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Comment Re:They only show gorgeous women (Score 1) 174

I agree that all sorts of chemicals, not just the famous pheromones, are detectable by the sexes. However, despite your gift of olfactory sensitivity, a lot of factors go into the mix of attraction - particularly for women, who seem to have a lot more complex set of desiderata when mating. This makes sense, given the level of commitment required on their part for the continuation of the species.

Well, I didn't say they thought I was worthy. Just giving a possibility for the diffrent attractions, and that they happen to line up in my case. I probably have the stability and monetary possessions that many like, but I'm not looking.


With regard to the 'Cultural Marxism' bit. Many people don't comprehend this fully. The Cultural Marxists did not invent the feminists crazies, what they did do is notice that matched their agenda of Critical Theory and then handed a megaphone over.

And it is failing miserably. The entire social project of demonization of males has reaped the reward of men giving up on the idea of relationships with women. While the crazies are obviously kooky, even the typical modern young lady has become a little difficult to be around. If I was a present day young male, I would be concentrating on my career. This is a risk/reward issue.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 174

Nothing. But giving it out at a professional event is misogynistic. I hope you can see the difference.

So if they gave out nekkid photo mags with men in them, it would mean that they hate everyone? These things are hard to figure out.

Better stick to war magazines with people killing people. That'll be okay, and not an expression of hatred.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 174

So, if someone secretly photographs you masturbating and posts it online, you're fine with that?

As long as they get my good side

But someone else may need protection from your mean tweets, and those of others. Cyberbullying has driven many people to suicide.

Two thoughts on that. One is that there had to be other issues for it to get to a suicidal state.

Second is that children are not taught how to deal with bullies these days. Actually, they never have, but the special snowflake self esteem culture has backfired badly. Even when I was bullied back in Junior High, the school was no help. So I ended up tking care of it myself one day.

But kids today have been given the idea that nothing bad should ever happen to them, and if they get into any trouble like a fight, their life is over. They won't get into the right college, the right career, and they are FAIAP finished.

Part of learning how to grow up is learning how to deal with bullies, because they will be their your entire life.

And a cyberbully is so much easier to take down than a physical one.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 174

This is true of course, but that's not the objection mainstream feminism has to Playboy.

The main objection is that it evaluates women on their looks, rather than their accomplishments or talents. It tries to be serious about it, which is just weird. Imagine if Time decided to throw in some nudes of Elon Musk, along side his interview... Airbrushed of course.

I could not care less. If Elon wants to expose his ding dong in Hong Kong, he can have at it. Keep away fmor Kids, and let women who want nothing to do with it alone, and its a big Meh.

Or if male actors did it to prove they were still hot enough to get roles at 30.

It's not puritanical, it's an issue with treating women differently and to a lesser extent using their bodies to sell magazines which perpetuates the idea that the female body is a commodity.

If I might, I'll give a try at an explanation. There are animals in the world where one of the genders is relatively plain, and the other is well adorned. In some of the birds, the female chooses her mate by their displays. The birds of paradise are a good example some of them are strikingly beautiful. And the all time king of this embellishment is the Prarie Chicken, whose hilarious looking displays and dancing cracks me up every time. But if he wants to mate he's gotta do it, as the female is the one who makes the choice, and he has to beg her.

But let's get back to the decoration. I'm going to generalize here. In humans the most attractive is without question, the female. Men are all lumpy and bumpy and seriously prone to protruding bellies, and the females are the beauties, with pretty nice symmetry, and normally much better looking faces. And they seem to like to embellish themselves as well with jewelry and makeup.

My mother, who was as straightlaced a catholic as you can get, enjoyed looking at the naked women in Playboy. As she said - "Women are just better looking than men, and I like looking at them." And it wasn't some repressed lesbian thing either. My wife has no objection to looking at naked people, although she laughs at the guys sometimes.

And do you know what the most common porn for straight women to look at is? Woman on woman porn. You can google that. text, not the actual porn. Okay, you can google that too if ya like.

Women are just in general, a lot more pleasant to look at. Its also why so many artists work with the female nude.

