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Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 25

I've not tried Lyft yet, I'm assuming they're on par with Uber price wise?

But to me, Uber is priced just right....don't get me wrong, I love a good deal, but if the fares were any lower, I'd start to feel obliged to tip the driver every time...whereas the beauty of Uber is, I'm not expected to tip.

I have tipped before, especially if I was riding hammered...but also if the person was really cool, or maybe knew some good ways around traffic (and in New Orleans those special skills of drive-fu during Mardi Gras are VERY valuable)....I would gladly tip extra.

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 352

Except that Apple has a presence in multiple European countries, and there's no reason to believe that they saved much money by doing their accouning and money storage in one country instead of several, if you take the tax break out of the picture. It may be that Ireland got exactly as much as they otherwise would have, and that most of the taxes would have been paid in their Munich or Paris offices instead. If so, Ireland got those jobs in return for taking money out of the coffers of other countries—effectively free from their perspective.

Comment Re:Apples and oranges (Score 1) 60

When capitalism (in its modern crony form, since there has never been a free market) or communism (in its modern crony form, since there has never been equality between comrades) gets to 2000 years old, you MIGHT gain a point. Until then, your worship of modernism and utter lack of knowledge of history is blocking you from learning.

"Except you said their day job is hunter/gatherer. Their primary job is to hunt and gather. "

The average hunter/gatherer society works a 32 hour workweek. Plenty of time left over from that job for teaching the next generation.

"capitalists and communists can tell bed time stories too."

Yes they can. I never denied that economics can be a religion, only that it isn't a particularly successful one (due to extreme shortsightedness). When 2000 years old your religion is, maybe you'll have a point.

Wisdom is just how to apply knowledge. I don't know why you are scared of it.

From an evolutionary standpoint, correct wisdom reduces problems, incorrect wisdom increases problems. Cultures that increase problems, die out.

"And you do realize a lot of Christian sects don't let their priests or nuns marry and have kids, right?"

No problem with that as long as you don't use birth control or abortion. 10 child families feed vocations nicely.

Kings are never happy.

Comment Re:For the Yanks who are confused. (Score 1) 352

It's not like a treaty, it IS a treaty. The ECC has been around in one form or another for nearly sixty years, and the whole point of the common market is to allow the free flow of goods and services between member states. That requires rules to deal with member states who try to gain unfair advantage by, say, granting large multinationals absurdly low tax rates, and, once they've set up shop, can now gain access to the entire Common Market.

I'm not clear what critics are objecting to here. Are they saying nations should be able to just ignore treaty provisions which they willingly and freely signed up for whenever they want? Are critics saying that other signatories to said treaties have no right to demand redress?

Comment Re:countries are no more? (Score 1) 352

If they want to be part of the European Common Market, they have to abide by the rules all the members, including Ireland, agreed to. If Ireland wishes to go its own way, it can invoke Article 50 like Britain has. Of course, that would likely mean companies like Apple and Microsoft would move their European headquarters, because the real reason that Ireland and these companies struck up these rather favorable tax deals was because they could gain access to the Common Market while gaining a very advantageous tax rate from being taxed in Ireland, rather than, say, Britain or Germany.

Comment Re:The utterly evil PayPal, (Score 1) 48

teaming up with with the company that drove a spike through the heart of their own "Don't be evil" motto. How appropriate...

If you had to take out the evil measuring stick I still think Google is less evil and more honest about when they are evil than other big companies. The ethos of the company is still driven by innovation and use of cutting edge technology to make people's lives easier.

Yes, they are still making boatloads of money on tracking people and targeting them with ads, but other companies are also tracking people and selling information about people and they aren't even telling you what they are collecting and how they are doing it.

Comment Re:Does anyone really use these numbers? (Score 2) 38

"i buy cars that make me happy and will be fun to drive. All I'm looking for is what is the best can I can afford to enjoy driving for the money I can spend....gas mileage, I don't really even look at..."

Just because you don't doesn't mean all of us don't.

Gas mileage was one of my top criteria for choosing a car. I bought a car that advertised 27 mpg city, 37 highway, combined 30 mpg. I get around 32 mpg combined, or 35 when I am driving to maximize gas mileage. Overall, I have dropped my gas expenditures 100 dollars per month (roughly) for a car that was under $14,000.

So yes, many people like me do use it as a criterion for their car purchase.

Comment Does anyone really use these numbers? (Score 1, Interesting) 38

Does anyone out there really use these mileage numbers in the decision making part of buying a car? Really?

I mean, sure, they are there...everyone gives them a cursory glance, but do the numbers really play any meaningful role in most peoples' decision on which brand or model car to buy?

i buy cars that make me happy and will be fun to drive. All I'm looking for is what is the best can I can afford to enjoy driving for the money I can spend....gas mileage, I don't really even look at...

Comment Re:True by definition (Score 1) 119

But do you think the faceless bastards at Facebook/Google/LG/AT&T/whoever infected my phone with this crap will LET me uninstall it? Hell, no! That would be too sensible and respectful of the owner's choices!

Funny...I've never had a Facebook application on any of my iPhones I've ever owned....??

I've never had a Facebook account either....

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