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Comment Regarding frequencies in the application (Score 4, Informative) 22

Base / Downlink (MHz) * Mobile / Uplink (MHz)
734-746 704-716
746-756 777-787
791-821 832-862
869-894 824-849
1805-1880 1710-1785
1930-1990 1850-1910
1930-1995 1850-1915
2110-2155 1710-1755
2110-2170 1920-1980

* A limited number of channels would be used within the bands specified above, and applicant will change channels when necessary to avoid interference. Amazon will not operate on channels deployed by licensees in the public safety, aeronautical, or public coast radio services. In addition, the company will monitor the operations of other licensees and users before commencing transmissions to avoid interference.

Comment Kennewick Site (Score 2) 22

If you check out the Kennewick address in the FCC application in Google maps you will find a dumpy strip mall and in the back is a small sign labeled Amazon and a big back-up gennerator.

The address is:
7011 West Canal Dr
Kennewick, WA 99336
Coordinates (NAD83):
4613'27"N; 11912'54"W

Maps Image

Kennewick is notable for having many more sunny days than Seattle. Perfect for drone flights, has access to PNNL National Labs and the open spaces of the Hanford nuclear reservation in case you drone goes rogue (or are all those plutonium storage takes a bad thing to crash into???).

Comment Yup... (Score 1) 119

Go to youtube and you will find Donald Trump using similar behaviors of others, usually whenever they don't have an answer. I still think mocking like that was immature.

Did Donald Trump mock a reporter? Yes
Did Donald Trump mock a reporter who had a handicap? Yes
Did Donald Trump mock the handicap of a reporter? No

But funny, how liberals forget when Obama mentioned his low bowling score in an interview, and proceeded to state that he bowled like someone in the Special Olympics.

Gee, guess criticism doesn't apply if you have a [D]

Comment Re: Facebook wants more liberal news (Score 1) 119

Right...and big cities were strongly a northeastern system. The problem is they move to a region that doesn't have huge cities. They migrate toward towns and turn them into cities. Then when those become big cities and destroy the region, the migrate to another region and repeat the process - so on and so on.

See Colorado for current example.

Comment YOUTUBE (Score 5, Informative) 119

I find YouTube to be the best fact checker.

The media claimed that Trump mocked a disabled reporter, or more to the point, that Trump mocked a reporter for his disability. Trump did in fact mock a reporter who is disabled. However, there are videos on youtube that will show you that those body movements of his are used regularly, not for mocking disabilities but to personify his view of someone who doesn't have an answer.

Most of the mainstream media also claimed that Donald Trump said soldiers that commit suicide are weak. He said no such thing. Go to youtube and watch the actual speech. He was discussing the lack of care available for our veterans, particularly the lack of mental healthcare. He was discussing triggers, and our soldiers being left without the support they deserved. Every soldier and veteran I know who watched that video loved it. In fact, it was the first, and almost the only time I watched Donald Trump and thought to myself that he looked presidential.

Watch MSNBC, they'll show you protestors at a Tea Party rally outside one of President Obama's townhall meetings. They'll show you a man carrying an AR-15 on his back. They'll state how this is intimidating and seemingly rather racist. Go to youtube and you'll find the another video of that same rally. Except this video will clearly show the man in question with an AR-15 strapped to his back is in fact a black American.

So me, conservatives are very aware of how fake most of the mainstream news is. Liberals on the other hand are stuck thinking the only fake news is Fox/Faux News. Well, it is fairly fake. But it doesn't have the market nor is it even close to being top dog.

Comment Snopes is NOT reputable for politics. (Score 1) 119

I have also noticed an interesting trend recently. A number of political articles on Snopes and fact check sites, where the conservative viewpoint or statement was in fact CORRECT. And they even discuss the evidence of such. But interestingly enough, in several of these cases the fact check articles NEVER post a conclusion. They don't include their "True or False" meters, etc.

And I have wondered, why is it that these articles where either the criticism of a conservative is debunked or the criticism of a Democrat confirmed, are not given truth-meters?


Because, these sites are extremely biased. Even when their articles are correct, they regularly pick and choose what issues to pursue. And numerous substantiated criticisms of Democrats will never ever get an article on these fact check sites.

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