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Comment Re:Does anyone care what Trump thinks? (Score 1) 527

The last I'd heard, news fact-checking organizations were reporting that he told the truth 15% of the time. Why would I ever care what the opinion of someone like was?

And don't tell me "because he's going to be president". The people of the United States are still smarter than that.

No. No one knows what Trump thinks. That is not the point of his rhetoric.

He simply disagrees with whatever his opponent agrees with – or whatever reasonable people think – or what everyone knows is true. This stirs up controversy, resulting in free campaign ads disguised as articles in the press.

Don the Con has run a simple side-show distraction from the beginning. Please stop debating about his points or positions! They are foils designed to distract.

His campaign is, and always has been, a media campaign to increase the 'value' of his 'brand'. Nothing more.

BTW –– PLEASE tell me of a single Trump supporter who even knows what ICANN is or does! His base could not care less about what he is blabbering about – only that he is blabbering about something, and opposing someone else to "Make Syria Great Again". Oh, er, "Make America Great Again.

Comment Why? (Score 1) 495

Apple, why kill your "in" on the professional audio market?

No self-respecting audio engineer, recording artist, session musician, or listener is going to tolerate the series of A/D/A/D/A conversions required to get a dongle to work with an all-digital audio-monitoring system. No one.

And anyone who is a Pro is not going to sacrifice a lightning port for simple audio output.

Comment On the Inside? (Score 3, Interesting) 192

Insulation on the inside of the fuel tanks? Who puts insulation on the inside of a fuel tank?

Reading between the lines, it is probably an anti-corrosion coating, not some foam or fiberglass.

There's really only one product on the market for this, from ATFI, and the company relies upon knowingly upon falsified data-analysis to make the sale. ATFI bragged about their contract as a subcontractor to the F-35 in a press release a year or two ago . . .

Looking today, I see that ATFI has disabled their RSS scroller, and has disabled their previously-functioning link NEWS menu-link at the top of their website.

Huh. No better way to show that they are the guilty party, eh?

Comment Re:Fuzzy math in my opinion (Score 0) 400


This isn't about education either. This is about profit. Current business practices emphasis maximized profit over human presence and with the demand for higher wages to match the cost of living while robotics continue to drop in price, it's inevitable that humans will be replaced (Most 'job creators' have an antagonistic view towards labor anyway). No amount of education will stop this. There will, for a time, be refuge in jobs like repairing the various robots. Google cars won't repair themselves after all. But even that can and will be automated in time.

Those few of the population that are the inventors and knowledge-creators are treated even worse than the daily-grind employees. That is, they get intellectually raped, so that all profits from their inventions or discoveries are usurped.

Capitalism kills the Golden Goose.

Comment Re:Race implications (Score 1) 400

Poverty and corruption are inextricably linked. The only way out will be the universal basic income. And the automation will basically be a replicator. Then an "income" really won't be necessary. The only other option is extermination, either through neglect or by more active measures.

No, extermination of the unemployed or poor will not solve anything.

What the rich want, on a fundamental level, is to have more than most everybody else.

Hence, exterminating the poor would simply re-draw the borderline. Society would then be prepared afresh for another culling. And another. And another.

You cannot have "The Rich" without there being a lot of "The Poors".

It's basic sociology.

Comment Re:Robocallers need to die (Score 1) 44

They are already doing an effective DDOS attack on everyone's phones. I'd guess over 2/3 of people don't even answer the phone unless the number is already in their contact list. They just let it go to voicemail.

Worse, actually.

HR Departments typically set up "phone rings". Call HR idiot #1, and it says "for immediate service, call HR idiot #2. Call HR idiot #2, and the message sends you to HR idiot #3.

I have, on occasions of writing complaint letters, followed the chain all the way through to discover and document that idiot #nn refers me to HR idiot #1. That completes the loop, and is a good basis for a written complaint to the C-levels. Just be certain to record each call––it is a recording that does not respond when you state that "this call will be recorded."

Comment Re:Ah, "inappropriate" words... (Score 1) 220 Niggardly? ...or Pussy (as in pusillanimous)?

Because nobody's ever figured out how to get around filters before.

A few years ago, a primary-school teacher was fired for using the word "niggardly", despite using it in its original, antediluvian context – while reading aloud a passage from a book!

Oh, those pernicious books!

Comment Re:Justice Aborted (Score 1) 97

Restaurants and retail businesses should get together and start an anti-Yelp campaign. Come up with a sign you put in the front window of your restaurant -- "We don't pay Yelp for advertisements because we don't think Yelp is fair in their reviews of businesses. As a result you may find that Yelp displays overly negative reviews of our business. We don't care and we don't think you should either."

Once a high percentage of businesses display that in their window, people will get the message and lose interest in Yelp.

The Comedy Central show, South Park did an episode on this exact topic a season or two ago.

In the end, Yelp! reviewers were given special "mayor-awarded" pins or T-shirts. (I am presuming it was so that restaurants would know to wipe their steaks on their asses before cooking them.) LOL

Comment Re:No, justice served (Score 1) 97

Of course. Everyone accuses yelp of manipulating reviews...but nobody has actual evidence of it. I have just as much hatred of bullshit companies as the next guy, but manipulating reviews would actually run afoul of federal law. A certain other company I shall not name actually DID pull the bullshit mentioned above...and they had to settle a very expensive lawsuit behind closed doors.

I do.

I print to paper and/or PDF when I post or read important things.

PLEASE provide me more detail on the federal agency that this other company ran afoul of, and to which department thereof that the complaint was submitted to. I have seen them do it.

PLEASE also provide further information of the specific case that you mentioned (by PM, if necessary).

Yelp! actively engages in the payola game. I know BOTH sides of a current review-alteration campaign on Yelp!. The power of subpoena can gain a lot of evidence if the pre-trial phase of evidence appears to merit digging a little deeper.

Just PM me.

Comment Pot Kettle Black (Score 4, Insightful) 232

FTA: Israel has argued that a wave of violence with the Palestinians over the past year has been fueled by incitement, much of it spread on social media sites.

Yeah, those 40-foot-high walls that Israel is plopping down through the middle of Palestinian cities has absolutely nothing to do with the anger of Palestinians at Israel's illegal seizure of their land, or the destruction of the (200+ yr-old) olive orchards at-will. Or further their making even a modicum of a 'normal life' impossible for the refugees of former Palestinian territory – stolen by expansionist Israeli governing parties from Palestinians.

Any and all "agreed-upon" borders have been violated by Israel. Palestinian children throw stones to voice their anger – and Israeli helicopter gunships fire missiles into Palestinian homeland territories.

This "story" of placing blame for censorship on private companies like FaceBook is a complete diversion from the actual reality of what is going on in that territory.

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