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Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 1) 225

It's going to legally be tough for them to wriggle out of.

This is morally wrong and dangerous. Morally wrong because if you commit suicide, you did it, not someone who made you feel bad. Dangerous because incentive payments for people who commit suicide is counterproductive unless you want more suicides.

Societies should disallow these types of lawsuits -- maybe with some sort of exception if you can prove someone had the specific intention of driving the person to suicide.

Comment Re:(sigh) You people still think you're engineers (Score 1) 632

Sure, that's a good point. And like I said, if that works for you, I've got no beef with it. Me, I program videogames for a living, so I think the title "programmer" or even the more specific "videogame programmer" works better for me.

Language changes over time, whether people like it or not. "Hacking" is what people know as computer crimes ("cracking" never caught on), "literally" now also means "not literally", and 99% of the population will use "begging the question" incorrectly, no matter how many times you-few-who-know-better correct them.

It's probably inevitable that "engineer" will come to encompass more than the traditional engineering professions. I look at the list, and I notice "Management Engineering". Who knew that was a thing?

Comment Re:(sigh) You people still think you're engineers (Score 1) 632

Not all of us incorrectly use that title. As a rule, I always call myself a "programmer" (or these days, I guess a "senior programmer" is more accurate) rather than a "software engineer". I think it's a more honest description of what I do.

I don't get my panties in a wad about what other programmers call themselves, but I can understand why certified/licensed engineers don't appreciate the watering down of a title they worked hard for. I guess it's the same sort of annoyance programmers feel when someone calls HTML a "programming language".

Comment Re:People hate each other more (Score 1) 307

Yeah, include all the relevant context. People who want to accuse Trump or anyone else of wrongdoing or "hatred" or whatever should be specific and make their case without taking things out of context or exaggerating. Please inform us.

The campaign is over, there's no need for salesmanship. What's the factual story?

Comment Re:a little late to the party (Score 1) 98

Well, thank you for admitting you were wrong at least, I guess.

Shame you've still decided to bask in wilful ignorance though by refusing to listen to a word anyone else with actual experience of multiple products is telling you, and still amazed you think lock-in is even possible in a product that supports standard SQL and doesn't force you into any extensions (which just about all SQL RDBMS have btw) but hey, you don't know much so I shouldn't be too surprised that you're again mouthing off about something you have no clue about in the name of an unfounded anti-MS rant though I guess.

Comment Re:a little late to the party (Score 1) 98

But there we are again - changing the terms of the discussion, your problem with it now is merely that you're complaining it isn't open source (hint: it's in preview still), and that it has incomplete Linux support.

Yet here is your original post where you apparently didn't make a sweeping comment and where you claim you merely asked a question:

"You've been able to use Python for a while in Postgres [], MySQL [], SQLite [], and even DB2 [].

I can't quite figure out why anybody would want to use Microsoft SQL Server."

Want to retract that now? It's pretty clear you're backpedalling - I don't care if you want to ignore me, just don't pretend you're here to learn when you're clearly not interested in that, and just end up backpedalling when you get called out. People like me are more than happy to share our experience with such products, but don't waste our time if you're not willing to listen and are actually just busy being a zealot whilst pretending otherwise.

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