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Comment Re:ChAir Force (Score 0, Troll) 419

I call you "Baby Killers". There hasn't been an aerial dogfight component to "fighter" aircraft since Korea.

So stuff your "Top Gun", Nazi bullshit.

It would be an insult to men like Rudolph Galland to compare drone pilots to the Luftwaffe These aircraft - manned and otherwise - are built to reproduce the horror and WAR CRIMES of Guernica, on an order of magnitude undreamed of by Hitler or Goering.

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 1) 10

Black people are responsible for most of the economy and growth over the history of the United States. Their labor (free and forced) lifted the agricultural economy of the nation into the stratosphere during the 19th century.

When the dictates of industrialization required an economy based on factory output over agricultural export, the slaves were "emancipated" to transfer the labour to cities like St. Louis, Chicago and then Detroit. Marx, who's prescription was faulty, nevertheless had an accurate diagnosis of the ills in his time. He correctly labeled as "wage slavery" the plight of the Midlands mill-worker. This was all the more appropriate a term, applied to the black work force, without which the USA would resemble modern day Newfoundland.

The cowboys? Black and latin. The black man in the U.S. is the true American - and has more claim to the fruits of privilege provided in this country, by the fact that HE DID THE WORK. But, instead, it is still captured and stolen by the "leaders" - those 18th and 19th century forebears of today's Goldman Sachs executives.

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