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Comment Re:Everyone's demanding higher pay (Score 1, Troll) 304

...a burger flipper doesn't deserve as much as a skilled electrician, but what they do deserve is enough to live on (as anyone working full time does).

No, they deserve only what their work is worth. Nothing more. Ever.

If they don't think that's right, they can go find another job. If they can't go find another job, then their work probably isn't worth as much as they thought.

Comment Re:Can't be level 5 (Score 2) 186

Level 5 means not having any controls that a human can use. So, unless their "future upgrade" includes ripping out the steering wheel and pedals, etc, then the car is only "level 4 ready".

No, level 5 simply means fully autonomous, the system controls everything with no human interaction.

SAE definitions: http://www.sae.org/misc/pdfs/a...

DOT's definitions (hint: they adopted SAE's rather than NHTSA's): https://www.transportation.gov... (page 11)

Comment Re:Who would buy a smart TV? (Score 1) 59

Because buying a Vizio smart TV and teaching my wife to use it is FAR, FAR easier than setting up MythTV, or KODI, or whatever HTPC system and teaching my wife to use it all.

One remote. Bolt the TV to the wall. Done. Cheaper, too, because I didn't have to buy/assemble/relocate a PC.

I wish I could have done the latter, but I must think of who really uses the TV more than I do, and I like to keep some things simple for other house guests.

Comment Re:Arguably the best browser? (Score 1) 74

Well, you kind of just supported the statement you were attacking: "Google Chrome is arguably the best browser...". Well, you disagreed and argued. What's the problem?

As to your actual points, I disagree with number 1. Tabs do not BELONG anywhere except where each user wants them. Your own arrogance sucks.
Number two, of course it was created for that.
Number three, this Pale Moon is new to me, I'll check it out, thanks! I loved Firefox back when it was still Firebird...hate to see what it's become these days...

Comment Re:"Baked in" before they decide on recipe? (Score 1) 92

The 5G spec isn't stable yet, and isn't the 6G spec just a glint in someone's eye at this point? Not sure how he could have "baked in" support for them yet ...

It's easy. You've already got the tower!

All you have to do is change the equipment, data lines, power lines, and antennas!

Or maybe "baked in" support means the tower supports are literally baked in clay...

Comment Favorite password (Score 1) 140

TRIGGER WARNING: Anecdotal evidence

One of my favorite passwords was based on the word wizard. I didn't often type z's, let alone x's...I set up a new Linux box and my root account (before all this safe don't-ever-use-root-use-sudo bullshit). Trying to log on to my system the first time, I couldn't get the password right no matter how careful I was.

Finally, I decided to type it quickly and see what "muscle memory" did. wixard.

Ahh! There it was, a simple typo (I had to type it at the prompt to see what the text actually came out to be), but made my "wizard130" intended password a little bit stronger: "wixard130". Not much, but a bit. Me and a buddy used variations on that for years. I still use it on some of my offline Linux boxes because that's one that I'll never forget.

Autocorrect be damned; let the users mess up their own shit and quit automatically fixing stupid.

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