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Comment Re:So you want a tax on wind and solar. (Score 2) 408

Indeed, renewables are drastically lighter on the planet than fossil fuels. I am a staunch environmentalist and I believe that renewable are such a wonderful and productive thing that they can provide more than just clean energy. Their economic power can help build our economy AND pay for many needs in our society. All human activity is going to have indirect (externalized) costs. National security, police roads, small pollination impacts, education for the workers who design and run the facility and many other costs of keeping a society need to have their fair share borne by all manufacturers who see the benefits of a civil society. . Yes, this is much much smaller for renewables than fossil fuels, but once an industry has been give a little incubation room and is flourishing it is time for it to pay its own way. That will be in the next decade or so for solar and wind. Regrettably, this tax normalization was NOT done on oil. Oil still receives massive tax subsidies. It is safe to say that somewhere in the last 157 years since oil was first discovered in Pennsylvania oil has somehow learned to stand on their own two feet and no longer needs to feed at the public trough. So oil really needs a big tax to make-up all the hand-outs they have received in the last century and a half.

Comment Re:Storage? (Score 4, Informative) 408

Pumped Hydro can provide massive storage. These are closed loop dams with an upper pool and a lower pool. To story energy you pump water from the lower pool to the upper pool and to recover energy you run water through a generator from the upper pool to the lower pool. There are pumped hydro facilities as large as 3 GW. As these are closed systems they do not have the same impact that putting a dam on a river has.

Another solution are distributed batteries at each substation. This has the dual advantage of helping with small transients on a branch and, when scaled out, adding substantial reserve capacity for the grid as a whole. The value to the grid in transient mitigation is cheaper than adding more transmission capability so the grid level storage is a free benefit.

Perhaps the best way of handling renewables is Demand Response. Many functions can be shifted as power becomes more plentiful, such as cooling can be moved from real time (daytime) to making ice at night when it is cooler (and more energy efficient anyway as the outside air is cooler) and then that ice can be used during the day to cool a building.

Comment Re:So you want a tax on wind and solar. (Score 1) 408

As a strong supporter of renewable, as the economics of renewable continue to shift to make carbon unaffordable, then hell yes we should eventually tax renewables. Once renewables are at full scale and entrenched they should indeed pay their full cost to society just like an auto plant, internet company or a barber shop should. We are not quite there yet and each renewable technology is at different levels of economic and technological maturity so phasing in taxes and removing supports should be done in an thoughtful way.
Young disrupting technologies will often find ways around the existing tax structures. That is well and good in the short term, but long term they need to payback for their disruption and yes, that very much includes helping paying for the transition of coal workers to new opportunities. The renewable entrepreneurs who have benefited by this disruption also have a moral responsibility to help provide their resources and abilities to help these disrupted communities and displaced workers build a better future.

Comment So the real crime is... (Score 5, Interesting) 369

Not being the NY Times, or rather, not being a part of the elite propaganda cartel. Damn the Constitution....full prosecution speed ahead.

Seriously, and this is why I don't give a fuck about any laws anymore. Laws are there for you, not the elites. And the worst crime you can do in America, is to reveal the crimes of the elites to the masses.

Comment Re:Users lie. (Score 1) 168

I used to tweak the MenuShowDelay entry in the registry in WinXP machines. Default was something like 400 (ms), which is about half a second; I'd "adjust" some performance things, then just set that to something like 5 or their Start menu "feels snappier" and they get that notion of a speed increase. Now the computer's faster, and they think I did a wonderful job when there was nothing to be done to begin with because their HDD is just slow and they only have 512MB RAM.

Comment Seriously, this is so needed... (Score 1) 619

Even the high profile Disney case, which was a blatant violation of the law, was simply dismissed by the judge. The argument, made by the judge was a ludicrous mis-interpretation. Oh, your jobs were harmed, but no jobs of the contracting firm were harmed. So no case....WTF.

Disney should of been fined $1 billion dollars for that violation.

Comment Re:Dumb (Score 1) 230

No, vaping devices are designed to be safe as well, if purchased from legit places, not fake and handled as they are supposed to be handled. Just like ordnance and everything else, really.

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