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Comment No, not creepy or Big Brother at all (Score 1) 25

"would in essence keep track of everything you type and interact with in the OS and stockpile it in real-time to data-dump into Bing."

Just what we need. A private company storing everything we type on their servers without our approval.

You know what I don't need? Someone telling me what they think I'm thinking. It's bad enough Microsoft has gotten people into the nastily bad habit of thinking they have to search for everything on their own system or network* rather than going to the source, now they want us to believe we're incapable of asking the questions we want.

Guess it's a good thing I won't be using W10 except at work where we can turn this crap off.

* Even after we show them how to use the command line to connect to a print server, people are still insistent on "searching" the network to find a printer then complain when they can't locate it. Stop searching! Go to the source.

Comment Re: Look a bit higher (Score 1) 190

Oh, for pete's sake you can't shoot people for trespassing on your property either, but that doesn't mean your property is fair game for anyone who wants to tramp around on it.

That's a pretty great analogy, though. I wouldn't argue that invading someone's privacy or even just noise polluting their airspace isn't being a dickhead. I'd only argue that shooting down a drone with a shotgun when you could start a fire is being a stupid dickhead. It's also unnecessary. Odds are someone is just GPS drifting. If you think otherwise, gather some evidence like an adult. Nine times out of ten, the drone pilot is your neighbor, not a bunch of houses over. The further you get away from home around other people's houses and thus potential sources of interference with both your TX signal and with GPS, the greater the chance you're going to wind up leaving it in their yard or on their roof.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 195

For one thing, I think you're taking quite a lot of advantages in your own background for granted that are not likely typical for immigrants from many African or Asian countries.

People who are raised to expect things to be handed to them are at a disadvantage in the real world where you have to go get things. So yeah, what you're saying is absolutely true on one hand, and yet not the whole story on the other. Also, the advantages that we enjoy from our own backgrounds aren't necessarily the types that get you a job. They can help keep you out of prison, and don't think for a second that I want to diminish the value of that, but it's not exactly the same as helping you succeed. Once you're successful, it is pretty much exactly the same, because the goal then is to hang on to what you've earned.

Immigrants have access to programs designed specifically to help them. Locals (of the "proper" color) are not subjected to abuse to which others are. Those things lead to different ends.

Comment Aaaaand Krebs thrashes more people (Score 1) 72

the situation is exacerbated by the failure of many ISPs to implement the BCP38 security standard to filter spoofed traffic,

Nothing like sticking your finger in the eyes of those who keep claiming they need to restrict bandwidth to their paying users while at the same time delivering slow speeds for exorbitant prices.

Apparently those hundreds of millions of free dollars generated every month by Comcast/Verizon/et al can't be used for anything useful such as implementing security filtering to slow/prevent this situation.

Comment Re:And What Will Come of It? (Score 2) 51

but there is nothing intrinsically different about police officers that makes them honest.

You mean other than their training? Compare what an officer is trained to see to a recent shooting in my area. The call came into 911 that a person, the son, had a knife to his mother's throat, had locked her in a bedroom and said he was going to kill her.

When the police arrived they found, oddly, the son with a knife to his mother's throat. After repeated commands to drop the knife an officer fired a single shot at the criminal who later died.

After all that, not only is the mother defending the son who just tried to kill her, claiming her son had no knife and complaining the police didn't have to shoot him, but the girl who called 911 saying her uncle had a knife to his mother's throat later said there was no knife.

Interestingly, the mother also said: "We had a little fight, argument like families have arguments." Apparently in their world pulling out knives and threatening to kill one's mother is what happens in every family during arguments.

Yup, just another day in the city where the police are always wrong even when they witness the crime.

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