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Comment Verizon is going to get in trouble (Score 4, Interesting) 139

I have a coworker who's holding on to his Note 7. He's been staying on top of all of this. It appears that after a recall, a company cannot require nor continue requiring payment for a recalled device. Some may argue that he has a loan he still owes Verizon, but it appears also that Samsung bought out all those loans.

There has been no word from Verizon that they will prorate service contracts since they are effectively disabling service...that's gotta be some kind of illegal.

I haven't confirmed any of the above, as I don't care, but I do find it interesting.

I think Verizon and the other carriers have done all they should do for the recall; my coworker even got the fire-proof box shipped to his house for the return. He likes the phone, he knows about the (extremely minor) risk, and wants to keep the phone. All Verizon is doing with this is pissing off those few thousand customers.

Submission + - Intel Kaby Lake Potentially A Great Chip For Overclocking, Seen Breaking 7GHz (

MojoKid writes: If you've had any doubts of Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake processor's capabilities with respect to overclocking, don't fret. It's looking like even the most dedicated overclockers are going to have a blast with this series. Someone recently got a hold of an Intel Core i7-7700K chip and decided to take it for an overclocking spin. Interestingly, the motherboard used is not one of the upcoming series designed for Kaby Lake, but the chip was instead overclocked on a Z170 motherboard from ASRock (Z170M OC Formula). That bodes well for those planning to snag a Kaby Lake CPU that would rather not have to upgrade their motherboard as well. With liquid nitrogen cooling the processor, this particular chip peaked at just over 7GHz, which helped deliver a SuperPi 32M time of 4m 20s, and a wPrime 1024M time of 1m 33s. It's encouraging to see the chip breaking this clock speed, even with extreme methods, since it's a potential relative indicator of how much headroom will be available for overclocking with more standard cooling solutions.

Submission + - Amazon Echo Used to Aid Murder Investigation (

Tulsa_Time writes: “Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot are in millions of homes now, with holiday sales more than quadrupling from 2015. Always listening for its wake word, the breakthrough smart speakers boast seven microphones waiting to take and record your commands.
Now, Arkansas police are hoping an Echo found at a murder scene in Bentonville can aid their investigation.”

“Police also found a Nest thermostat, a Honeywell alarm system, wireless weather monitoring in the backyard and WeMo devices for lighting at the smart home crime scene Officers have also seized an iPhone 6S, a Macbook Pro, a PlayStation 4 and three tablets in the investigation.”

Comment Re:Oh please... (Score 1) 98

Please spare me the "people being ale to speak their minds" BS.

I originally read this as "Please spare me the 'people bring ale to speak their minds' BS." I thought to myself: that's not BS, people DO bring ale to speak their minds. And now the company can't sue you for what you speak your mind, having brought ale. Sort of.

Comment Re:I'm not saying this is going to be abused, but. (Score 1) 292

Gotcha, but that's not what I meant; I was referring to parent's "little box" and meant pulling the transponder and system out of the rolled vehicle to use nefariously. No need to build a device, when everything's already there. Just pull it apart, spoof some sensors, and it will tell vehicles whatever you want.

I can see VIN or MAC filtering, such that when a vehicle is taken out of service due to something like a rollover, its VIN/MAC is then ignored on the network...but big deal, spoof another VIN/MAC.

Comment Re:I'm not saying this is going to be abused, but. (Score 1) 292

This is going to be abused. People will have so much fun with this, it'll be unreal. Imagine a little box you can buy/build that spoofs a vehicle system and tricks all the cars in a 100 meter radius into executing an emergency stop...

Yea, that won't be difficult to extract from a rolled vehicle at all...

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