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Comment Re: Eugenics (Score 1) 93

As someone who lost two children to random genetic mutations during the 3rd trimester, I can say that I would have given anything be have been able to edit out those errors. Alas, thanks to piece of shit bible thumpers like OP, this was not to be.
There is no reason whatsoever to force babies to be born with disabilities simply because some asshat thinks god doesnt like it.

BTW, side note.. If your god allows such suffering, then gives you the knowledge and power to end it, but somehow makes it forbidden for you to actually end it, I would say you may want to think about what kind of God you are worshiping. Cuz, that would be a seriously dick move.

Comment You are the problem (Score 1) 93

Let me guess. All those people with cancer deserve to die because that is natures way? All those kids born with genetic diseases should be left to suffer because you think it is immoral to edit out those errors?

Why don't you get off your fucking high horse. People like you really grind my gears. The holier than tho crowd. You think you have the right to decide what is moral and what is not. I say, fuck you. You and your bible beating brethren are the reason medical progress has more or less come to a halt in the US.

Comment Re: Good news! (Score 4, Interesting) 224

That is because in Germany it is very expensive to fire your employees. In some cases, it is not possible at all.
Germany does a good job of protecting the workers and in many cases, protecting the companies from their own short shortsightedness.

At the end of the last recession, Germany was one of the few countries perfectly positioned to take advantage of the upturn in demand precisely because they were not allowed to kick out 50% of their work force. This meant that the trained workers were already in place to ramp up production.
While in other western countries, the most skilled workers, i.e. oldest and most expensive, were all on unemployment and could not get rehired since they wanted too much money.
I guess it is hippy thinking on my part. I believe that companies have a right to make money, sure. But, they should not have the right to do so at the expensive of society as a whole. Especially as society is what allows them to make money in the first place.
If everyone fucks everyone else all the time, then things wont tend to work out that well in the long run. IMHO anyhow.

Comment Re:Or they offer too little (Score 3, Interesting) 496

"Why can't we find workers that will work for peanuts? They're all unemployed, they should be happy with anything!"

You would think so, but no.
That is more of an American thing I think.

I am an American expat living in Germany. I was recently offered a job in Spain for a lot of money. Much more than I make in Germany. I don't speak a single word of Spanish. Poor German and English only.
I actually thought about it, but at the end of the day, it's Spain. Great to visit, but not to live.

Comment Someone please explain this (Score 1) 268

How can something physically point to an abstract like time?
Like, holy shit guys, this thing is pointing left..that's the past!!! Yeah man, they're all pointing left..whoa!!

I cannot imagine how the orientation of a physical thing can have any correlation, whatsoever to time. Someone please explain this.

Comment Re:Can it really be that bad? (Score 1) 59

I had a surface pro 3 for work, and I have to say that it was actually really great.
I honestly never looked into their sales, so I really have no idea if the line was successful or not. I do know a few people who bought them though.

I was never able to understand the surface concept though. Not the pro, but the normal surface with an atom processor. What was the point?
Wasnt it Windows, but not real Windows?
Literally the ONLY reason to have Windows is to run your Windows applications. If you cannot do that, what is the point? Then just buy an Android tablet or iPad which has a lot of apps. available.
I am sure it confused a lot of people who thought they were buying a windows computer and found out later it wasnt a real computer and they could not do any of their normal computer stuff.

The surface pro 3 though.... I miss the Pen. It was great for marking up documents for review, which is something i have to do a lot in my daily work.
I have a yoga pro 3 now, but I am not too happy with the build quality so far. The screws keep popping out!!

Comment Re:Pro Frackers (Score 1) 180

Here is only one recent study.
There are loads out there. ... it's very difficult to see how injecting fracking fluid thousands of feet below the groundwater can have any effect on it.

Are you joking? You fail to see how injecting a crap ton of chemicals below the water table can impact the water table? Really?
You know that just because you put it in the ground, does not mean they stay down there, right?

BTW; the USGS website does say there are, though few, direct links between fracking and quakes.

Comment Pro Frackers (Score 4, Insightful) 180

To be honest, I have a very time to understand the pro-fracking movement in the US.
It seems that public in general in America is very, very short sighted.
There is actually a lot of evidence to support the premise that fracking not only pollutes the ground water, but also causes mild earth quakes.

Perhaps, in time, they will find out that it is safe. Who knows. But, right now there is a very reasonable doubt.

Here's the thing.
Oil is important. We all know that. We depend on it for our modern world. Sure, there are substitutions for nearly every application of oil, but they are expensive. Thus would of course cause harm to the economy should we run out or stop using it all together.

Water, on the other hand. Is not important. It is literally life and death. We cannot live without the stuff. No ifs ands or buts about it. If we pollute all of our drinking water, we will all die.
So, why the fuck would people take that chance? To save 15 or 20 bucks filling their gas tanks? It makes no sense.

I sometime wonder; maybe the whole plan IS to pollute the water. The oil companies are buying a lot of water rights and have been for a long time.
So, if they pollute all the water except for the areas in which they control, they would have a monopoly on fresh drinking water. Then we would have a water cartel in place of an oil cartel. Forever raising the price of water and literally holding the life of the population in their hands.

Comment Re:4G is fast enough (Score 1) 38

and can achieve up to about 10 Mbit for around 80-90 dollars per month (unlimited bandwidth). Not great, but usable.

And that is a big reason WiMax failed. The WiMax forum was promising years ago that we would see speeds of 1gbps by the end of 2011. That of course never materialized. Of course the WiMax forum was always promising this and that. The actual speeds were massively less than promised.

My company also spent a lot of resources on WiMax in the early days. We even had a couple of test systems in house. Luckily they were on loan only. When the time came to buy or not, we chose not to spend the 1.2 million USD on the WiMax system.
By that time, it became clear that Europe would not adapt a non 3GPP standard for their cellular backbone.
It was also clear that the major test system manufactures were not going to build WiMax systems. One of my friends who works for one of the largest test equipment makers told me they looked into but, but the fee structure imposed by the WiMax forum caused them to tell WiMax to go F themselves.

At the moment, I would totally agree that speeds are fast enough for mobile users. Hell LTE-A with category 24 will be faster than your network card. So, unless you have a 10gbps NIC at home, there is no need for more. Unless of course it is a shared connection with a lot of other folks.

Of course... the bigger issue is that a massive increase in speed will not yield a comparable increase in data caps in the US. So, you would be able to bust your limits in a couple of minutes.

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