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Comment Re:Will we get simultaneous pairing? (Score 1) 63

Good point. Bluetooth allow one-many pairings - the computer can pair w/ Bluetooth speakers, mice, keyboard, all simultaneously. But it doesn't allow many-one pairings, such as two phones accessing the car stereo. I'm not sure whether a phone being able to connect to just one headset is true or not, and if it is, why.

I have 2 phones and 2 tablets. Sometimes, I may have 1 phone and 1 tablet in the car, making the tablet one of the music sources. Normally, if I am listening to the radio and a call comes, the radio is interrupted and I can answer over the car stereo. But there is no way I can listen to the tablet over the Bluetooth w/o preventing the phone from being transferred to the speaker should a call interrupt. Bluetooth needs to have a many:many capability w/o having to manually disconnect and connect particular connections

Comment Re:Lots of companies want Win10 (Score 1) 137

Why? Windows NT is/was pretty secure, and although it had successor OSs in Windows 2000 and XP, XP was where you had the desktop and workstation OSs merge, and where security was more compromised in order to be more plug and play friendly. Since submarines don't need the latest and greatest versions of IE or Facebook/Twitter, they are pretty good.

Now, one could argue why are they not using SE-Linux, but that's another story.

Comment Re:The year after. (Score 1) 137

And I predict a sharp decline in Windows 10 sales the year after, once businesses have gotten some experience in dealing with the Windows 10 system.

Uh, they'll see the boost b'cos last year, they had only been giving it away, whereas this year, they'd have 5 months of sales. Next year, they'll have all 12 months.

What I more seriously wonder is - will anybody actually buy Windows 10 for anything where it's not already pre-installed?

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 1) 281

I know that QA usually looks at production, but do/should they look at design? Yeah, they'd need the capability to do that i.e. have people who are design experts who can review a design from outside and advise on whether the design rules are too tight or not? I know that in the journey towards cost-reduction, they may not exist, but a group like them could have saved this product line from becoming the fiasco that it did

Comment Re:Offshoring (Score 4, Informative) 157

There is something called skill. When every Joe Blow can whip up C++/Java/Ruby/Python/ you name it and make all sorts of fixes and improvements to all sorts of things, then it'll make sense to pay them the same as your average McD gal behind the counter. Until then, since people w/ those skills are normally in short supply, they get to demand 10 times more. It's partly a function of supply/demand, and partly a function of the fact that most of these are in the Bay Area, where a shack is considered worth $1M if it's in the city

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