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Role Playing (Games)

Journal Short Circuit's Journal: Running an RPG campaign 1

I've got a dirty secret. I prefer playing as DM than as a player. The reason is simple...I don't like waiting.

When I'm a normal player, I have to wait for my turn. Depending on the number and quality of players (and I've been involved in an excessively large group with a few slowpokes in it.), that can be a lot of down time.

As a DM, every turn is my turn. Sure, it's harder; I've got to keep a bunch of people from getting bored, and I've got to fit a plot into the player chaos. I've got my faults as a DM, but I'm getting better at it. And I'm never bored. Frustrated and angry at times, but never bored. :-)

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Running an RPG campaign

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  • GMing certainly does have an appeal, as you stated. I love sitting down and thinking through an adventure or campaign and making a story that will interest the players. I am currently working on a new campaign, but I suspect it will take me a year or more to finish it up to the point it will be ready for the players. I setup a wiki for myself to enable me to make notes and such. So far I have some of the major NPCs written up with backstory, goals, stats, and equipment. I've stubbed out the major story

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