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Comment Gaming (Score 2) 191

Can I play Battlefield on it? Can I play Civ 6? I guess not.
I would love to switch to Linux. The fact of the matter, nearly every program which I want to run, does not work natively on Linux.
Office? Nope. Photoshop? Nope.
Please, do not tell me to use WINE. Sure, it may be possible to get it going, but it is shit. Complete and total shit.
Wine is like buying a 911 4S then insisting the buyer replace the tire with a 13 inch wheels from a 1979 Datsun B210. Sure, it will technically work, but what the fuck did you buy that car for?

Comment Globalisation cutting off the hand that feeds them (Score 1) 587

Why do you think that Globalization is unavoidable?
Globalization is a terrible thing. In the long run, it is good for company owners who are willing to move around to find the lowest wages available to get even richer, but it will destroy entire countries.
Free trade is an evil concept designed to make the rich richer.
Consider this.
Take Germany as an example. Germany has an excellent social system. Assuming you have paid into the system, you will be taken care of. You will never be homeless or go without the basics. Sure, it may not be perfect, but at least you stay alive in your old age and can visit the doctor when needed.
Naturally this results in a high tax rate middle and upper class workers and a higher cost of living, though things like food are not allowed to rise too high.

How is it fair or reasonable to allow Indian goods and services free market access when Indians have no social system in place at all? It would be impossible to compete against them for price. Meaning that the businesses and workers supporting the system go under and the system becomes insolvent. For countries to allow and encourage this is insane. It is cutting off the hand that feeds them.
There will always be some group of people who can be taken advantage of in order to bring down the price of goods. People need to think about the real costs though.
Personally, I do my best to shop locally when possible.

Comment Or just get a leaf or an outback (Score 1, Insightful) 144

Besides, I personally think the model X is one of the least attractive cars you can buy. It seems like something designed only for hipsters. The kind of people who do not care how pointless and terrible something is. The ones who will defend it to the grave despite all evidence being to the contrary.

Comment Re: Can we see this evidence? (Score 1) 493

While I agree with some of what you said, do you honestly believe that Americans pay the highest tax rate in the world? If so, you are ridiculously misinformed. US is somewhere around 35th in terms of personal income tax.
Though, US does have the 3rd highest corporate tax rate. And after all, corporations are people too, in America.

Comment seems a bit optimistic (Score 1) 348

Sorry, but that is total bullshit.
There are so many examples throughout history.
Pyramid. How did they build them? What were they for? At the time, they sure as fuck thought they were important, yet today, we have no damn idea how they they actually did it or even why the hell they did it.
Ancient Greece? We know a little about it, but must was lost.
Hell, we are not even positive we came from earth. There are credible theories which say we are from another planet. Surely that would be important enough to matter?
Not saying I think that, but no one can say for sure because we have no records.

Comment Re:100% Automation coming soon. (Score 1) 256

Sorry, but this is bullshit.
How are the poor people going to get any money when there is no work? Most of the Jesus people in America would rather see those people die on the streets than to give them "hand outs".
Could everyone in America be fed, housed, clothed, educated and entertained with only 10% of the people working? Of course they could. But, this will never happen. The religious right will never allow it.

Comment Re:Overblown (Score 1) 256

No, it is not overblown.
Stop for a moment and think about the bigger picture. What happens when everything is automated? Where will you work? How will you pay your mortgage? Do you think that engineering cannot be automated? In time, it will be.
Are you a manager? Do you think all those managers will be needed when there are workers?
It does not take a crystal ball to see that this is the path we are on.

Comment Automation should be illegal (Score 2) 256

I know, I know... I am a communist, socialist and all the rest of it, but it makes sense.
There are 1 basic rule of capitalism. Survival of the fittest.
It turns out, however, that survival of the fittest is not always the best approach when you want to hold a society together. That is why we have things like anti monopoly rules. The "end game" for capitalism is to eliminate all competition so that in the end, there is only one.
This of course is massively short sighted, given that most of the population will won't have jobs and then cannot afford to buy your stuff. Especially since most so many people in the US firmly believe that if you lose your job, you should be homeless and starve to death if you cannot find a new job in time. Being good the Christians that they are.
That is same with automation, It should not be allowed. Can low level jobs be replaced with robots? Of course they can. But what the fuck are the people going to do for work?
Is everyone going to be a manager?
Is everyone going to start their own business?
No, of course not. Instead, those people will go hungry. They will go without insurance. Their kids will not have an education.
This is bad for everyone.
Of course, we all know that we are at a point where most food items and "stuff" can be made nearly with complete automation. We can produce enough for every single person to eat and have a place to live and clothes on their back.
But... We wont. Because those people are lazy, and should die. Right?
Eventually, that will happen. Or at least I hope. But until that time, those people "need" jobs.
You do not "need" a cheaper iphone. You only "want" cheaper stuff.
Next time you shop at a discount store, ask yourself.. why is this item so much cheaper than the local mom and pop shop? What is this really costing me?

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