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Comment Re:AI? (Score 1) 103

If it was real AI it would be self-aware.

No, that just not what "AI" means, any more than "sentient" means self-aware. Science Fiction keeps abusing those terms, but they have mainstream meanings. AI is clever algorithms that imitate intelligent behavior. Which means it could still be wearing mirrored sunglasses.

Comment Re:AI? (Score 1) 103

This is not true/strong AI,

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

AI has always mean imitating intelligent behavior through clever algorithms. (Almost) no one researching AI is looking for machine consciousness - why would you want that? They're trying to solve real-world problems with engineering solutions. We want a self-driving car, not a self-aware car.

Submission + - The Clinton Foundation is downsizing (

mi writes: You would think, the end of a political career would allow a genuinely charitable family to concentrate on their charity. Instead, the Clinton Foundation is closing shop (or, at least, downsizing) after their champion's electoral loss. According to the paperwork they filed with New York Department of labor, the reason is "Discontinutation [sic] of the Clinton Global Initative [sic]".

Comment Broken law enforcement (Score 2) 213

"I'm realistic. I'm not going to see that computer again"

From what anecdotal evidence I have myself, he is right. Even if police do find the asshole-thief and take the laptop from him, the victim is not going to receive it. They'll keep it "for the duration of the investigation" and then it might just "disappear" from the evidence room.

And the next asshole-thief (this one with a police ID) will be smart enough to wipe it so as not get caught the same way. And, even if he does not, calling police again will not be fruitful — police protect their own, "because no one else would".

Oh, and the original thief will not do any actual time either (much less have his hand chopped-off) — unless, maybe, this is his third offense in a "three strikes" state.

While it may seem petty, theft costs humanity immensely — if you count the things we all have to do to keep it under control...

Comment Free software assistant... already exists (Score 3, Informative) 74

Free software assistant... already exists

They've got an RPi image you can download, slap on a card, and be up and running with a USB mic and something to handle the audio out.

Seems to me like the FSF should pay more attention to what is already going on.

Comment Re:That is correct (Score 1) 144

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Mine would include not doing things that are clearly going to leave you in a situation that is worse, from your own evaluation, than the current situation, and which you have reason to know will have that result...unless, of course, all the alternatives would lead to even worse results.

Which let us note is something that humans can do. They can't or won't do it all the time, so that means that their intelligence is imperfect.

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 290

If you can give a tiny handout to people who will spend it and then avoid the global financial crisis. How is that not a good thing?

If I could pop a ballooon and then ...
If I could wish really hard and then ...
If I could wear a green shirt that day and then ...

The global financial crisis would not have been avoided by giving a tiny handout to people than it would, if I happened to wear a green shirt that day. It doesn't undo the years of bad decisions leading up to the crisis. It doesn't change that society was greatly malinvested due to so much of society putting their wealth into real estate investments of this sort. It doesn't change the amounts of leverage where high amounts of borrowed funds were used to make bad investments.

Sure, it would be a good thing, if it could be managed. But it wouldn't have been managed.

Comment Re:Hopefully It's The UI Design and Privacy Teams (Score 1) 157

I would fire the guy who made the registry to begin with. It was always a bad idea.

The registry as originally created was actually a great idea. Every program still used ini files for it's own settings, but you had the registry, very small at the time, as a sort of "global ini file" for things like file associations that needed to be centralized. A lightweight DB-style approach was safer for third parties to edit than a tree of text files - it actually limited the damage of an installer bug.

Then some asshole got the idea to move all program settings into the registry, and a ton of OS settings that could have stayed in ini files, and the downhill slide began. By the era of Win95 it had gone to a very bad place, and never really recovered.

Comment Re: The death spiral is continuing. (Score 1) 157

Obviously, your family members don't do any real work.

You'll find that's common for kids and retirees.

Meanwhile, in the office, Apple laptops are the norm in the tech industry. Boggles my mind, since they don't even have docking stations, and the battery life is about half of what I get, but there it is. What I've been seeing for years is 90% Apple, 5% Windows, 5% Ubuntu.

Comment Re: The death spiral is continuing. (Score 1) 157

What percentage of PCs don't run Windows?

Where I work, one of the "big 5" tech companies, about 5% do run Windows. That's a higher percent then you'll find at Google or (obviously) Apple. Windows is vanishing from tech companies. That's a good sign that in a generation it will be vanishing everywhere else.

Comment Re:Now how about... (Score 1) 114

Tell me more about how brown people can't solve their own problems, but they can only be solved from the outside. Do you have more details about your Final Solution to the India problem?

India is an emerging economy. Change takes time, but their economy is growing at twice the rate of the US economy, and unlike Chine their manufacturing base is for local consumers, not exports. They're certainly capable of becoming a modern industrialized nation, and have come a long way along that path in the past 20 years. They're certainly moving faster than we did in our industrial revolution.

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