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Role Playing (Games)

Journal Short Circuit's Journal: 4e box set 45% off at Amazon 5

45% off if you order before the June 6th release date. Link.

We've been playing 4e pre-gens on weekends. 4e actually makes combat interesting for spellcasting classes like clerics and wizards. I've even got players pushing me to port my 3.5e campaign to 4e. I probably will, once I port the villains over.

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4e box set 45% off at Amazon

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  • Some posters in the RGFD newsgroup are complaining that everything centers around combat. They think that wizards have lost a lot of versatility outside of a fight. Have you experienced that? I've got no group to play with, nor any intention of buying 4E soon, but I was wondering if it's going to be worth a look.
    • I know they got rid of prestidigitation, which surprised me. There's nothing that gets in the way of non-mechanical roleplaying, though. (How could there be? It's nonmechanical.)

      None of the pregens have come with complete spell lists for wizards or clerics; Just the ones that the pregen'd characters already have. So I don't really know what spells have been eliminated.

      If you can find them, the to-publisher PDFs for the three core rulebooks are floating around, so you could conceivably (though not legally
  • I know soooo many people who will never switch to 4e.. heck, I know so many more who refuse to switch to 3.5e.. I'm one of both of those categories. 3.0 was made sound. I will admit, I use a few perks of 3.5 but not full blown. This is one DM and player that won't move to 4e.
    • I know a couple people who still use 2e. Heck, I've got a 2e Monstrous Manual in my car. (A lot of attention to detail went into the societies and structures of the sentient monstrous races in 2e that hasn't been duplicated since.)

      4e is what's going to save D&D, in the financial sense. Its mechanics are very similar to that of MMORPGs like WoW, where the next crop of D&D players is likely to have cut their teeth on fantasy RPGs. In other words, 4e is for the next generation of players.

      Yeah, it's
      • by Praedon ( 707326 )
        Crap, I still play 2e myself at times... but still.. people who finally got used to the simplicity of 3e... and the fact that the gamers aren't the richest of folk (At least the ones I game with), are not gonna rush out and buy all the books! But hey, we shall see... They need to be careful and not do a Microsoft... Introduce a new system every couple of years.. that will destroy D&D and destroy their financial situation. When I talked to Peter Atkison over at Origins in Columbus last year, even he felt

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