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Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 478

Could be other reasons for the difference in TCO.
I'm assuming IBM, much like all other large corporations, uses a standardized (customized across the entire organization) OS image on the machines. Those OS installations come with bundled software (say, encryption, monitoring, license analyzers, etc). Tools to help and automate things.
Now, it could just as well be that the tools themselves are shitty.

There's a paradox here. Windows OS can't really tightly integrate tools because everyone would yell "Monopoly!", so Microsoft simply doesn't include lots of tools that come preinstalled on Macs. And if one or more of these third party tools are deployed for the whole organization, as a mandatory installation, those tools might generate a lot of cost. Is this end users' fault? Unlikely. It just might be that whatever encryption or AV tool some big shot suit picked just sucks. It crashes often, corrupts data, loses saved credentials, desyncs with the policy server, etc. So this generates cost, and Microsoft / Windows / Users are blamed.

While I don't dispute the claims, I am sure the TCO reasons require some digging.

Comment Re:Can't be level 5 (Score 2) 185

Level 5 means not having any controls that a human can use. So, unless their "future upgrade" includes ripping out the steering wheel and pedals, etc, then the car is only "level 4 ready".

No, level 5 simply means fully autonomous, the system controls everything with no human interaction.

SAE definitions:

DOT's definitions (hint: they adopted SAE's rather than NHTSA's): (page 11)

Comment Re:Aiming at the wrong target (Score 1) 83

Not only that, but whoever affords to buy a VR headset is likely already having a larger carbon footprint than the ones who don't afford said gizmo. Bigger house leads to more energy spent heading and maintaining it. More electronics mean more energy consumed. Likely bigger cars with worse mileage too. And so on.
telling them about the coral reef dying will scare them in the wrong direction: "OMG where the hell would I go snorkeling then?"

Comment Re:Who would buy a smart TV? (Score 1) 58

Because buying a Vizio smart TV and teaching my wife to use it is FAR, FAR easier than setting up MythTV, or KODI, or whatever HTPC system and teaching my wife to use it all.

One remote. Bolt the TV to the wall. Done. Cheaper, too, because I didn't have to buy/assemble/relocate a PC.

I wish I could have done the latter, but I must think of who really uses the TV more than I do, and I like to keep some things simple for other house guests.

Comment Re:Counterpoint... (Score 4, Interesting) 48

That's why I never accept any requests unless they are accompanied by non-generic invite text. Also, once accepted, they have two weeks to send me a message, otherwise they're removed from my network.
Many recruiters added me, only to be removed after two weeks because they never wrote me anything. i'm not going to become one of the 10K contacts they boatd having.

Comment Re:What have they got to show for it? (Score 1) 403

Honestly... with 1.2M in the bank I would completely ditch the USA and move to one of the many, many cheaper (and arguably nicer) countries out there.
It's something that plenty Western Europeans do. They buy cheap houses in villages in Eastern European countries, and live very comfortably with less than 1K dollars a month. Hell, 500 bucks a month are more than enough, and you could buy a large house with huge courtyard, vegetable garden and an orchard for 30K dollars or less.

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