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Submission + - Computer Science graduates the least employable (bbc.co.uk) 1

Rogerborg writes: The BBC reports that in the UK, computer science graduates are now the least employable, with 17% unable to find a job 1 year after graduation. Unsurprisingly, medics, educators and lawyers do better, but when even much mocked Communications and Creative Arts graduates are finding work more easily, has computer science now become the joke course to avoid at all costs? We used to work with chips, now we're lucky to be serving fries.

Submission + - The camera never lies... about your intentions

Rogerborg writes: The BBC reports on an attempt to create smart security cameras which will "use computer vision to interpret human behaviour and [predict] what people are likely to do next."

The inventor believes that "it [will remain] down to a human to make the decision" about your actual guilt, and proposes that the use will be in business environments.

I'm sure there's no danger of this technology being used to flag us as suspicious terrorists, with the attendant consequences.

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