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Comment Re:100% Automation coming soon. (Score 1) 256

Sorry, but this is bullshit.
How are the poor people going to get any money when there is no work? Most of the Jesus people in America would rather see those people die on the streets than to give them "hand outs".
Could everyone in America be fed, housed, clothed, educated and entertained with only 10% of the people working? Of course they could. But, this will never happen. The religious right will never allow it.

Comment Re:Overblown (Score 1) 256

No, it is not overblown.
Stop for a moment and think about the bigger picture. What happens when everything is automated? Where will you work? How will you pay your mortgage? Do you think that engineering cannot be automated? In time, it will be.
Are you a manager? Do you think all those managers will be needed when there are workers?
It does not take a crystal ball to see that this is the path we are on.

Comment Automation should be illegal (Score 2) 256

I know, I know... I am a communist, socialist and all the rest of it, but it makes sense.
There are 1 basic rule of capitalism. Survival of the fittest.
It turns out, however, that survival of the fittest is not always the best approach when you want to hold a society together. That is why we have things like anti monopoly rules. The "end game" for capitalism is to eliminate all competition so that in the end, there is only one.
This of course is massively short sighted, given that most of the population will won't have jobs and then cannot afford to buy your stuff. Especially since most so many people in the US firmly believe that if you lose your job, you should be homeless and starve to death if you cannot find a new job in time. Being good the Christians that they are.
That is same with automation, It should not be allowed. Can low level jobs be replaced with robots? Of course they can. But what the fuck are the people going to do for work?
Is everyone going to be a manager?
Is everyone going to start their own business?
No, of course not. Instead, those people will go hungry. They will go without insurance. Their kids will not have an education.
This is bad for everyone.
Of course, we all know that we are at a point where most food items and "stuff" can be made nearly with complete automation. We can produce enough for every single person to eat and have a place to live and clothes on their back.
But... We wont. Because those people are lazy, and should die. Right?
Eventually, that will happen. Or at least I hope. But until that time, those people "need" jobs.
You do not "need" a cheaper iphone. You only "want" cheaper stuff.
Next time you shop at a discount store, ask yourself.. why is this item so much cheaper than the local mom and pop shop? What is this really costing me?

Comment Content (Score 3, Insightful) 172

And that is the point. It is "content", not news anymore. Hardly anyone is "reporting" on anything. Look at nearly every single tech site. They only just regurgitate press releases from this or that manufacture or "report" on what was written on some other site.
Everything they post is skin deep drivel.
Most of the "so called" news sites are nothing more than click bait at best and attempts to brainwash the masses into adopting the political message of whoever owns the site.
There are a couple of sites which I do carry a subscription to, but those are the few who really take the time to research their articles.

Google would be doing us a favor to just delist nearly all sites.

Comment Part of a larger campaign (Score 1) 110

This seems to be clearly part of a larger campaign against the US. Whether true or not, I think that many of the smaller countries and even some of the larger ones feel that America has been the unchecked bully for far too long. Continuously chastising others while performing those same actions. Do as I say, not as I do.
I can imagine that these players are working in concert to destabilize America with attacks designed to make the average American lose trust in the government and lose faith in the entire political system.

I fully expect that in the next 2-3 month there will be several new “leaks” which are vastly more damaging to the democratic party than the current batch which only proves the primary was rigged.

Combine this with the fact that for many in Russia, the cold war never ended and you have an obvious conclusion.

Comment Don't bother with the link in the summary (Score 5, Interesting) 108

Do yourself a favor and have a look at the youtube video in the NPR link. It was produced by the war department. It's fascinating. I especially like how the solders were handling the fuel rods in t-shirts and no protective equipment at all.
I am quite sure every single one of those poor guys died a horrible death not long after.

Comment Re: Eugenics (Score 1) 93

As someone who lost two children to random genetic mutations during the 3rd trimester, I can say that I would have given anything be have been able to edit out those errors. Alas, thanks to piece of shit bible thumpers like OP, this was not to be.
There is no reason whatsoever to force babies to be born with disabilities simply because some asshat thinks god doesnt like it.

BTW, side note.. If your god allows such suffering, then gives you the knowledge and power to end it, but somehow makes it forbidden for you to actually end it, I would say you may want to think about what kind of God you are worshiping. Cuz, that would be a seriously dick move.

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