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Comment Re:Translation: Groklaw has been gagged (Score 1) 986

"Except that secret vampire attacks don't happen"

That's just what THEY want you to think. You've already bought into the lie hook, line, and sinker. You're one of the sheeple, see? Only I know the truth: that secret vampires have been planning their attack for exactly as long as whatever conspiracy you think has been going on.

Comment Re:It was a myth (Score 1) 986

I don't agree. The United States is a democracy, but most of Europe is still to this day monarchies. (I do agree, however, that we are not more free. All of Western civ is mostly free to an equal degree.) It's quaint (and real) that we complain about the government reading our emails, but that's a far cry from, say, widespread political suppression based on arbitrary jailings, torture, and murder -- all cornerstones of the previous Western way of life. Say what you will about Guantanamo detainees or Florida recounts, we do in fact enjoy nearly complete political and economic freedom.

Comment Re:Q&A (Score 1) 206

Mmm hmmm, exactly, I didn't buy one. It's a shame because it's nice software running on nice hardware. I'm glad Android is an excellent alternative (equal in my opinion, perhaps superior) or else I'd be left with nothing. That's sort of how I feel about Mac OS: I really don't like the direction its going but there isn't a great alternative. Linux is pretty good but it's not as good as OSX.

Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 1) 570

I'm a programmer not a sysadmin, but yeah I've had to program against and deploy software on Win servers in the last decade. Actually, you know, yeah I did do some sysadmin tasks with some of those servers when I was doing the deploys and configuring them afterwards. It was such a pain having to use the GUI tools to change settings instead of copying config files into an etc dir. It was such a pain to find the "restart" button instead of just cycling a daemon.

Many of my complaints are answered by Windows apologists with recommendations to install things that should have been baked into Windows twenty years ago, such as PowerShell or Cygwin. In my opinion if you have to install Unix utilities to make your Windows server useful, then that is an indication you should be using Unix in the first place.

I won't defend the "less useful" comment but I will defend "useless". I don't claim to be open minded. I'm closed-minded to Windows so it's not like a well-reasoned and informed opinion could sway me, so if you want you can just roll your eyes and dismiss me.

Comment Re:Q&A (Score 2) 206

Running a closed app store with a tight approval process is fine. Preventing use of outside apps or app stores is not fine. That's where the line is, and Apple is over the line. They could still have their branded kid-safe no-porn carefully-checked pre-installed app garden, and everyone would trust it and use it and they would make tons of money, but Apple has an ideology of control which means they can't abide alternatives.

Comment Re:BUT MACS DON'T GET ... (Score 1) 206

It's not a Mac, and it's not a virus, so actually I don't get his point.

"If you run a program on your computer, that program can do stuff to your computer, so maybe don't run malicious software on your computer."

I literally can't think of a way to avoid that. It's pretty fundamental to how computers work.

Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 1) 570

You would follow bad advice because someone's insightful rhetorical question isn't phrased in the form of a detailed argument? Damn. That's foolish. I hope you are not serious.

Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 0) 570

This is the most undeserved Troll mod I've seen in 15 years on Slashdot. I hope it ends up at +5, Insightful when the dust settles. Windows is shit, it's been shit since the Clinton administration, and in every way except stability it has gotten less useful over the years. (As for stability, Microsoft gets credit for fixing what used to be comically bad stability issues.)

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