And as outraged as some ladies get about it, good luck with trying to change millions of years of evolution. Though it might be funny to see in a million years, guys doing a dance for a chance to make with a woman - although I think that males won't exist in a few hundred years, as human parthenogenesis will probably give rise to an all female humanity. We've already produced human embryos through parthenogenesis, so a major problem for women is going to go away in the not too distant future.

Comment Re:They only show gorgeous women (Score 1) 174

Great. You bang the fat chicks and leave the others to us.

You do know a lot of guys like fat chicks don't you? I prefer mine tall, thin and long legged.

And your repetition of Cultural Marxist memes will be deeply appreciated by the fat chicks, while the others just prefer real men who are confident and have no problem nor illusions with the mating game being the jungle rules it actually is.

It really isn't cultural Marxism, it is women who have some serious issues and choose to consider men liking slender women as the source of those issues. Psychologists will tell us that people who have a ready target for their problem actually have a different source of the problem. It isn't men, it isn't tall slender women, it is an internal mental issue, not any political party affiliation.

Accept reality - your genes want to reproduce and while there is some cultural variation of beauty, signs of unhealthiness (away from average) are repulsive to anyone not sufficiently indoctrinated to the Cultural Marxist memes flooding the developed World.

I do think you are on to something here, just not the commie part. Let me explain. I have a really good sense of smell. And people smell different. I'm pretty darn certain that I'm not homosexual because I don't like the way guys smell. And those tall slender women I prefer? They smell extra good to me. From 10 feet away - no need to creep on them.

And I'm not talking about unwashed body odor or perfume, I just mean a clean inherent smell. All women smell good, and they physical type I'm most attracted to smells best - to me.

Now most people don't have such a sensitive sniffer, but I'll bet they are still sensing what smells good even if they don't consciously or actively notice it.

And there ya have it - chemical attraction - a conjectural explanation for why different men like different types of women. Could be wrong, but maybe the nose knows.

Comment Re:Where most are too fat, thin is in. Where starv (Score 1) 174

> . In some cultures, thin is attractive. In others, fat.

Specifically, in cultures in which the majority of people are overweight, where obesity-related causes such as heart disease are the most common causes of death, thinner than average tends to be a) healthier and b) generally considered attractive

Yet who is considered to be ultimate hot right now? Kim Kardashian, whom I considered to be about as sexy as a side of pork. But a fair number of guys like that look with enormous buttocks and a lot of fat. And that's okay, people like what they like. But it sure as hell isn't a one size fits all world.

What I'm waiting for is demands for ugly modles so that ugly women don't feel put out. I'll bet that is coming. Why not? If Barbie can cause a girl to become bulimic, and if slender models make normal women feel inadequate, there are unattractive women out there who must be devastated every time they open a fashion catalog and see a pretty woman.

Comment Re:They only show gorgeous women (Score 1) 174

But the majority of the specific details that make up the "look" of an attractive man or woman versus other men and women in their society are simply cultural.

But does that make the culture evil if one particular type of male or female is considered attractive?

Even then, people who complain about whatever it is tht is popular have zero inhibitions about persecuting those who might fit that definition naturally. Like my wife. Slender, tall, and could have been a model but went into business instead. The amound of sheer hatred she has recieved from these poor women who are destroyed by just seeing her has been quite impressive. But that's not the mainpoint of my comments.

Because believe it or not, there are people out there who prefer all kinds of body types, sothere's no need to get slender models banned form magazines.

Some guys even like hevy women. One guy on my Hockey team liked girls ost of us considered fat. Penthouse Magazine featured rather curvy women. For some reason, women with absolutely huge buttocks are in style right now.

Even different facial characteristics are appealing to different people. What floats our boats is not remotely universal ( which of course ties into your different cultures statement.

Women - and it seems to be women mostly - who are angered by the sight of a woman who does not look like her, have other hangups than just getting angry that this woman is being objectified, or that males only like that kind of woman's physical traits.

Comment Re:SuperPACs can go first (Score 1) 241

Go back to the beginning of the thread. I see no need to repeat myself. My argument is perfectly valid and correct. At this point you're just being a goof.

Go after the people who take the bribes, stop rewarding them, and the problem is solved. Maintain your present stance and expect another ten thousand years of the same old thing.

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