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Comment Re:In Trump America (Score 4, Informative) 110

Wow. I was curious to see if I could find a copy of this poster so did a quick search.

I couldn't find the poster searching for "western union nigeria poster", but this link - titled "Send money to Nigeria" - is totally lacking any kind of warning. Maybe Nigerian spam has petered out a bit recently but it still seems like there should be at least a warning in the footnotes!

Comment Re:USE THIS (Score 1) 145

I nearly didn't bother looking at this because you didn't include "open source" in its list of features (given how fucked so many PDF readers are in terms of security - and by that of course I mean Acrobat Reader - this is an important issue for me).

But, it turns out it is actually open source: (GPLv3).

Comment Windows 10 cmd.exe improvements (Score 2) 202

I only just recently discovered that Windows 10 has a bunch of improvements to the command line.

Most notably (at least for me) is the addition of CTRL-backspace as well as well as CTRL-C/V for copy paste. I do a lot of stuff on the command line and the added functionality looks really great.

It's just a shame I'm too scared to upgrade to Windows 10 because of all the additional telemetry that seems like a real pain in the ass to disable! (I did see this open source tool that looks like it might be worth keeping an eye on: ).

Comment Re:Unfortunately, no. Wind cube law vs structure (Score 1) 504

raymorris: I think I've read posts by you on this topic before in other threads and I found them really interesting; I had no idea about the cube power issue in wind generation.

Are there other more efficient ways to harvest wind that would mean more of the energy is "captured"? Or is this the best we can do?

Comment What's the taxi control rate? (Score 1) 99

As with almost everything weird that comes out of Uber it'd be interesting to compare this against the rate of this thing happening in existing companies (e.g., taxis, limo services, private car hire, etc).

I'm not excusing the behaviour or trying to justify it or anything (obviously it's obnoxious and gross and creepy and all that). But presumably it's already happening in these other services and understanding whether or not these new tech services are better or worse than the others in this regard would be much more useful information than the occasional scare story about randomly bad actors.

Comment Rebuttal (Score 1) 114

Here's an interesting rebuttal to the idea that it is "another Theranos".

Some key points:

- the product that was the source of this report "was not the Magic Leap's latest prototype"
- the investors that bought into Theranos were "rich individuals whose life sciences experience began and ended with high school biology", but the Magic Leap ones were âoesending their brilliant professors from all the top schools to try and shoot us down.â

I want Magic Leap to be real because it sounds cool. I'm disappointed that they (apparently) faked one of their demos but there are several really positive reports about it from fairly reputable individuals who have actually tried it - so I live in hope.

Comment New idea for reporting on Mars One (Score 2) 99

I'd like to only read news about Mars One when they /do/ do something, not when they don't do something. Especially when what they're trying to do now is raise more money.

Don't get me wrong, I hope they go to Mars, but this project seems like a massive moonshot (ahahaha) and I think I had enough of project delay updates with Duke Nukem Forever.

Comment Re:It will work, but not how you think (Score 1) 45

For every true developer doing it for the challenge, there's two dozen desperate wannabes who will steal it to try and make a quick buck, and it's a lose-lose for everyone. This is why the Wii & Wii U modding and homebrew scene died, it's why the iOS jailbreaking scene died, and those are just recent examples.

Hmm, interesting perspective. I guess from the other side though, a lot of us nerds are constantly berating these companies for not being vigilant enough when it comes to security.

It's possible I guess that the security holes that allow us to jailbreak platforms to exploit other functionality could be considered "beneficial" but I suspect the reality is if those holes exist, it's just as likely they can be exploited by malicious actors.

If the net result is more secure software - that stops us jailbreaking - is that a better or worse outcome?

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