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Netflix is 'Killing' DVD Sales, Research Finds (torrentfreak.com) 25

Netflix has become the go-to destination for many movie and TV fans. The service is bringing in billions for copyright holders, but it also has a downside. New research shows that the availability of content on Netflix can severely hurt physical disc sales, which traditionally have been the industry's largest revenue source. From a report: A new study published by researchers from Hong Kong universities provides some empirical evidence on this issue. Through a natural experiment, they looked at the interplay between Netflix availability and DVD sales in the United States. The experiment took place when the Epix entertainment network, which distributes movies and TV-shows from major studios including Paramount and Lionsgate, left Netflix for Hulu in 2015. Since Hulu has a much smaller market share, these videos no longer reached a large part of the audience. At least not by default. The researchers used difference to examine the effect on DVD sales, while controlling for various other variables. The results, published in a paper this week, show that DVD sales increased significantly after the content was taken off Netflix, almost by a quarter. "Our difference-in-difference analyses show that the decline in the streaming availability of Epix's content leads to a 24.7% increase in their DVD sales in the three months after the event," the paper reads.

Comment Re:Way more braindead to take large hit on battery (Score 1) 250

what a load of horseshit. iOS development is NOT memory intensive

You obviously have never worked on a project of any size. Or indeed with Xcode... resident size can grow quite large if you work with large complex storyboards.

Not to mention is most apps you are working with a lot of graphic assets.

hi res photo or video editing most definitely is though

Which is pretty much a given if you are doing hi res photography... which I am. As I said, 32GB would be nice but is not a must; any professional tool can work within whatever memory constraints it finds itself in, it will just be slower. That's how I can work on panos that would not even fit in 32GB of memory, the files are something like 500GB at times...

Comment Re:It's a good idea (Score 1) 84

Netflix's original remit was to provide current popular and existing shows

They still do that. Not to the same extent as they used to, but that's on content providers. There is enough good rating content I've stayed happy with the service in that regard.

In the meantime Netflix is building up a base of what will become a better base of content over time. A new subscriber at this point would have a lot of really good shows to go through - house of cards, that Orange show (first season anyway), Stranger Things, all of the Marvel stuff. Plus now Netflix has that contract with Disney so they get a lot of Disney content, I think going forward that even means new Star Wars movies.

Comment Re:It's a good idea (Score 1) 84

I would love to see that same kind of content, and agree that is the new counter-culture - also agree it is very unlikely the Apple of today would fund such content.

That's why I'm not really sure what success Apple will find, unless they hit on some interesting shows in spite of themselves.

Oh well, more room for Netflix to prosper I guess!

Comment Re:Whoah there (Score 1) 22

Your fake concern is fake noted. That said, the pudge of old would have been able to convey that with one simple sentence and a shrug. This may be relevant to your interests.

Now, in the interest of avoiding your pedantic tendencies as much as possible, I feel we'll have to define "broadly reported unsourced attacks" before I get started.

For example, I doubt you'd approve of me using a site like Newsmax.com, despite its age and traffic. Which is fine, as they don't actually produce much content anyway. Slightly more problematic are Breitbart and The Daily Caller. For both I'd suggest a cutoff date of 2012 (anything before that being invalid as they were both much smaller then than they are now.) National Review Online should be fine, methinks.

Moving on to talk radio, I would doubt you'd have a problem with sourcing anything from the big three: Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck. To make things easier, I won't bother with any of the others, no matter how popular. (They all have shit timeslots in my market anyway, so I don't really get much of a chance to listen to them unless they're filling in for one of the big boys.)

And, of course, the vast "liberal media" is just fine for plundering, right?

Comment Re: battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 250

Yes, seriously. The couple of minutes saved wouldn't significantly exceed the time it takes to walk across the room, unzip the camera bag, dig the flash card reader out from wherever I managed to squeeze it, and walk back. And I can be doing other things with the laptop while it imports for that extra two minutes, whereas I can't be doing other things while I dig a flash reader out of my bag.

It rarely makes sense to use an external flash reader unless you don't have an internal one.

Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 1) 129

Under what situation would such a maneuver be necessary, or even advantageous

Landing on a freeway with other vehicles around you moving at 70 MPH. If this is designed to replace cars, it can't require you to land in an empty field or in a parking lot. It has to be able to land on a road in the presence of other traffic and be a normal car when not flying. If you have to land in an empty field or in an empty parking lot and then push it on tiny wheels into a parking spot, it isn't a flying car; it's a helicopter.

Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 1) 129

I did say, "assuming it is bottom-heavy". If it tends to land upside-down, IMO, the entire design is a non-starter. if it lands upright, the tires would take some of the impact when they explode, and the axles would take a little more as they bend/shear. So it wouldn't be as serious an impact as in a helicopter falling from the same height. Plus, if you design it right, you could potentially handle a single-rotor failure without crashing anyway.

Comment Re: terror alert (Score 1) 141

Just to clarify, I doubt very much any phone or tablet was responsible. But if one was, my money would be on the iPhone 6s rather than the iPad. My first guess would be that perhaps EgyptAir didn't replace the window heaters, which IIRC were recalled for an overheating problem in that model. If that isn't the problem, then the next most likely cause would be something in avionics, not in the cockpit. Personal devices in the cockpit are way down the list.

Comment Re: terror alert (Score 1) 141

My money would be on the iPhone 6s. The early devices had a battery problem where they would suddenly shut down long before they were supposed to fully discharge. This leads me to wonder if the batteries have a dendrite problem, which (in addition to causing early shutdowns) could potentially cause them to overheat and catch fire.

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