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Comment Re:Peter Thiel didn't bankrupt Gawker (Score 0) 112

Bankruptcy was an absurd punishment over a celebrity sex tape.

This was never about a sex tape. It was about Thiel being pissed about an expose of homophobia within silicon valley in which he was outed. The original article Gawker published about him was actually, ironically enough, relatively good journalism, about a matter of legitimate public interest, only partially spoiled by Gawker's carelessness.

You may want billionaires to dictate who can and who can't write the news. Me? I'd rather not live in a thielocracy.

Comment Age discrimination elsewhere.... (Score 1) 122

As the above summary stated, one of the guys who joined in the lawsuit - Arun Vatturi - is Indian. In fact, while age discrimination is just an open secret here in the US, in India, where there is no EEOC, HR departments are much more brazen about it! I know someone who was told over the phone, when applying for a job somewhere, when asked about his age & responded, that since he was over 40, they wouldn't hire him, since they were only looking for people under 40.

Comment Re:sounds right (Score 1) 122

Might as well be. Since they are almost pretty open about it. Instead, those seeking to reform Social Security are looking at raising the retirement age. Rather, they should lower it, and then bring in the various social security rescue programs, like partial privatization, to fix it. Those of us above 40 who are not wanted need not bellyache about being jobless: we'll be retired. And the whippersnappers out of school & college can get jobs, and be out of mom's basement

Comment Re:Science (Score 2) 60

Yes, more transceivers are better than less, thank you MIT.

But only if they're really tightly synchronized.

MIT got them to be tightly synchronized despite being in different boxes in different rooms, rather than all being in the same box, WITHOUT a lot of extra, extra-special, extra-fancy, extra-cost, hardware. This can be built with a bit more off the shelf stuff (maybe the SAME amount of the same off the shelf stuff but with a bit better firmware) and easily folded into the next generation's chips.

Comment Re:Not handy for the home (Score 1) 60

Since they are talking about many devices connecting to multiple routers it's not going to do much for the average home user then. I may have a couple of devices but only the one router.

  - If you got a second router, put it some distance away from the first, and hooked them together with a network cable, you could use two devices about as fast as you could one with one router.
  - If you had three wired routers you could use three devices close to as fast as you could use one with one router.
And so on.

Note that I'm not talking about using the devices with each near a particular router. I'm talking about the routers spread out around the room or the house and the devices also somewhat spread out - but differently (even just at different spots in the same room) and with no particular relation between the device and the router locations.

Comment Re:As did all the others. (Score 1) 103

A design like Airlander 10 is fundamentally a lot more resistant to the common problems that plague blimps during landing, such as susceptability to winds. It has less inherent lift, a smaller cross section, and more ability to anchor itself down with its fans. However, something clearly did not function correctly here. A blimp should never nose down like that. Either lift or thrust was for some reason configured wrong.

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