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Comment Re:guess again (Score 1) 233

"When the unvaccinated population rises too high, outbreaks become possible again"

Not really, outbreaks only are potential for those who are unvaccinated. If 5% are unvaccinated, and 95% are vaccinated. Even if an outbreak happens in the 5%, most all of the 95% who were vaccinated should be safe. Yes, there may be a few exceptions. But very few.

Want to know the real cause of the outbreaks. The ones the media blamed on unvaccinated, most eventually determined those who were infected were ALL vaccinated. The real issue is that the vaccines are several decades old, and while science teaches us that said viruses rapidly mutate and evolve to knew strains. We're using vaccines based on strains sometimes almost a century old. Which greatly reduces their efficacy.

But here's the catch. It's expensive to get FDA approval on a vaccine update. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical corps have millions of dollars invested in stocked vaccines and rooting compounds. So much easier for the FDA and big pharm to claim it's because of loss of herd immunity, when in fact it is because they are using extremely dated and ineffective vaccines.

Comment You do realize... (Score 1) 233

That if vaccines are effective, and your child is immunized, than there really is no issue.

You also realize the effect of many vaccines fades. When is the last time you had an MMR? In fact, a great many adults can be carriers. The vaccine may give them enough protection but they carry the vaccine. So you're concern of a 1% versus a large percentage of society being potential carriers is rather silly.

Comment The #1 thing that affirms Climate Change Deniers (Score 0) 664

Is the fact that they present Global Warming advocates with scientific facts, and the response is of the two.

"Weather isn't Climate" (um, we weren't talking about weather, we were showing your data collection methods were inaccurate and that the measurements you recorded did not match the actual values that occurred).

"Refuse to believe in science...they're like religious!" (um, fact, we showed you documented observable, repeatable evidence of temperature measurement sites that were far out of spec, and could not be utilized for the data collection you were trying to record. You ignored absolute science for your dogmatic beliefs).

"Garbage in, Garbage out" your science is only as good as your data collection.

Comment ^^^ STUPID (Score 1) 664

First of all, there was really no climatologist until recently. Go look at the degrees of MOST so-called climate experts. Guess what.....

Most are physicists, marine scientists, geologists, botanists, meteorologists.

Oh, and the climategate were cleared of "deliberate fraud", they were not cleared of poor scientific method.

Comment And the truth is... (Score 1) 664

This is largely based on the fact that so much falsehood has been presented to individuals.

The irony, is the number of conspiracies that have born out to be true. Bilderbergs, Tuscagy experiments, NSA monitoring and recording of phone conversations, CIA drug trafficking, modern art, putting the Shah in power in Iran, government poisoning of alcohol during prohibition, fats aren't as bad as the sugar industry wanted us to believe...and so many others.

So of course, folks are going to be more inclined. Especially when so many lies are told, politicians get caught in them all the time (*cough* Hillary)

Comment If you want to be anectdotal (Score 1) 664

How about, a warm weak in February, followed by an unusually long and cool spring. Extremely late frosts. Everyone in the region wondering if Summer is every coming. And then I joke that no worries, the media will report that it was the hottest spring on record.

Sure enough, they do just that. The irony of that I exclaimed, hey, regional != global. So I expected to look at the temperature map and see my region slightly cool, and the rest of North America and the northern hemisphere warmer. Lo, and behold, my region was listed as unusually warm.

That's when I call bullshit. But the sad thing, I predicted the bullshit. So who's agenda is being pushed that false information needs to be purported in the name of science?

And it sure sucked having half my fruit crops wiped out by late frosts. Did I mention, one of my crops is an Siberian kiwi?

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