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Comment Favorite password (Score 1) 140

TRIGGER WARNING: Anecdotal evidence

One of my favorite passwords was based on the word wizard. I didn't often type z's, let alone x's...I set up a new Linux box and my root account (before all this safe don't-ever-use-root-use-sudo bullshit). Trying to log on to my system the first time, I couldn't get the password right no matter how careful I was.

Finally, I decided to type it quickly and see what "muscle memory" did. wixard.

Ahh! There it was, a simple typo (I had to type it at the prompt to see what the text actually came out to be), but made my "wizard130" intended password a little bit stronger: "wixard130". Not much, but a bit. Me and a buddy used variations on that for years. I still use it on some of my offline Linux boxes because that's one that I'll never forget.

Autocorrect be damned; let the users mess up their own shit and quit automatically fixing stupid.

Comment Re:The geek is not the market. (Score 1) 507


I can set up a computer for my HTPC, and have a remote for it, one for my surround sound, one for my TV, plus navigating the inputs for my XBox, maybe putting it all through the HTPC so I can recor..

But I'm married. My wife needs simple. TVersity was almost too much for her; Netflix, Plex, antenna. All controlled from the TV and the same remote that is designed specifically for that TV.

I also have visitors. They'd much rather not learn the intricate in's and out's of some weird cobbled-together (as they see it (and as it really would be!)) system just to watch TV.

No, instead I can tell them, "The big V button in the middle opens up the option for Netflix of Plex. Plex is my own movie collection. Navigate it the same as Netflix." That's it, done. And I didn't have to spend hours and days configuring user interfaces and setting up remote controls.

Comment Re:how about supporting basic features first (Score 1) 31

- she uses google task with dates and they show up in google web interface in the calendar as events, but while ubuntu phone do synchronize the calendar, it do not synchronize the tasks and they never show in the ubuntu phone calendar

She's not alone, though this is a Google Calendar issue, not Ubuntu: Clicky. As far as I know, this issue is still relevant.

I use(d) tasks to schedule all my bills; since they don't sync easily, I instead set them all to be all-day events, and they show up at the top of each day similar to how a task would display. Fairly simple workaround, but I was annoyed that I had to do it.

Comment Re:Gets popcorn... (Score 2) 418


Let's quit wasting time saying the world is going to go to shit because we're burning up too many fossil fuels. We know. 200 years, 237 years...let's just start working, now, to fix it.

Hell, in under 10 years we went from stuck within a few thousand feet of our planet to walking on another celestial body. We can kick this fossil fuels habit. All we have to do is quit bickering about how hard it is and put our axes to the grindstone.

Who's got the oil Chantrix?

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