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Comment Re:How hard is this to do? (Score 1) 109

I spend more time killing spyware on my smartphone than using its smart features. It seems to me, its not built for me, its built for companies to spy on me and sell me stuff.

In fact, let me just check, I killed OneDrive from Microsoft this morning, I bet it's running again..... yep.... com.microsoft.skydrive, I can 'Force Stop'. It's running again.

POS software I never wanted, came installed with the phone and it f**ing turns on, starts Word up periodically, full mic access, full camera access, sends data to Microsoft, another couple of hundred KB today. F**ing Samsung, I am not buying your smartphones ever again. NEVER bundle crapware, especially Microsoft crapware.

What do you have - a Lumia? Android doesn't have OneDrive preinstalled - you have to go to the App Store and download it. Or does Samsung have a special deal w/ Microsoft where they preload it?

Comment Re:Talk about circular logic (Score 1) 319

Then the EU needs to tell Apple how much tax to pay those countries where they made their sales - be it France, Belgium, Italy, et al. If Apple sat w/ Ireland and worked out any deal, they were well within their rights. If in the process, they were screwing other EU member states, then that's b/w EU, Apple and those states, not Ireland!

Comment Why do they assume.... (Score 3, Informative) 109

... that people who have smartphones are on them all the time? I have a few, but I am only on them when I'm talking or texting, and in restaurants or waiting rooms, playing games. When I'm at work, I do my work, and the phone is just there to make or receive calls related to my work.

Similarly, when I drive, the smartphone is on driver mode, just in case I receive calls. Other than that, I don't use the phone while driving. I do use it when I'm shopping - either check out the store's app (like Costco) or check out my shopping list or prices.

And at home, I use it to FaceTime or WhatsApp w/ family.

Comment Re:The EU needs money desperately (Score 2) 319

How is the Irish government breaking their own law? They have the right to determine their taxation levels for companies they're trying to attract. Now, in the WTO, some members might think it unfair how they managed to get Apple to prefer them over other countries, but aside from that, Ireland i.e. the Irish people, or at least the Irish employees of Apple who get to be employed there as a result of Apple being in Ireland, have a lot to gain!

Comment Re:AMD May Nearly Catch Up (Score 1) 67

It's an interesting time in CISC processors. With fabs having to spend exponential amounts of money for incremental gains in performance and power savings, a smaller company like AMD may be able to make a chip that's 90% as fast, at a much lower price, which I hope it does because it's good for customers on both sides.

But AMD, when it wasn't fabless, did squat in having the state of the art fabs, and once it did let go of its fabs, it didn't make it better either. Intel still has the world's best fabs, and nothing that AMD does comes even close. The reason that the fabs are spending gobs of cash is that they are well past the point of diminishing returns, when shrinks would translate into cost reductions. They no longer do. Once Intel gets to depreciate those fabs, their margins would again improve considerably!

Comment Proves that Brexit was the right call (Score 0) 319

Proves that the UK was right in deciding to go the Brexit route, and that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - despite their reservations - would be better off.

After all, here is Ireland, who wanted to attract Apple to its shores, and made a deal w/ them, using their tax laws. Now the EU comes in and rules that the tax exemptions that Ireland gave Apple are illegal? This is precisely why there are so many who think that leaving the EU is the right choice.

I'm no fan of Tim Cook, but he is right here. Apple sought the guidance of Dublin on how to be compliant w/ their tax laws, and followed them in full. So no third party has any business interfering. If the EU chooses to do it, all it illustrates is that it's a hyper-bureaucracy w/ no capability of addressing the real needs of the citizens of Europe - namely being safe from 'terrorists'. So they have to get their nose into whether a non-European company is compliant w/ the tax laws of one of its member states, despite the member state being perfectly capable of determining that for themselves.

Comment Re:This is funny (Score 1) 108

All women who support Hilary are hypocrites who don't care for the record. That her husband raped Juanita Broderick, even while she says that every woman who alleges rape should be believed. Now, it comes out that several years ago, she helped get a 41 year old pedophile walk or get a limited sentence, totally ravaging the life of his 12 year old victim. And we are all supposed to take seriously their rants about Stephen Bannon, alt.right and the columns in Breitbart?

I wasn't a misogynist before, but I am tending that way now, and will be if she gets elected!!!

Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 1) 108

I fully agree w/ this. While Greta has moved from Left to Center over her time @ FNC, Bill O'Reilly has been very Centrist, Sean Hannity somewhere on Right of Center. Only classic Right Wing have been Krauthammer and Steve Hayes. Megyn, like someone pointed out above, has been a Never Trumper since the beginning - in fact, his tirades against her were fully justified. And some really quality Right Wing people, like Andrea Tanteros, Jedediah Bila and Joanne Nosuchinsky have recently left.

Not just that, Juan Williams invariably gets the last word on The Five, and we also have to put up w/ Geraldo's outdated views on immigrants - that they're all good and hunky dory. Immigrants who come today are nothing like what they were in the 70s & 80s. They came to assimilate, whereas today's immigrants bring pieces of their home countries w/ them. Right now, you just have people wanting Spanish in addition to English, but wait until we have schools that teach in Mandarin, Arabic, Farsi, Vietnamese, Hindi, et al.

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