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Comment Re: They said they want us to die... (Score 1) 189

Number one reason would be to be able to run several virtual machines, to try different OSes and environments at the same time.

I regularly run 2-3 VMs, no issues with 16GB. I test on those, I don't run production applications in them. For anything more than mere functional testing, I run a full external server configured to deal with production type loads to validate the scaling approaches and performance as it would be in production.

Number two would be that some of us code really memory intensive algorithms (robotics and machine vision in my case).

I have coded memory intensive algorithms, even back when you were charged by the KB used. You learn to use optimized memory algorithms that also have been tuned for CPU cycles (we also got charged by the thousand CPU clicks, IIRC) Fortunately I don't have to spend that much time optimizing my code anymore, since CPU time and memory are cheap, today, but if you're exceeding 16GB for an app in development, you need to revisit your approach. (I'll grant you that I haven't dealt with machine vision, but I can't imagine that the memory requirements are really that large. The CPU requirements are a different story, at least with what image/video processing I have dealt with)

Comment Re: They said they want us to die... (Score 1) 189

I run multiple VMs, IDEs, and a couple of DBs. All in 24GB. I could upgrade to 48GB, but haven't seen the need as I normally don't swap. Browsers in VMs generally don't require all that much memory, provided you have specific VMs for browsers only, and don't have a jack of all trades VM that happens to also work as your browser VM. I also run a similar configuration on my MBP, in 16GB. It also rarely swaps. However, 32GB would be a nice bump, as I am hitting 14+GB on a regular basis, and a bit more headroom is always welcome.

Comment Re: Note that what's large... (Score 2) 58

Venus has multiple "tropopauses" and "stratospheres", depending on how you define them. The atmosphere is like a layer cake with multiple convection zones (like Earth's troposphere) separated by areas of dynamic stability (like Earth's stratosphere). And again, ~50-70km is an awfullly long way from the surface, and surface winds are weak. But, there's a lot about Venus that we don't understand.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 528

What complete and utter shite are you spewing?

Actual experience of my wife with H1-B employees (including the "chagrined when discovering the forged credentials" case).

When getting your H1-B you need to provide documentation from your university as proof of your degree. The university must be on a list recognized by the US government. They validate the information with the university rather than just rubberstamping it.

Any of the following would explain that:
  - The agency faked the references, too.
  - The government didn't do the validation you claim it does in every case.
  - The government doesn't do the validation you claim and you're talking through your hat.

Please put your flamage aside for the moment and give us a reference to documentation showing that the government officials actually check credentials, rather than doing spot-checks or taking the applicant's word for them (or bribes).

Comment Note that what's large... (Score 3, Informative) 58

.... is the size, not the intensity. The air moves only slightly faster or slower than the surrounding atmosphere as one passes through the wave.

They weren't expected on Venus, though. Venus's surface is dozens of kilometers down, thick and "soupy" there, transitioning to thinner layers above. It was surprising to see that surface features that far away, in a fluid that can compress, would still make clear phenomena like gravity waves in the high atmosphere.

Comment Re: Gaza to be attacked in 3... 2 (Score 1) 97

The Israelis assassinated Hamas leaders who were plotting terror attacks on them, like Yassin and Rantisi. If the Palis just wanted to exist, they wouldn't have lobbed rockets at Israel from Gaza after getting Israel to completely vacate Gaza. Their goal is to eliminate Israel as a Jewish state, and make the entire place another Arab Muslim shithole like Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Egypt

Comment Re:Tit for Tat (Score 1) 155

ISIS doesn't make any of these. They capture them from their enemies, like the Iraqi army cowards who fled when they advanced, leaving millions of $$$ of US military hardware. There are no manufacturing facilities of planes or tanks. Not too sure about drones, since making those things is relatively easier

Comment reforming ISIS (Score 1, Troll) 155

Good point. This is precisely the point about the Sharansky Doctrine that everybody missed. President Bush and others around him naively believed that if they unleased democracy in the Middle East, everything would be hunky dory. The factor they missed out completely: Islam. Which is NOT a democratic or pluralistic religion, and which specifically is opposed to democracy in the Quran itself (18:26).

Becoming democratic worked in Latin America and helped those countries like Chile and Argentina become civil societies b'cos there were no other forces undercutting any such pluralistic culture. It's not the same in any Islamic group, as pointed out above. There is no separation b/w mosque and state: Mohammed was both a religious and political leader. The Caliphate was the succession of this dual-role leadership after his death: every Caliph, be it in Damascus, Raqqa, Baghdad, Cairo or Istanbul, was considered both a religious and political leader of all Muslims. It ended in 1924, and the current internecine war b/w Muslims is whether a new one is needed, and who'd lead it.

The other thing about Muslims is that they are not live and let live people. We've seen it in Iraq, where the long persecuted Shias started persecuting Christians, Sunnis and anyone else once the US handed over power to a democrat i.e. Shia government (since they are the majority in that country). Similarly, when Aleppo first fell to the 'rebels' - the Free Syrian Army, they made it a point to either murder or drive the local Christians out of the city. It's not that the persecuted groups anywhere - be it Sunnis in Syria, Kurds in Syria or Iraq, Shias in Iraq, Houthis in Yemen or anyone else - would simply like to be left alone: they want to replace the oppressors and switch roles altogether, so that their respective brand of Islam is recognized as the 'true Islam'. Incidentally, that's what it means in every country: in Iran, it would be the Islam as laid out by the Ayatollahs, in Iraq, it's Shia Islam, since Shias are 60%, in Saudi Arabia, it's the Wahabis, in Oman, it's the Ibadis, and so on. Which is why you have these wars of domination in most of these countries.

This is why you are right: not only is it none of our business, but also, it is something we cannot solve. As infidels, we have nothing to gain in which Islam ends up on top. In fact, given that all of Islam is about hatred of everything 'un-Islamic', the best thing to do is to get out of there and let them fight each other like the 2 cats of Kilkinney. Just bar the doors so that their refugees can't flee to non-Muslim lands spreading their mayhem there, like they've done in Germany and Austria. As long as that happens, just let them go at it. Any of their beauties wants to upload their carnage on Facebook or Twitter, let them, but as a policy, make it clear that it's their war, not ours. Any US journalist is stupid enough to go there, leave them there, and let them be converted to Islam or beheaded or both.

Another positive side-effect of this: the more they fight each other, the less they have in fighting against us, and causing terror out here. This civil war may be a blight on humanity, but it's a good thing for the non-Muslim world that instead of fighting the rest of us, they are busy on each other.

May all sides in this conflict win. And lose. Or whatever

Comment Which CPU in this sheet? (Score 1) 24

So which CPU will Microsoft use in this - will it be an i5, like in Surfaces, or a Qualcomm CPU, which will then have the phone emulating x86? From the above description, it looks a bit like a phablet, where people can talk over it, or use it as a normal mini Surface book. Hopefully, this time, it's well supported by all carriers, including Verizon and Sprint, and not just the GSM guys

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