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Comment Re:Surprisingly XKCD is wrong ! (Score 1) 192

Why do you feel the need to insult a stranger when they are telling you the truth?

First I didn't insult you, I commented on your lack of knowledge about Greenland because you made multiple statements that are so obviously incorrect that the only possible way a person could actually believe they were true was if that person knew nothing at all about the country. Second, many of the things you have written are pants-on-fire false, and now when presented with direct evidence that contradicts your statements, you chose to ignore the evidence, and double down on your fact-free views. So, if you don't want you ignorance pointed out in public, don't put it on display.

Greenland was warmer in the past and got a lot colder... For example, the following proves my case, Greenland was much warmer in the past than it is today

The link you provided says the Viking colonies died out sometime around the early 16th century, which is in the middle of the Little Ice Age (~1300-1870), while it does suggest that temperatures may have dropped in the later years, that's only one of many possible reasons for the destruction of the settlements put forth. And it should notice that a no point does it make a comparison between today's temperatures and those of Viking settlements. Meanwhile, this study disputes the notion that Greenland was much warmer when it was first colonised based on analysis of glacier sediments which indicate that Greenland's glaciers did not undergo significant changes during the period that the Vikings had settled the island. If they are correct it shows that the Viking settlements did not enjoy a climate that was as warm as that of today, because if it had been warmer, then the glaciers should have shown similar or greater melting (over the course of 500 years) which they do not.

use the Scientific Method, please.

Frankly, I wonder how you think you are applying the scientific method here.

Comment Re:Can't wait for solar power and electric cars ta (Score 1) 111

The problems with mass rapid transport and rail are that they seldom go exactly where you want them to go.

That's why PRT is good. It's cheap, small and light enough to go places that rail won't go. Then you can use the ordinary rail for long hauls. You can load PRT vehicles onto railcars if you like.

Comment I'd like to hear a coherent argument (Score 1, Interesting) 175

That our authority over DNS is legally US government property in any sense the framers would have agreed upon, even stretching that concept of property to include intangible property.

Even if you can argue that DNS is American government property, it's pretty useless property. Since it is largely administered in a decentralized fashion, if the rest of the world wants it can set up its own DNS system and have people in their country point to their preferred root servers.

Comment Re:Two types of laws (Score 1) 381

The traffic code in most cases specifically excludes intent from consideration, but that's an anomalous area in the law. Throughout very nearly all of criminal law, intent is crucial to determining guilt. So while you're correct that "Officer, I didn't see the sign" won't do you any good, your argument is a red herring that demonstrates significant lack of knowledge of criminal law.

So, as it turns out, 18 U.S.C. 793(f) is also an anomalous area in the law, because it doesn't require intent. Care to contribute some more of that knowledge of criminal law?

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 144

http://zenergysv.com/blog/deta... The chest straps like that one have never gotten in my way. That's not the brand I use. Though they don't get in the way, I've gotten some skin irritation under them, as they fit tight and don't breathe well, so I put them on for the time needed, then remove, you wouldn't want to put one on in the morning and take it off at night on any regular basis.

If you are wearing a gi, it will be completely unobtrusive.

Though, thinking about wearing a gi, there are some wrist sensors you can wear up by your shoulder, and under a gi, they'll be out of the way, though if you are topless (or in a sleeveless wrestling outfit), it could get in the way. With the chest sensor, you could do a number of contact sports and not have them too much in the way. They are so tight fitting, it would be hard for anyone to grab them (deliberately or inadvertently).

Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 2) 211

I went 100% data something like 10 years ago. Then Comcast called me up and said "hey, we'll throw in basic cable for $5/month more", so I said "fine" and took it. We didn't watch much - the kids watched Disney Channel when they were much younger but that was about it.

Then I moved and went back to a data-only plan, which went from $50/month to $70/month for some reason, I think because it got faster.

Anyway, fast forward two years and last month Comcast called me up and said "hey, for another penny each month we'll throw in basic cable plus a premium channel *and* take you up to 300Mb/sec". I said "Sounds good, I don't need the cable". Long story short, they literally wouldn't upgrade my cable speed until I'd connected the stupid cable box to my tv and turned it on.

The only good to come of it (besides the ass-kicking speed) is that when it started crapping they sent a tech out who finally figured out what I'd been telling them for two years - there's a problem in the wiring between my house and their office.

Anyway, the point is that they would not increase my speed without forcing me to get cable. At least I'll be able to get netflix on the comcast box thing soon, although I also need amazon prime and youtube to get even close to replacing a roku.

Comment Re:Can't wait for solar power and electric cars ta (Score 1) 111

Unless you are constantly locking up the wheels during braking, I'm not sure how braking would wear the tires more than driving.

It puts more force through the tires than cruising. But yes, just driving does the same thing, just not as rapidly as accelerating or braking.

Comment Re:Poorly config'd server's existence is proof (Score 1) 381

While you have a point, consider the relative magnitude of this incompetence compared to the alternative option. Consider Trump University alone, and remembering that Trump claimed to have personally vetted each and every teaching staff member, the ratio of incompetent hiring from that alone is what, 100:1 or worse?

Comment Re:Double Standard (Score -1, Troll) 381

The IRS targets individuals because they don't follow the correct political views.
Peter Thiel is investigated by department of Labor because he supports Trump.

Occams's Razor time. What is more likely, a massive political conspiracy to use tax and labour laws to oppress political opponents, something that would likely be quickly discovered or leaked by their supporters in those organizations, or that such investigations are simply the result of those people's behaviour?

Remember that Thiel is an outspoken racist, and that Trump considers tax dodging to be the "smart" thing to do so tends to get support from other people who similarly feel that it's their job to avoid paying the IRS anything as best they can.

Comment Re:Clinton is above the law (Score 0, Troll) 381

Her opponents will never, ever let this go because it's pretty much the only non-conspiracy-theory legitimate complaint they have. Benghazi was investigated multiple times, there isn't much there. Everything else, the list of people she is supposed to have killed, the speculation about her health, the claim she was the original birther, all the stuff about Bill and his affairs, the fear of having a woman/feminist in the White House, it's all just bullshit that doesn't fly with most voters.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of people find her basically unlikable or disagree with her policies, but they need something to make her look as bad as Trump. This an a bunch of memes and shitposts is all they have.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 230

You might get an email, but that just tells you that they think it will be delivered that day, not that it will. Besides, what are you going to do, bring a chair to the utility room and camp out waiting for them to deliver a package? Even if you check a few times on that day, you still won't see it for three or four hours, and that's still bad.

Comment Re:Can't wait for solar power and electric cars ta (Score 1) 111

Where do you think the power for that electric car comes from? 75% of that power on average comes from burning coal. It's tit for tat.

Just using existing scrubber technology well within typical effectiveness norms delivers something like a 15% improvement in emissions per mile when you use coal power to drive EVs instead of burning gasoline (which is itself a refined product with its own energy input.) Of course, you would need an EPA with both a spine and teeth in order to keep coal plants running within the legal limits; we can find out-of-spec emissions as fast as we can come up with money and personnel to sample smokestacks.

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