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Comment Re: Dunno if (Score 1) 112

And like I said, this limitation of liability applies to nearly everyone in the modern world. Debt slavery is gone. Debts are not passed to others. So we are all being subsidized by your logic, which is illogical.

Are you having some issues this evening? What would be the difference between a company paying for 12 billion dollars of insurance coverage, and one paying for 10 or 20 times that? Because in the disasters we've had so far, it is crediible that would be the amount of damage incurred. After that, the government picks up the tab. I would like that setup for say, my house insurance. Since we bought our place, it has trebled in value, and I have had to pay more every time it gets re-assessed. I would love to be paying the premiums I paid back in 1994, and if damages exceed that, the Government would write me out a check for the difference. But I can't. I could insure my place for the same amount as in 1994, but if it were wrecked, I'd get a check for a third of the present day replacement costs. And as it turns out, there is a federal flood insurance program that does similarly to the Nuc industry exemption from liabilit,. But I live on top of a hill, so am not eligible But I would indeed have about 20 thousand dollars sitting around that I would have not had to pay out over time if I could have been covered in the same way the nuc plants are covered.

Hey a homeless guy could start a fire in a big city and cause millions of dollars of damage. And he wouldn't have to pay a dime. So the government is subsidizing homeless guys to start fires!!!

And a hurricane could come through and wipe the town out. Or an earthquake. They might be considered Acts of God Your amusing homeless pyromaniac is a criminal act. Presumably the buildings that were destroyed had insurance that they had to pay for based on actual risk assessment tables, and the homeless guy is in prison. Your concept is a non sequitur.

Tyying to get my mind around the apparent fact that you equate the nuclear power industry with a homeless guy. Then again, you are the logical one, eh?

If you even think for one moment that that is what I have suggested, or if your amusing cliff drop version of the slippery slope is reasonable, you might reconsider your attacks on other people's logic.

You want to have this discussion? Or are you just going to stick your fingers in your ears and go "neener neener neener!"

I'm not going to argue with people who cannot understand that dollars are dollars, what you spend is gone, and what you keep you keep or share with the stakeholders, and if you think that it isn't every bit the equal of handing over cash, well, we can't fix that can we. Ciao, me chachalaca!

Comment Re:Learning (Score 1) 190

A drone is simply capable of being a new kind of bomb, in addition to the other things that it can be. With clever communications (cellular?) it can put your explosive exactly where you want it, without exposing the person who's placing it.

Well between us chachalacas, I really, really, want an enemy of mine to use a lot of those sort of drones.

I perhaps lack imagination, but one thing I do with engines of destruction is consider the countermeasures to use against them. And the countermearsures for cheap drones are something that I can personally enact, with no need for highly technological solutions or much capital outlay.

Comment Re: Learning (Score 1) 190

Good point - Americans still kill far more people than terrorists.

And? Killing other humans is a core competency of humans, and one which humans enjoy greatly, and have enjoyed the practice pretty much since we've been humans. And your acting as if teh evilz 'murrdericans are somehow the only people on earth that kill other humans is just indicitive of some jealousy or need for you to allowyourself a little bit of that other core competency of humans, hatred.

So when Americans and only Americans and no other humans go around and kill each other in an organized fashion, I will agree totally with you.

Otherwise, welcome to your hatred based hypocrisy. Do you have an issue with Germans, Jewish, Muslim, Serbians, Irish, British, Scottish, Chinese, Japanese. Russians, Afghans, Italians, Africans, Indians, the list goes on and on. Tell us about those poor peaceful people who never hurt a soul., and hand out some of that good old fashioned hatred for them, and write it up to show us that you at least, are consistent.

Comment Re:Learning (Score 1) 190

Well now - did you see that mighty "drone" they make? A freaking cheap RC model airplane. Hard to imagine a simple mortar not being a lot more effective.

Can you steer a mortar shell as it falls? Perhaps you lack imagination.

Perhaps I do lack imagination. What my idea of how one preosecutes this sort of thing do is send a lot of mortar bombs to to visit your friends. I mean, I looked at the "drones", and it was a really cheap radio controlled airplane, another is a commercial quadcopter. And dropping the equivalent of a hand grenade. Like World War One biplanes tossing bomblets over the side by hand.

As Americans with nubile teenage daughters who sunbathe in the back yard, and are bothered by drones can tell us, taking out a quadcopter isn't all that hard. Hell, a wideband RF jammer can bring them down. Simple nets around your position will deny them ingress. I surely don't want to see them using trained eagles, but eagles seem to have a inbred hatred for drones.

I'll take a 60 mm high explosive mortar any day over what is essentially a silly but dangerous toy. Not a lot of defense against mortars, other than armor.

Is it a weapon of terror if it makes me laugh?

Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 190

Islam is only 1437. Like Christianity is 2016 years old

So a multi thousand year warranty is wrong.

You figure that they only warred with each other after Islam was created? Don't confuse current religions with the ongoing fighting in the middle east.

From the multiple Byzantine-Sassanid wars. The third Century AD was constant warfare in southern Arabia going back further to pre Christian times, we have the Kingdom of Hadhramaut conqured by the Himyarites (somewhere around 300 BCE Anyhow, I don't want to bore you to death with the names and places - I'd suggest looking up the history of the middle east outside of the political screeds. It's a rather violent place, has been for a long time, and if they didn't enjoy the violence, they wouldn't do it.

Comment Re:Learning (Score 2) 190

Killing people with remote control aircraft, I wonder where they got that idea. They're getting almost as good at killing people as Americans.

Well now - did you see that mighty "drone" they make? A freaking cheap RC model airplane. Hard to imagine a simple mortar not being a lot more effective. A lot more firepower, longer range, more reliable. This is silly season FUD, designed to make it look like ISIS has learned something from the US.

Comment Re: Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 190

Seems unfair to let the people who want nothing to do with such extremists suffer at the hands of them.

Sure is. Lot's of things are unfair. The people who want nothing to do with the extremists need to rise up against them. It'll be bloody for certain, but all a third intervening country will do is gain new enemies.

Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 190

I'm too lazy to look up when the US sent sizable forces back to Iraq, but it was only on request and permission of the Iraqi government.

So you figure tha twe have to be th epolice there in perpetuity? Because they aren't going to behave themselves unless a much superior force is there to enforce a martial law.

We could be there a hundred years, and as soon as we left, they'd be at it again. We'd just have delayed it by 100 years, and both sides would consider us their enemy. The only real hope - and it isn't much of one - is to let them kill each other off to the point of mutual exhaustion.

Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 190

The majority US troops pulled out in 2010 per Iraqi agreements.

These people are fighting a many thousands of years old war with each other. 2010? Might as well be the present. I personally believe that they should be allowed to kill each other off without our intervention. I think it is a genetic predisposition, a sort of ability to forever hold a grudge, coupled with humanitie's love for killing other humans. Let 'em have their fun - not our business unless they get ouside their borders.

Comment Re:matter of time (Score 1) 190

this was only a matter of time, with IMU's and position sensors so widespread and cheap today, all we can do is to try and restrict export to these countries, but sooner or later it will get out there too.

This is FUD.

I read that as the US buying every single part that might be made into a copter drone, or a Model airplane, then burning them or something. We are not the only country in the world, we might as well ban lead, iron, and brass - the basic materials of firearms and their ammunition.

We can hardly ban the export when it is other countries that have them to export. Unless we plan on Fighting the entire world, a remarkably bad idea since we are in the middle of the longest war in US history, after being in another one. One cannot fight infinitely.

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