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Comment Re: So... (Score 2) 75

Wait a second right there. I played both Spore and NMS. Spore had hype, but it also had content. granted, the content didn't rise up to the hype, but I obsessed over that game for hundreds of hours. Back then I didn't afford to buy it but I bought it on GOG once I could.

Also, Spore has a rating of 88% on Steam, 96% over last 30 days.
No Man's Sky has a rating of 30% overall and 26% over last 30 days.

So... nowhere near "same result".

Comment What if the speed of light ... (Score 1) 244

What if the speed of light is related to the size of the universe? However perception and size is also related.

So the universe is expanding. What affect does that have on perceived speeds?

What if the speed of light is relational to size of the universe? Would it cover more distance in a smaller universe? If so, does that mean C was faster? This is where the normal brain starts to spin wheels a bit.

But it's a lot of fun. And I'll be highly amused if their experiment bears support for their theory. As I first heard this theory decades ago.

Comment Re:Everyone's demanding higher pay (Score 1, Troll) 304

...a burger flipper doesn't deserve as much as a skilled electrician, but what they do deserve is enough to live on (as anyone working full time does).

No, they deserve only what their work is worth. Nothing more. Ever.

If they don't think that's right, they can go find another job. If they can't go find another job, then their work probably isn't worth as much as they thought.

Comment Re:If all you have is a hammer... (Score 1) 153

There are massive reads and writes too, with it being a multiplayer game pretty much every action you take needs to be written and made available to others instantaneously.
For example: player A selects a fleet from his colony X and sends it to colony Y. Player B could scan the solar system the very next second and detect that fleet leaving. Or player B could scan planet X repeatedly to determine the moment the fleet belonging to player A left planet X.

Typical empty (not player-altered) solar system contains the following:

- System-wide attributes (galactic zone, regional effects, ownership breakdown data to name a few)
- Star(s) with all their attributes: size, type, subtype, temperature, default name, star catalog code, location both on spherical and Cartesian coordinates and so on.
- Planets with all their attributes: size, type, subtype, default name, coordinates, resource types, gravity, density, etc.
- Other celestials (both permanent and temporary) with all their attributes. Celestial types are many: Asteroid fields, comets, moons, sites (a subtype including AIs, pirates, Archives, Cosmic Anomalies, Battle remnants, beacons, Ancient Ships, Wormholes, Artifacts, Gates, etc) each with their own attributes and subtypes.

Populated / discovered systems contain all of the above and in addition you have player-related items, ranging from colony development to fleets and space-based deployed or mobile structures.

Some parent attributes (e.g. system-wide ones) affect child object attributes, so there is complex relationship data between objects.

I confess I am a newbie in relation to database architecting, and as such I won't design it (will let experts handle that). But when choice of a data storage solution comes, I would very much prefer to be knowledgeable at least about the basics, otherwise wrong choices could prove disastrous.

Comment Wow (Score 3, Interesting) 48

What a conclusion! Mind boggling, ain't it.

I used to pirate pretty much everything back in the day, when my income would fit in any empty place, no matter how small. As my income started to increase, i gave up pirating. First went games - I now own over 200 games on Steam (about 5 being free-to-play), a handful on GOG and various others spread across uPlay and the like. Then software: the OS, the Office Suite and other software releases I am using often. The rarely used things are Open Source mostly.

Still downloading movies but after watching them, if they're worthy of watching again, I buy the DVD. Music? Online Radio satisfies me fully.

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