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Comment This guy is a piece of shit (Score 0) 160

Judging from the fact that AC has posted as AC, he knows that he is a piece of shit. People like you really grind my gears. You are so fucking stupid as to think that the poor people are the cause of all your trouble.
God for bid that you help anyone who needs help because there is a chance that someone else will take advantage of it.
Sure, fuckballs like you are fine on spending trillions killing brown people for no fucking reason at all, but spending a couple billion on the poor...oh the horror!!

Sir... Fuck you. Do us all a favor "an hero".

Comment It's not a race with freaken robots!! (Score 1) 372

I mean, really..WTF??

Do people that robots are sitting around planing how to take your job? It's a fucking robot, people!

The only "race" going on here is the "race" to transfer the wealth of what's left of the middle class into the hands of the ruling class. Simple as that.
Robots are simply a tool to do that.
Why employ a lazy meat bag when we can buy a bunch of robots to work 24 hours a day for free!! Everyone thinks that other people will lose their job, but think that they are safe. No one is safe. Business will cut and cut and cut where ever they can to maximize profits. Fuck social responsibility. Who gives a crap that no one is employed anymore and thus cannot afford your robot made products.
People sure seem to be stupid sometimes.

Comment The law was the problem (Score 5, Interesting) 48

IMO, if a very large portion of a population does an action which is technically illegal, but no one considers it wrong, then clearly it should not be illegal.
Will allowing piracy mean that music and movies will disappear? No, of course not.
It just means that shit, mass produced movies and music, designed purely to make money "may" disappear. There will always be people who do a thing just for the thing. Art for the love of art and not to become rich.

Comment Too expensive and not clean (Score 4, Insightful) 224

The last few times that I went to the cinema, I was very disappointment with the experience.

The last thing I saw was in 3D, so I had to pay an additional 5 bucks. So, 40 bucks for two people. Then 5 bucks for the "small" 200 ounce soda and another 5 bucks for a "small" dumpster full of popcorn.
Then you sit down in the grungy seat and watch the movie. Then notice that the audio is not really calibrated all that well.
Then the movie is over and you try to pry your shoes from the soda glue all over the floor. Maybe you even use the bathroom with the pervasive urine smell and racist comments carved into the doors.

Yeah... Hard to imagine that attendance is down.

Comment Sure, we all knew... (Score 1) 308

But I do not think that's the reason no one really cares. I think most people don't trust wikileaks.
Julian is clearly a complete and total fuck head with a political agenda.
Personally, I would have a hard time believing anything released by that jack ass has not been carefully cherry picked.

At this stage, everyone knows the US government is spying on the everything they do. Most people just don't care. Everyone also knows that wikileaks guy is a fart muffin. So... they also don't care.

Comment IBM on track to.. (Score 5, Insightful) 34

IBM on track to demonstrate just how broken the US patent system is.

I mean, for fucks sake, it's getting to where it is literally impossible for any company to produce anything at all without violating some patent from some asshole who will never even produce the fucking thing.
I think it would be better to ignore patent law all together. You know, like the US did after ww2 ;)

Comment Cruise missles (Score 1) 406

I am not sure you are aware of this, but aircraft carriers are huge targets. China has invested huge sums of money in hypersonic anti-ship cruise missiles. They have tons of the things. And they have a long range. Unless you are saying that the US can magically shoot them all down, if a hot war came around, the US navy would find its ships very quickly reduced in numbers.

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