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Comment Classic Theme Restorer! (Score 1) 165

How has noone suggested Classic Theme Restorer for Firefox! This is what allows you to restore the pre-Australis theme that (imho) marked one of the more serious nails in the coffin for Firefox.

I also use:
- FireGestures, for mouse gestures (how people work without right-click-scroll-up/down to go to the top and bottom of pages is beyond me).
- FoxyProxy, so I can use different proxies for specific URLs, mostly allowing me to test geoip stuff but also coincidentally allowing me to avoid geographical restrictions.
- Flashblock, although I've just realised I can remove this as I've uninstalled Flash months ago so it is kind of redundant.
- Greasemonkey, for a few sites that I've written custom JavaScript handles for.
- QuickJava, an indispensable little toolbar that lives in the status bar allowing you to quickly toggle on/off JavaScript, Java, Silverlight (if you them installed), images, CSS, etc.
- Modify Headers, for development so you can easily inspect & modify HTTP headers.
- Tamper Data, as above.

Comment Re:Funny humanity (Score 1) 30

The whole Dark Matter thing was based on the presumption that there is NO WAY that WE can't see it.

Not at all. The whole dark matter thing was based on the presumption that there is mass that we can't see and this matter that we can't see was called "dark matter".

Others may have read more into it, but the name itself betrays the real, original intent behind describing this matter that we can't see or identify.

Comment Re: Love it and stay (Score 1) 169

Deny it all you like, but the fact is that America is slowly but steadily moving towards more liberal social and political systems, not away from them.

The election and re-election of a novelty President ("The First Black President!"), Democrats (liberal) have lost both the house and senate since the 2010 election, but sure, convince yourself otherwise if it makes you feel better. Republicans (conservatives) have been winning elections since President Obama told them if they want their ideas to be considered they needed to start winning elections.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 176

Bzzzzt. Thank you for playing, try again. If the Clinton Administration ran a surplus, then why did our national debt increase every year? It's increased every year since 1957. Don't fall for the "on budget deficit" trick; that takes a LOT of the spending off the books and makes the numbers pretty - but we still spent more than we brought in (and thus our debt increased - because we had to borrow to cover the balance).

Court Ruling Shows The Internet Does Have Borders After All ( 33

itwbennett writes: Microsoft's recent victory in court, when it was ruled that the physical location of the company's servers in Ireland were out of reach of the U.S. government, was described on Slashdot as being "perceived as a major victory for privacy." But J. Trevor Hughes, president and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has a different view of the implications of the ruling that speaks to John Perry Barlow's vision of an independent cyberspace: "By recognizing the jurisdictional boundaries of Ireland, it is possible that the Second Circuit Court created an incentive for other jurisdictions to require data to be held within their national boundaries. We have seen similar laws emerge in Russia -- they fall under a policy trend towards 'data localization' that has many cloud service and global organizations deeply concerned. Which leads to a tough question: what happens if every country tries to assert jurisdictional control over the web? Might we end up with a fractured web, a 'splinternet,' of lessening utility?"

Comment Re:Dont care (Score 1) 428

I got the translucent drag bars to work pretty easily, but window outlines are still just one pixel,

That's a deal breaker for everyone who has turned on focus-follows mouse and turned off click-to-raise. I.e. good old X11 behavior that lets you copy/paste between overlapping windows while maintaining Z-order.

But these days almost all users run everything full screen, and have to context switch. Sigh. Dumbing down all over.

Comment Re:Pants on fire (Score 1) 52

Forcing countries like Japan and South Korea to build nuclear weapons because his resolve to continue US's longstanding defense of its allies is not going to make a better world. The last time the United States retreated behind its borders and let its Allies fend for themselves, we ended up with the most destructive conflict in history, and the costs dwarfed what it would have cost to keep a proper military presence in potential trouble spots.


Amazon Reaches New High Of 268,900 Employees -- Skyrocketing 47% In Just One Year ( 43

Amazon remains one of the biggest attractors of talent worldwide. During its quarterly earnings, the company said it hired 23,700 employees in the second quarter -- making the total employee headcount at the company 268,900. GeekWire reports: Amazon's headcount has grown by a staggering amount over the last few years. Its employment numbers increased close to 10 percent in the last three months and 47 percent over a year ago, when its employee count stood at a paltry-by-comparison 183,100 people. That's an increase of 85,800 employees in one year -- more than the entire city of Bellingham, Wash.Related: The New York Times report on work challenges at Amazon.

Comment Point is that GPS not useful for driving, only nav (Score 1) 114

The point is that that data means nothing when there's construction, or the edge of the road is washed out, or a car (or truck...) is stopped in the road... I would expect self-driving cars to use GPS only for an idea of where they are and what roads to use to reach a destination; for actually driving GPS is utterly useless because anything about a road can change any time, you have to use some kind of sensors to figure out how to drive on the road you are on, not the road as fixed GPS data in a database somewhere imagines it might be.

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