold on any of the other economic structures. I'm not against it, but you'd never see me groping it up at a party. Regardless, it's not the law of diminishing returns aspect of this that bothers me, it's the marketing and the drones it creates that bothers me. It's the "you are an idiot unless you like Apple as much as I do" crowd that such marketing creates. And let's face it, while Apple does passably well in hardware and software, they absolutely dominate (comparatively) in marketing and branding.

The former, I can respect, even if it isn't for me. But unlike most others who buy in hook, line, and sinker to the latter, it just comes across as heavy handed and patronizing to me.

Effectively, I see Apple as repulsive; not for their hardware or software, but for their marketing and PR - effectively their speech. It is akin to my distaste for the Church of LDS; when it comes to being nice people, many of them are, but when you start lobbying heavily against gay marriage, you could save 10,000 babies and 40,000 boxes of kittens from a sarlac pit, and I'm still going to say "wow, you're a dick - good job, but you're such a fucking dick". That's how I think of Apple. "Good stuff, but they're such assholes about it that I can't stand them".

Comment Re:the military doesn't understand psychological w (Score 1) 299

Eh, any local microbrewery is about the same. Most have high quality.

I spent my honeymoon in the Pac NW, but I've had better beers back at home (and I've had worse ones).

Don't get me wrong, some were worthy of note and I wrote them down, and sometimes I even crave them and wish I could be back there right now, but I do that for local microbrews as well. It probably isn't necessarily indicative of area, just smaller batches and far more interest in making something taste good than something that tastes consistent (which is, according to Budweiser, the only things they really care about - a consistent taste, year after year after year. You'd think someone would tell them "hey, consistency only matters if you start with something that is *good*, being consistently bad isn't anything to aspire to!")

Comment Re:overgeneralization (Score 1) 780

Which is fair - that sort of thing drives me nuts when it's directed at me and the things I like, too. At the same time, some people have been on the opposite end of the spectrum and get the same thing, and so they troll back as well, thus exacerbating matters and prolonging the trolling jerkfest cycle. It's not an excuse, just an explanation.

I actually do respect Apple from a purely business standpoint, but for the most part I feel this weird sort of reaction in my stomach when I see their devices. I always feel like they are producing something so awesome, but for one major flaw, and it's sort of heart wrenching. You *want* to like it, because it does so many things well, but there's just that one deal-breaker that kills it for you. I don't know what to call that mental state - I've had it about tech products, cars, houses, jobs, and women, and then they actually end up seeming worse to you than they actually are if only because they didn't quite measure up. If they had come in halfway, you would shrug and say "thanks, but no thanks", but because it comes in soooooo close, but there is just one or two things that can't make it, you're left feeling more harshly toward them than you would the abject failure illustrated by an underperforming contemporary.

Comment Re:overgeneralization (Score 5, Insightful) 780

Newsflash: Most of us have reasons for why Apple sucks. Just because we don't feel the need to wax poetic or pontificate at length about it doesn't mean it isn't there, it just means we don't feel like it.

Or, rather, they don't feel like it. I, on the other hand, love waxing poetic on how I can't stand Apple. Yes, they make legitimate decisions about what they think the best computing experience is. My problem is that there is no room for me what-so-ever in their calculations; I am not allowed to make my own decisions about what hardware I should use, or what I'm allowed to install.

First, they remove my ability to build my own machine, which is akin to giving me a most excellent christmas present that requires assembly, but not letting me put it together. Sorry, but you just took 98% of the fun out of getting a new machine. A pre-built computer feels like I'm always using someone else's computer - not mine.

Second, I have to jump through hoops just to get any app I want, even if I am willing to take the chance that I might be screwing myself over. To Apple, an informed consumer who is willing to take the risks regarding hardware (traditional computing devices) or software (ipod touch, iphone, ipad; the walled garden approach) is not welcome in their universe. Or so unwelcome that they make them jump through a ridiculous amount of hoops just to do something that should be patently trivial.

Apple isn't trying to market to me, they're trying to market to people who expect someone else to make everything work for them. I'm quite content (maybe even happy) doing that work myself, I feel like using OSX is akin to being told to tie my shoes with my teeth. I'm sure there are people out there who can rip through that in seconds, but it feels alien and cumbersome to me. Maybe it's seen as "better" by some, but better is a truly subjective term; I decide what is better for me, not an Apple UI engineer (who I am sure spend a lot of time thinking about it, but that still doesn't mean I like it better!)

