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Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 171

You were.
I was talking about companies, due to them being highly organized having power over individual prospective employees who aren't.
Countering that by saying that companies have no power by law makes totally no sense and has nothing to do with it.
That's called 'moving the goal posts'.
An employee denying his service to an employer has zero power in doing so, as for him 10 others.
An employer denying a prospective employee a job unless he accepts a much lower salary is using his power from being only one of the so many, and probably works in collusion (cartel) with other companies, so nobody gets a job nowhere unless he accepts a ridiculously low wage.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 171

You're moving the goal posts.
I didn't say that employers are more powerful by law than employees.
But they are more powerful simply due to the fact that they are bigger and more powerful than any (prospective) employee, they are better organized (employees aren't, unless they're member of a union) through amongst others the Chambers of Commerce. So principally they are able to demand an employee to work for a ridiculously low wage in order to be employed, and the single employee can't do anything against that, because there's always some poor desperate guy that feels forced to accept the terms. But if the employees are (also) organized, in a union, there's more balance of power.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 171

You don't get it.
China isn't doing 100% capitalism, and USA isn't doing 100% collectivism.
You haven't proven that either 100% capitalism or 100% collectivism is an optimal economic-political system, so I'll have to assume there is an optimum in between 100% capitalism and 100% collectivism.
So, if China and USA have not reached that optimum yet, it's still possible China needs some more capitalism and USA some more collectivism.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 171

I agree with you all the way, except for the deductibility. I even don't completely understand what you mean by that.
If you mean that health care insurance should only cover the costs that one would otherwise in no way be able to cover, then I agree completely with you, but that criterion should not be applied ad absurdum in that you can only apply when all your assets are gone and you've basically become a beggar.

Comment Re:On the bright side... (Score 1) 171

Actually: no. "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down" is the English equivalent of the Japanese "The stake that sticks out gets hammered down".
Read your own link, I think you really need that seminar. :)

Further it's not totally clear to me why you posted this reply, because it's in the signature of the previous poster that it's a Japanese proverb, so for you there's nothing to add to the discussion with this, unless you misunderstood my reply by thinking I was denying it's a Japanese proverb, which I didn't, but which I--thanks to your link--do now indeed.

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