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Comment Re:Now with all those dead features. (Score 1, Insightful) 42

and try to make it sound like the greatest thing sense sliced bread.

Good luck to them in doing that while they're still giving their high-profile work ridiculous neckbeard titles like "GNU Media Goblin", "GNU SIP Witch", "GNU Tools Cauldron" (the GNU prefix is required; one or more of their devotees will show up and throw a shit fit over it in public if you omit it).

It's like the FSF want to embarass the FOSS world into avoiding them and the ideals they're preaching; they're like a church offering libre enlightenment but the only entrance is through a municipal sewage tunnel with no catwalks.

Comment +1 (Score 1) 986

They've done a lot of good in the short time they've been around. I know I've learned a few things from reading that site I never would've cared about otherwise.

Sad to see that it came to this, but going up against a regime of terror like the US government would be out of Groklaw's league. At least we already have the EFF on that.

I'm growing concerned about the future of the open internet, but as long as we're all still here: it's been an honour to share this weird corner of it with Groklaw (and the rest of you oddballs) for the past decade.

Comment Re:How about OS integratoin (Score 1) 250

It's ironic that out of all the software you mention in that post, Firefox is the only one that *won't* respect your GTK theme.

Qt, a completely different UI toolkit, will play nice. Chrome, a browser ostensibly all about tying you into Google's web services and reinventing the UI wheel, obeys the GTK theme settings and even integrates with the Gnome/KDE password manager. Firefox? "We've got animated PNGs!"

Comment Re:The real motive... (Score 1) 330

OSX is the best OS out there today with no doubt.

These kinds of claims make it all the more pathetic that the only users to ever have difficulty connecting to my wifi network had an iPod Touch and OS X 10.[4567]. In the end I had to disable WPA2 to allow the Macbook to connect - Windows XP caused no such grief.

Comment Re:Cue the lawsuits (Score 1) 424

I propose that they should be killed. As in literally. Drag Chris Dodd out onto the street and put a bullet through his thick, cocaine-lined skull as their corporate headquarters goes down in flames with everyone inside.

They won't stop until everything we (the entire world) say or do is illegal, so we might as well jump the queue. And besides, murder carries a lighter jail sentence than copying audio files in America. This is the better way out.

Comment It's not a chicken-and-egg problem (Score 1) 463

It's an ostrich problem.

It's nice that a handful of ISPs like Comcast have a clue (they even "get" open source), but 99% of others are too stupid to understand IPv4 is a sinking ship. Mine still does installations using bottom-dollar trash where the firmware's crippled by design -- it'll be in a landfill before it ever supports IPv6. They just wasted a fortune shipping those boxes out a year ago to every single one of their existing users.

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