I don't expect this to change your mind - obviously you're content with Apple, and I honestly think that's great. But don't sound surprised when those of us who feel constantly patronized and pressured by the Apple Marketing department and their volunteer wing, Apple Evangelists come calling. I don't mean to offend you, but an Apple Fanatic is precisely as bad as a Jehovah's witness interrupting early morning sex on a lovely Saturday morning. To expect those of us who don't respect what Apple produces to love you for pushing it is just irrational.

(Not that I hate loud apple fanatics, any more than I hate the Jehovah's witness who came-a-calling, but I certainly reserve the right to hate what they do).

Open Source

OpenSolaris Governing Board Closing Shop? 234

echolinux writes "Frustrated by Oracle's refusal to interact with the OpenSolaris community or speak with the OpenSolaris Governing Board, the OGB has issued an ultimatum to Oracle: designate a liaison to the OGB by August 16th or the board will 'take action at the August 23 meeting to trigger the clause in the OGB charter that will return control of the community to Oracle.'"

Comment Re:Analogy time! (Score 1) 698

Eh, it isn't really where everyone is comfortable. It's not... real then. You're asking me to believe that when a dude smashes his finger with a hammer, he yells "Hot Tamales!", when everyone in the room knows he's realistically going to be shouting "MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING WHORE OF A GUTTER BITCH FUCKER. CUNT. FUCK." afterwards. So when that doesn't happen, I don't know about you, but it makes me uneasy, like I'm watching some sort of robot.

Now, granted, it likely makes LESS people uncomfortable when they do that, but for me? It just gives me the fucking willies.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 700

It's to combine boxes. Bluray support sucks for PCs - have you USED any of the software they have?

So I could have a bluray player as well as a linux machine that (hopefully) would be able to act as a mythtv front end. I just negated the need for a separate blu-ray player/PC setup. That's less power draw, less cable mess, everything. It is just better.

I am not looking to be rolling super fast ninja sweet linux setup with afterthrusters here. As long as it could have played my HTPC recorded video (from the other TV), it would have been a perfect set-top box for me that combined multiple devices into one. But now it doesn't have that. And that's okay - Sony doesn't HAVE to make something that I want. But I also don't have to say that their current product is awesome when compared to what it was before, either.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1, Troll) 700

After looking at what has been gained and what has been lost, at best it looks like PS3 owners have been given 97 cents in pennies, while they have had 400 dollars in 100$ bills taken from them.

Maybe to you quantity is more important than quality, but to me, everything Sony has done to the PS3 has made it even LESS inviting to me. The only reason I wanted it was FOR the parts they removed!

It doesn't matter though. I'm welcome to keep my money in my pocket and mock (mercilessly) Sony AND the Sony fanbois who think that their product is worth its weight in piss. It isn't.

Comment Re:I don't want flying images in my browser (Score 1) 601

I'm not sure why you got marked as Funny. If you only want text, go text only. It's not that complicated. Lynx will be fine for him.

Seriously, hearing these people bitch about these new advancements is kind of like having to listen to an old person complain that their new HDTV @ 1080p "looks too real" and that they miss their rabbit ears and fuzzy picture. I'm not going to tell them they're wrong to be complaining, but I do have a really hard time giving a damn.

Comment Re:Hey everyone, this is Microsoft! (Score 5, Interesting) 601

Because of the complexity of pages now. If you want to stay with no-image, no-javascript, no-flash html, there are fantastic browsers out there that will support your every need. But if you want to do crazy things with your browser like: Ball Pool, then it's going to make that poor browser nom your clock cycles like a morbidly obese person at a buffet.

Comment Re:16 years old, no legal rights against parents. (Score 5, Interesting) 428

I think you underestimate how much you have to beat a kid to get child services on you. Not even after my mother had my 12 year old brother drive her home from the bar (because she was drunk), then beat him so badly he was in the hospital for 3 days would the courts award my father custody. It took all of that plus a few failed drug tests before she finally gave up custody of him. Who knows what the courts would have decided, but it takes a hell of a lot to get your child taken away from you. A whole hell of a lot.

Submission + - Hopes for net neutrality dies in court (

Defenestrar writes: A federal appellate court has decided that the FCC has no congressional authority to regulate net neutrality, and as such; companies such as Comcast are free to shape traffic as they see fit until the United States Congress empowers the FCC with regulatory power over internet traffic within the United States (and consumer protection from ISP intentional data corruption for the sake of traffic shaping).

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