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Comment What if the speed of light ... (Score 1) 238

What if the speed of light is related to the size of the universe? However perception and size is also related.

So the universe is expanding. What affect does that have on perceived speeds?

What if the speed of light is relational to size of the universe? Would it cover more distance in a smaller universe? If so, does that mean C was faster? This is where the normal brain starts to spin wheels a bit.

But it's a lot of fun. And I'll be highly amused if their experiment bears support for their theory. As I first heard this theory decades ago.

Comment Re:Manchurian Candidate (Score 1) 667

3) The Russian deputy minister confirmed that they were in contact with the Trump campaign through-out the election process.

You do realize they were in contact with Hillary's campaign as well and that is standard procedure?

4) According to a CNN report, a Kremlin advisor admitted they coordinated with Wikileaks.
CNN published many articles that had zero basis. Who was the Kremlin advisor.

6) Trump exhibits considerable sexual appetite.

8) Mother Jones reported that a retired Intelligence officer came forward, alleging that this is exactly what has been done to Trump.

Breibart's left counterpart.
So do most men, and see Bill Clinton for example.

Comment Re:FU Ivan (Score 1) 667


Hillary in the debate threatened war with Russia over the DNC hacks. That's when the intelligence community, who was already very iffy on her because she has a reputation for being controlling, and blowing up on people. Decided there was NO WAY IN HELL we could have such a crazy person in charge.

And that Trump was much safer.

Comment Yay.... YOU'RE FIRED!!! (Score 1) 667

Can't wait till this guy is STFU.

Seriously, STFU ... show us your proof or stop making these claims. It is far more likely a U.S. intelligence or pissed off Bernie campaign insider did this.

And who gives a flying F*** who did it. The emails clearly showed that the massive attempt to defraud the American public and affect the election was carried out by Hillary and the DNC. Showing proof of their misconduct is far less than the conduct itself. Had they not done wrong, publishing all those emails would of been useless.

Hillary and the DNC, should be punished for what they did during the Democratic primary, and afterward.

Comment Just a thought folks (Score 1) 121

What if Space X incorporates these so called satellites into EVERY rocket launch. Think about it. They send up a rocket, it is launched, encloses a commercial payload. A cap is opened up, it is released. Done.

Wait, we just sent up a cap, and an enclosure. Could we modify our cap to double as a signal dish. Can our enclosure double as solar panels. Can we turn every rocket into an internet providing satellite?

Comment Let's look at one internet provider - Comcast (Score 1) 121

22 million subscribers @$60/month or $720/year for lowest tier of internet.
$14,400,000,000/year in revenue.

100+ million broadband users in the U.S.
220+ million cell phone users in the U.S.

Let's theorize a $50/month fee for internet and cell service. That's
$600/year. Let's say these combine to 200 million users.

That's $10,000,000,000 ($10 billion/year)

Comment Keep seeing folks ask why.'s obvious (Score 1) 121

Tesla uses internet to update and monitor their vehicles.

This would give Tesla access around the globe to perform those updates to any Tesla, no matter WHERE in the world it is.

And they would no longer have to pay telecoms fees to use their cellular systems.

Comment There are some potential solutions (Score 1) 121

We in fact desperately need an orbital based internet to break the earth bound telecommunication firms. Expect Cable companies to lobby heavily against this.

Each satellite should have a system to retrieve it to earth. By that, I mean a small system that would be deployed upon failure to push the satellite down to lower earth orbit until it plunges and burns up in atmosphere. This should in fact be a requirement of EVERY satellite.

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