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Comment Re:All too true (Score 2) 220

Videogame programmers care *very much* about all these sorts of performance issues. Not coincidentally, many videogame programmers use custom containers, and nearly ALL of them use custom allocators for exactly this reason.

That being said, not everyone programs real-time pseudo-simulations like we do. But you should very much care about ensuring the most basic building blocks of code everyone uses are highly optimized at the very least. The more often code is called, the more attention should be paid to ensuring its as optimal as it should be.

I'd be curious to hear MS's response to these issues. It could be that there were some deliberate reasons for the choices made, or possibly some unintended consequences to the solutions offered, but it's hard to say without a fairly deep knowledge of the STL internals MS uses (based on Dinkumware, I think?)

Comment Re:In the bunker (Score 2) 264

Well.. While we are making stupid claims... How about Obama's trips to the Med, where he and his wife took separate aircraft and a boat load of friends? And what makes you think protecting the president in FL is all that much more expensive than having him at the White House? It's not like they don't have SS staff in both places at this point...

You silly person. Think about what you just said. "what makes you think protecting the president in FL is all that much more expensive than having him at the White House?" and then you finish with, "It's not like they don't have SS staff in both places at this point.".

If they have SS service staff in both places (and of course, Trump Tower plus the homes of Uday, Qusay and Ivanka), then that's where the extra expense comes in. I'll bet if you sit down and really give it a lot of serious thought, you'll come up with how this "multiplication" thing works.

Comment Re:Worked@IBM in 1980's, left, because sucked. (Score 1) 289

Yeah, I worked the noon to 9 shift at IBM Boca for a while. About half the time, the afternoon rain storm would blow in a bit early and I'd get drenched walking from the car to the building, which they kept at 72 degrees all year round. The next couple of hours usually consisted in trying to avoid slipping into hypothermia and dying in the building.

Last time I left was in 2005 in Colorado. At the time, they would just throw a bunch of people in a room. They were nice enough to throw up some half-cube walls so we could face the wall and get some semblance of a distraction-free environment. They still think they can pay well below market rates just because they're IBM, even when they're hiring you on as a third party contractor and even though their FTE benefits program is only marginally better than the third party contracting houses are offering these days.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 244

It only applies to countries that are part of Trump's Muslim ban.

The Trump travel ban affects six countries (at least the new, improved one does) and the new restriction on electronic devices affects eight countries.

I'm not sure which countries make up the additional two.

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