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Comment Cost.... (Score 1) 1435

Well, it cost a lot lot lot less than what the Democrats spent pushing Hillary.

And while that may not be a majority of Americans. Trust me, right now the Republicans view it as a mandate. I mean, they've got the Presidency, Senate, House, soon to have SCOTUS, and the majority of governorships.

Worse, the Democrats, never envisioning they could decline, had enacted several policy changes to their immediate benefit, such as anti-filibuster procedures. Having now lost their momentum, these changes now place them in a far tougher position.

Comment Re:Right... (Score 1) 1435

Trump wasn't supposed to have a chance of swining Michigan and PA. Trump could of done a lot to swing portions of major cities to his camp. No, campaigning in San Francisco or Seattle would be pretty stupid. But Atlanta, Detroit, Pittsburgh, NY, and many other cities he could of swayed more if he had focused on that.

Comment Because.... (Score 1) 1435

You're arguing two things.

1. Is the system rigged, and setup to enable the party orgs. Absolutely. Should it be changed. Absolutely.

2. But that's not what all of you are saying, you're saying that despite him overcoming the challenges of being an outsider to win the Republican nomination. Despite him winning the electoral college when facing a conglomerate of media that were not only actively campaigning for Hillary, but were passing debate questions and strategizing with her election team....that despite him winning inside that corrupt and unjust system. The mere fact, the system is broken and rigged is being used to de-legitimize him.

Yes, the system is rigged, broken, and corrupt. Winning in spite of all that is damn impressive. But if you're going to say the fact that said system is broken makes Trump's election illegitimate. Than it would have also made Hillary's win illegitimate, and all of our recent presidents were illegitimate. In which case, your barking about only one election winner is rather hypocritical. Thus, your argument for Trump's illegitimacy and removal is null.

Comment Nope (Score 4, Funny) 51

Apple's highly innovative inventions, namely flat rectangle with a screen on it, and an arrangement of icons in a grid clearly constitute innovations of incalculable value. Where as Qualcomm's patents simply involve leading edge telecommunication developments that far surpass most of their rivals in performance. Obviously, nothing special. Surely not noteworthy enough for their extensive paten portfolio, one of the largest in the wireless world, to justify 5x the royalty rates.

Comment Right... (Score 4, Insightful) 1435

But he won the game. And that was the point. And had it been about the popular vote. Trump would of campaigned differently, focused only on the large cities. And since he would of got almost all of the rural votes by default, he'd only have to swing a few points in a couple of cities. And he could of easily won the popular vote.

But what point is there in winning a few million more votes in California to be popular if it doesn't help you get elected?

Comment Blind Biker (Score 2) 1435

Absolutely agree, Hillary was endeavoring to establish a new Cold War with Russia. Over largely baseless accusations, and actions that utterly pale in comparison to what America has done to its rivals and even its allies.

Meanwhile, folks think rich always want war. And perhaps certain wars benefited oil moguls, etc. But Trump is a real estate billionaire. Hotels, resorts, properties. War is NOT GOOD for those type of businesses. First off, tourism plummets, second their buildings are often destroyed. So I suspect that Trump will be far less likely to engage in armed conflict.

I'd be very curious, and laugh my butt off if he stopped our bombings. What would the Democrats say if Trump went 4 years without bombing any countries.

Comment Re:Cost and Availablilty (Score 1) 379

Exactly. When most Blu-ray's are $10-$25. The 3D blu-rays are being sold for $29-$55. It's insane. The 3D should be no more than $5 more. The other problem, is that most Blu-rays are put on sale. 3D blu-rays rarely are.

Comment But we don't have a capitalist system (Score 1) 539

America operates under a fascist economic model of strong collusion between the business elites and government, striving for a two class system - elites and laborers.

We utilize intellectual property laws, courts, legislation, etc to control markets. But even worse, the application of those regulations are often very one sided.

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