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Comment Re:While we are torquing about it (Score 1) 298

The coders in this place mostly won't know about bending moments but it's a good concept to look up to get an idea as to why it was so insane to strap the shuttle onto the side of a rocket instead of on top. NASA did incredibly well to get it to fly at all.

Dunno if you recall, but Columbia came close to breaking off the stack in the first launch. .It's interesting to watch a shuttle leave the pad versus a Saturn 5. Because while the 5 looks like a leisurely takeoff - around 8 seconds to leave the launch tower -, the SRBs and main engine make for a real shit and git around 4 seconds. Tower height is less, but so is the stack. https://www.history.nasa.gov/s... A lot of pressure and inertia and placing the vehicle right in the middlle of it instead of on top.

Now all that being said, if you ever have the chance to get to KSC, their Atlantis Shuttle display and the entrance to is is breathtaking and stunning. I was left speechless for a good ten seconds, and I'm not rendered speechless easily. You could tell who the engineering types were, and it added to the moment the shuttle that was actually supposed to be there.

Comment Re:It's been said... (Score 3, Insightful) 118

There's a whole bunch of them running around. You gotta get people to chase them down and vote them in.

Now, how many people here really believe that this congress and president are going to pass and sign such a bill? Where were the democrats when they had control of congress and the presidency just eight short years ago? This is just more soap opera. Campaign season never ends.

Comment Re:instead of glasses use an app (Score 1) 99

A free app, f.lux does the job, https://justgetflux.com/ Set the desired white balance/temperature at night time and you don't need any glasses.

I have it, and I eventually turned it off. Didn't make any difference at all, except make my screen dim and yellow, and nag me to go to bed.

Comment Re:CTR was NEVER a good metric (Score 1) 128

You've hit the nail on the head with that line.

I'm skeptical about the actual effectiveness of advertising on consumers on the whole, but the ad industry has been extremely effective in selling advertising to companies. That is apparently where advertising actually works and I bet the ad mongers are just as unscrupulous in their dealings with their clients as they are with the public.

That reminds me of the old saying about fishing lures. Supposedly to catch fish, they are designed to catch fishermen.

Comment Re:And let your computer attack others' computers (Score 1) 156

If and when you choose to update

If your computer is connected to the Internet, and you choose not to update, and a computer intruder takes advantage of this choice to surreptitiously install a botnet worker on your computer, how shall users of computers other than yours be protected from attacks originating from your computer? Automatic updates provide the counterpart to herd immunity.

If your computer is so unsafe that one update missed makes it a menace to everyone on the internet, it is not even remotely the users fault. If many of the updates make your computer inoperative, or it stops doing what you bought it for, It isn't much of an operating system.

People buy computers to do thing on, and the main purpose is to do those things, not receive updates because the OS is inherently non-secure.

I update my Linux and MacOS machines soon after the updates are available. I hold off on Windows as long as possible.

Comment Re:This is an OS (Score 1) 156

The problem with comparing Apple with any other computer company is that Apple fully controls their product line. When Apple pushes an update they know exactly what the base hardware is (since they make it themselves). When Android and Microsoft push updates they have to worry that the update may adversely affect machines made by numerous hardware manufacturers. In Android's case the manufacturer of the device may not even make an updated OS for their older devices and loading Google's base Android OS isn't something many end users can/will do.

You know, once upon a time, Windows fans would brag About the great choice of hardware, as a much superior solution than that controlled Apple ecosystem.

Ironic how a mark of superiority is now used as an excuse for Windows breaking systems with every update.

Amazingly enough, Modern Linux doesn't have that problem. Just update, and don't even have to reboot 99 percent of the time.

Comment Re:This is an OS (Score 1) 156

I hate defending microsoft, however the problem is most users won't install an update. even today the average user is to stupid to understand how and why they should update.

Look at ios and Mac OS . iOS achieves something like an 75% updates installed within 3 months of it being released.

The reason isn't always stupidity. Its what happens when your computer hangs or otherwise gets screwed up when Microsoft updates it. I update my MacOS and Linux computers a week after I'm offered the update - just in case. Through Windows 7, it would be weeks before I updated it. Windows 10 only lets me delay it a little. Unfortunately, they don't often fix the problems the update caused, but there's no choice.

If they dodn't consistently bollix up the system, I'd update the same as the other OS's.

Microsoft has trained it's users well, which is why they often avoid updates.

Comment Re:CTR was NEVER a good metric (Score 1) 128

I've "fixed" many people's computers by installing Adblock. They were ready to buy another computer because they though the dropoff in speed was due to age. Same result - Happy people.

Computers don't get slow with age. That is a mistake microsoft teach them . . .

You do know that many people think that they do. It is just a misinterpretation of Moore's Law.

Comment Re:Hijacked! (Score 1) 298

I'd bet you're against life extension and the leisure society though. I got it, that wasn't covered in the pulp sci-fi you grew up reading...

I'll address those in reverse order. The leisure society is a fine idea. Having retired way early at 55, I have to say that it beats the shit out of working. I still keep busy but mostly doing what I want. We are truly entering a time when al most no one will need to work to survive. The alternative is either rejection of advancements or mass popucide, purposefully killing off most of humanity.

Life extension? That depends on where the extension comes from. The problem today is that it all comes on the old end. Which means we spend the last 20 years of our lives drawing down any omney e set aside, and are the healthiest demented people in the nursing home.

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