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Comment Re:Found the LUDDITE! (Score 1) 58

It's an act of courage to remove features everyone uses and doesn't think about, and then to tell those people with a straight face that it's an improvement. No, really. You can't have any vestigial shred of fear in you to do that.

Comment Re:Finally, I can switch to Gnome! (Score 2) 58

Actually, I have, and would rather use Motif thatn GNOME.

I do use mwm. It works great. They haven't broken things like being able to paste into a window without changing z-order.
I also use a hammer that isn't painted a uniform color and doesn't play El Condor Pasa when I hit something.
It's not about bells and whistles, it's about productivity.


GNOME 3.24 Released ( 58

prisoninmate quotes a report from Softpedia: GNOME 3.24 just finished its six-month development cycle, and it's now the most advanced stable version of the modern and popular desktop environment used by default in numerous GNU/Linux distributions. It was developed since October 2016 under the GNOME 3.23.x umbrella, during which it received numerous improvements. Prominent new features of the GNOME 3.24 desktop environment include a Night Light functionality that promises to automatically shift the colors of your display to the warmer end of the spectrum after sunset, and a brand-new GNOME Control Center with redesigned Users, Keyboard and Mouse, Online Accounts, Bluetooth, and Printer panels. As for the GNOME apps, we can mention that the Nautilus file manager now lets users browse files as root (system administrator), GNOME Photos imitates Darktable's exposure and blacks adjustment tool, GNOME Music comes with ownCloud integration and lets you edit tags, and GNOME Calendar finally brings the Week view. New apps like GNOME Recipes are also part of this release. The full release notes can be viewed here. Softpedia notes in conclusion: "As mentioned before, it will take at least a couple of weeks for the new GNOME 3.24 packages to land on the stable repositories of your favorite distro, which means that you'll most probably be able to upgrade from GNOME 3.22 when the first point release, GNOME 3.24.1, is out on April 12, 2017."

Comment Re:It's a myth... (Score 1) 232

A CS could also spend a year converting your data structure to the 75th normal form and make everything slower in the process.

CS proves nothing, degrees prove nothing. Enough colleges suck to devalue the degrees to near zero. Some recent CS grads are worth hiring, but it's a clear minority.

'Coding' Jr college degrees are the same.


Nintendo Is Repairing Left Joy-Cons With ... a Piece of Foam? ( 57

While Nintendo remains silent on the issue of some left Joy-Con controllers becoming desynced from the Switch console, it appears it has a solution for those affected. No, it's not avoidance of aquariums or all other wireless devices; instead, it's apparently as simple as a foam sticker placed in the right spot. From a report: Early reviews and, later, actual retail units of the Nintendo Switch highlighted an apparent hardware flaw in the design of the left Joy-Con controller. In certain scenarios -- like when played some distance from the console using the Joy-Con Grip -- some left Joy-Cons could lose sync and players would find themselves unable to accurately control what's happening on the screen. While a day one console update fixed this issue for some, it's remained for others and Nintendo has done little to assuage would-be consumers that it's solved the issue for good. But, a Joy-Con sent in for repair by CNET's Sean Hollister was returned with one small enhancement a week later and -- lo and behold -- it works. That enhancement: A small piece of conductive foam.

Comment Re:All too true (Score 1) 232

Fires happen. Even with the best of teams. HR gets involved and a seat is filled. Six months later you get back to a block of code and WTF happened? How did this pass QA and code review?

Nobody likes it, but I've yet to find a long term solution. I've quit, more than once, over teams being ruined by rapid growth and 'he was the best we interviewed'. Was clearly net negative worker who, at best, could have maintained some simple reports. Shouldn't have gotten out of probation, even if you accept the premise that he was the best available at hire time (which I knew to be bullshit).

At least in one case they were punishing me for turning down a management position. If they had told me directly: 'If you don't take the job, we'll give it to Li.' I'd have mentally quit then and there, actually quit a few weeks later, once I found another job.

More SW jobs suck than don't. Even when they don't suck initially, they often change with growth or acquisition.

'Process immaturity model' is usually a better metric than 'process maturity model'. Even/especially in organizations that claim all sorts of nonsense about their processes.

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