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Comment Re:Why is Amazon/Alexa even saving recordings? (Score 5, Informative) 109

My concern is that they aren't just saying that they don't have anything to hand over because nothing exists. Since they're not saying this, I'll assume that they do have something that could be handed over. Alexa? No thanks, I'll pass.

From TFA:

The heart of Amazon’s claim is that Alexa devices could provide insights into a person’s entire life, and having two days worth of audio would be an unreasonable invasion of that privacy. Knowing that law enforcement has the ability to request data from these devices and peruse them at will would have a chilling effect on people using the services—which clearly would be bad news for Amazon’s business.

Comment Re:Cert expiration == not a surprising cause (Score 1) 131

I'm seriously considering writing a "PKI for non-dummies" series of blog posts or something because the amount of misinformation out there is scary!

Please do. I'm going to have to start learning about this pretty soon for a project I'm working on. I've avoided it up to this point by Googling and clicking boxes and trying and knowing JUST ENOUGH to scrape by and expand existing infrastructure...

Comment Re:Enablers shift expectations (Score 1) 128

...the _expectation_ that everyone has a cell phone with then and can be contacted at any moment.

Let's say you live in a large city and you tell your boss "I will check with you when I get to a public phone". Will your boss tell you "OK, check with me when you get to a public phone", or "Get a cell phone" ?

Anecdotal, but I find that I actually garner _more_ respect when I tell people that I won't likely answer their call later, because I don't keep my phone with me. I get home, take my phone out of my pocket, and put it on my desk in my den. Often, I even forget to turn the ringer back on. I'm not easy to get hold of but I will always return a call. I just don't know when.

Comment Re:Caring (Score 1) 105

And your 'tap on the shoulder' analogy is pretty flawed too. That's assault and likely to result in a physical response.

Not in my country, dear. We're not that fragile around here, to consider a tap on the shoulder as "assault". I mean, seriously, how fucked up IS that?

Bottom line: this guy is being a dick.

I'm not saying he isn't. I'm just saying is not really that big of a deal.

Comment Re:Misguided priorities for sure (Score 4, Insightful) 209

You misunderstood shit.
The enabled FM chip could be insanely useful in case of a major catastrophe. You would be able to listen to information and instructions on the only device you're carrying with you at all times.
It's not about you using it more often, it's about it being there hen you need it most.

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