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Comment Re:@Intel: Why no ECC for consumer-grade processor (Score 2) 91

Actually, wouldn't cosmic rays be capable of flipping bits even in ECC memory and processors, thereby making the whole ECC thing useless? Particularly in more recent process nodes, where the lithography scale is approaching atoms, and where cosmic rays would have a far greater effect?

Comment Re:Government run program (Score 1) 158

We know that the Russians still do nuclear tests. At some point, maybe even we will. Either case, ship these to the site where the test will be done, dump all the stuff into the hole that the test will be carried out, and then do the test. That stuff will become a part of the earth's mass, never to rise again

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 2) 413

Depending on how long you're staying, you could send your phone via courier to meet you at your destination. Of course, then you have to trust the courier company and the customs agents handling the package.

Depends on whether I'm travelling on a vacation to a place where I'm not likely to regularly communicate w/ anyone (like say, a few weeks visit to Tahiti) vs visiting friends abroad, where I would be. Either case would be different.

In the first case, I would take a blank phone, and at the country that I'm visiting, maybe rent a SIM card for the duration of the stay. Keep it w/ me, and return it when I leave. Use it only for local calls (like to the hotel or anyone I have to call while I'm there. When I leave, turn in the SIM, and leave. Mission accomplished.

In the latter case, if I'm visiting friends, I'd take that phone no doubt, but bring my US phone as well, since chances are that I'd be taking pictures and sending stuff to other people, and since I'm w/ them on WhatsApp, it would be disruptive to use this temporary phone just for that. I won't want to incur roaming, though, so what I would do is use a WhatsApp/FaceTime on WiFi to call my usual contacts, but use the temporary phone for local contacts, including my friends.

Short answer: depending on the situation, I've done both. Like I have gone abroad leaving my phone at home, but then found myself unable to participate in regular channels. On the other hand, on the occasions I have taken it, I've found myself using it so sparingly that I might as well have not taken it at all. Bottom line: since I have a blank phone, depending on the duration of my travel, I would go w/ or w/o my regular phone.

Comment Re:Fake news. (Score 1) 475

He continued using that iPhone though, and got his new Android Phone from the Secret Service after he got sworn in.

However, on the main story, why is the Congressman more concerned about Trump's phone than the fact that bureaucrats in the Intelligence Agencies had been leaking Trump's calls to Mexico and Australia? There should be a campaign to purge that stuff

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