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Comment Re:Was Obvious from the Start (Score 1) 167

I would say not only that but people that are into watches? These things are about as appealing as ass cancer. You talk to people that actually spend real money on a watch? They will talk your ears off about Swiss movements and dial faces and all the beautiful craftsmanship and are NEVER gonna get that level of detail and care in what is essentially a little computer strapped to your wrist, you just aren't. Great watches are really these things out of time, with their little gears and springs, you can almost picture some watchmaker with an eyepiece working on this delicate little instrument, you just aren't gonna get that kinda vibe from a circuit board and an LCD panel, you just aren't.

Hell even the geeks I talked to that like watches didn't want these things, they want a Nixie watch like the woz has or one of those cool LED watches from the 70s, so I have no clue who they expected to buy these.

Comment Re: Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 259

Same excuse was used against smokestack scrubbers, pollution cleanup, healthcare, social security, you name it.

Being right about one (smokestack scrubbers) out of four ain't bad. The obvious rebuttals to your other three (US-centric of course) is that Superfund is a disaster both in terms of cost and abuse of the law which demonstrates that the cost of pollution clean up can indeed be too high. You might have heard that US health care is like 50% higher cost than the runner up. Too high? Youbetcha.

And of course, social security pays more out than it gets. That's a Cost Too High.

I have to wonder when three of your examples really are costs that are too high.

Comment Re:No Von Neuman Machines yet (Score 1) 200

You have lots of rust, contaminated with other stuff. Even primitive smelters were really resource intensive and used LOTS of coal and free oxygen. Hint, what atmosphere mars has doesn't have lots of oxygen and as far as we know, there's no coal. So turning that rust into steel is in itself a non-trivial exercise.

It was a nontrivial exercise in the first place so I'm just not seeing the big deal here. My view is that getting 1000 people to Mars alive is going to be far harder than figuring out how to make stuff and grow food once you get there. It's also worth noting that Mars probably is littered with a vast number of iron-bearing meteorites which aren't oxidized.

Comment Re:DGW - Dinosaurogenic Global Warming (Score 0, Troll) 259

This would be very valid criticism of a theoretical climate model that would predict that it would get there and stay there.

There is simply no valid climate model. Period. The entire discipline is in shambles as most of the adherents — either clueless politics-driven enthusiasts, or crooks grabbing taxpayers' money.

Try it yourself — cite successful predictions made by "Climate Science" over the last 30 years, that have come true... Rules are simple:

  • Each citation is to include two links — one to the prediction being made, the other — to its confirmation within, say, 20% of the predicted value (if quantifiable).
  • The prediction must be somewhat useful — predicting, that it will get "hotter or colder", for example, is not acceptable.
  • The two links must be at least several years apart. Lauding a prediction after it came true does not count — otherwise I too would like to claim some government money for recording numerous predictions 5 years ago (one for each possible cm of snow on Oct 31, 2016) and publishing only the successful ones today.

Could you list even 2 or 3 such entries? I doubt it — many have tried...

Comment Re:Scripts on web pages, take ages to finish page. (Score 1) 263

don't run an ad blocker and I see the behavior OP complained about every day .

Yes, that was my point. It's the ads, you see. In case it's not clear, the problem you're having? It's the ads. They're what's causing that problem. The ads. In case it wasn't clear.

Comment Re:Accessibility options (Score 3, Informative) 263

But the people who became web designers were formerly page layout designers. They revolted. They were used to printed paper, where they controlled everything the reader saw - fonts, font sizes, text wrap around photos, columns, etc. Their ego couldn't stand ceding some of that control to the reader, so they fought tooth and nail to bring that control back to themselves.

In the early days this wasn't true. Good print designers know how to choose fonts and whitespace that will scale properly and keep a nice layout as you scale font size up and down. It was the managers and PMs, insisting that the web page look exactly like they wanted, on every monitor, like it was a magazine page. "The name of the company can't be smaller than 2 inches, the branding spec says so!" "On what size monitor?" "Don't bother me with your geeky trivialities!".

The "designers" willing to put up with that shit gradually drove out the old heads who knew what actually looked good. Now fashion has replaced 3 centuries of science about legibility.

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 449

The fact that the participation of women varies hugely between cultures (for example, in India, Korea, Israel, Iran, and Lithuania, Romania, it's a lot higher) implies strongly that external factors are far more of a reason why we have so few women than anything biological.

Only in the most shallow analysis.

In many countries, a software development job with a multinational corp is the best job you can hope for unless your parents are politically connected. Better pay and batter status than doctor or lawyer. Here in the US, that's not true, and so women talented enough to pursue the best job around do something else like doctor or lawyer (or vet, which is a better job than doctor these days after malpractice insurance).

Based on my unscientific survey of quite a few interns from India, the vast majority of them entered the field of software development "because my parents chose it for me", male or female. You get that in the US occasionally for doctors or lawyers, of course.


Internet is Becoming Unreadable Because of a Trend Towards Lighter, Thinner Fonts ( 263

An anonymous reader writes: The internet is becoming unreadable because of a trend towards lighter and thinner fonts, making it difficult for the elderly or visually-impaired to see words clearly, a web expert has found. Where text used to be bold and dark, which contrasted well with predominantly white backgrounds, now many websites are switching to light greys or blues for their type. Award winning blogger Kevin Marks, founder of Microformats and former vice president of web services at BT, decided to look into the trend after becoming concerned that his eyesight was failing because he was increasingly struggling to read on screen text. He found a 'widespread movement' to reduce the contrast between the words and the background, with tech giants Apple, Google and Twitter all altering their typography. True black on white text has a contrast ratio of 21:1 -- the maximum which can be achieved. Most technology companies agree that it is good practice for type to be a minimum of 7:1 so that the visually-impaired can still see text. But Mr Marks, found that even Apple's own typography guidelines, which recommended 7:1 are written in a contrast ratio of 5.5:1.

Comment Re:Plant plants (Score 1) 200

We don't know what we'd have to "wash out" of the regolith.

But we do know that washing will work.

it really is nearly delusional to think that what we've learned on Earth (and orbital experiments) will be *all* we need to know

Sorry, the laws of physics haven't changed. It's the same chemistry on Mars as it is on Earth.

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