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Comment Re:Au contraire (Score 1) 3

Well, too bad, there are people who don't want you fucking things up for them during their lifetime either. So, pffft!

It's my duty to treat people well in this life..

You definitely have a weird way of showing it...

What a crybaby!

Comment Trump is a wildly successful con man (Score 1) 2

People will vote for him because of his demeanor. He has little or nothing else to offer, except broken contracts and bankruptcy. He probably doesn't even have a billion dollars. His bank account is smaller than his hands (dick).

Establishment Republicans ought to just merge with the D party

They did that back in the 60s. Before you were born.

It seems that you are getting awfully upset about this. Your gag is becoming more intense. The truth only serves to anger you, so lash away, go nuts! It's fun to watch and getting more so. Thanks for alleviating our boredom. You really should share with genpop.

Comment Re:same flaws (Score 1) 39

Eh, so you moved the decimal. How can I not put down your silly gag? Did all your skin burn off? There is no "goodbye", only "until later".

p.s. Your relationship change thingy there only confirms that you don't like hearing the truth. So tune out. It does not matter in the grand scheme. I am just countering your shtick in the same fashion you present it to the viewing audience. Think of it as 'noise cancelling'.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 1) 392

And no, I've never had to reinstall Linux. Windows? Just about once a year.

My hdds tend to fail before I need a windows reinstall. So far every single linux install I've done to date has gotten mangled from my attempts to do things on it (even simple things, such as installing steam on debian) that the only help I can get from the support forums is to just reinstall.

Strange - I do test a lot of software, so it's a constant issue of cleaning the registry as well. But I have some Linux installs from 2011 that are still going strong.

Either that or you have a bad memory. I haven't once installed ubuntu or debian on a laptop where at least 1 semi-important bit of hardware wasn't recognized, or was only partially supported.

I have found that the biggest problem some people have with Linux is they try to impose Windows on it. But then I read......

The most common offender was the network card(s) not showing up at all,

How on earth did you do the install? I haven't done an install in years that didn't require an internet connection to do it. You need to connect to the internet, in the first place, so it is remarkable that your connection and install would kill the driver.

Sumpin seriously odd here.

The worst problem I've had with Linux is a lubuntu install that doesn't care what I set for wakeup. After five minutes of inactivity, I have to log in again.

That's exactly the kind of minor issue I'm talking about. A non-tech savvy person wouldn't know the first place to start and just live with it. I like to at least attempt fixing those sorts of things, but generally the attempt ends up breaking more things than it fixes.

Note that out of many dozens of installs, that's it. That is also less issues than my Windows installs.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 1) 392

This tl;dr isn't too far off, but it's not an order, more a reflection of what actually happens. Much like while I love tinkering with OSes and playing with multiple ones, I couldn't give a crap how my car works as long as it goes forward when I hit the gas and stops when I hit the brake. I drive a piece of shit right now and I don't get it why people are obsessed with some other ones, because I lack the interest. Just like nearly the entire world lacks the interest to tinker with an OS.

Near enough = good enough. This is human nature for everything we don't take a very active interest in.

I don't care what market share is, I don't care that mediocre or almost working is the height to which some people aspire. I really don't. I am a person who is curious about many things, from my operating systems, to my vehicles, to my screwdrivers. Damn near everything in fact. Interestingly, that irritates people. But whatever. Maybe they think I'm bragging or something.

And I even help those who can't be bothered to learn to help themselves. I'm irritating as hell, but that doesn't mean I'm a prick, just the weird guy who explains stuff that they are too (insert whatever word you like) to learn.

Anyhow thegarbz, I fear we are just in a sort of deadlock here. End situation is I'm happy to be able to carry on untelligent conversations with rocket scientists, Physicists, and other professionals, I'm happy to learn the differences and similarities between Operating Systems so I can tallk and make intelligent decisions regarding them, while others might be more comfortable with discussing the latest episode of "Here comes Honey Boo-Boo", "Braxton Family Vlues", or "Naked and Afraid". And my curiosity leads me to watch an episode or two of each. The experience was a true waste of time. Just a difference in perspective, I suppose. We'll have this on occasion.

Comment Re:Tick, tock, SJWs (Score 1) 199

True, they do tend to out themselves pretty quickly, but they are not the ones I was talking about. I'm talking about the ones who act normal until you fuck them and then they act like you have been the closest couple ever for years. Then they try to destroy your relationships with all your friends and family. Those are the ones that are scary.

Comment Re:same flaws (Score 1) 39

Yeah, I got it a long time ago. Wealth/power is localized down to the family/community. It's a pretty good setup, but it can still lead to witch hunts and persecution against those who are different, or of a small minority. The family unit was at the heart of German propaganda leading them into war. It appeals to the most basic of instincts.

Growth and cronyism beyond the locality is natural and inevitable. Plus you can end up with the Hatfields and McCoys. Sometimes the irresistible force becomes necessary to keep the peace. Then that force inevitably acquires a life of its own where there's nothing with the power to stop it, except maybe, a universal appeal to the supernatural, which depends on a certain level of ignorance to keep people in line, and then the church leadership has all the power, which leads to secular revolt.

It's turtles all the way down. There will be no peace until respect is universal, which pretty much means, anarchism, no desire to dominate, rules without rulers, which really does appear to go against nature, but it is necessary to become human.

The differences are more than obvious, but don't tell B D. His expression of willful ignorance is a spectacle in itself :-)

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