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Comment Re:Clinton is above the law (Score 1) 444

Read it again. It isn't necessary for anything to actually be stolen. All that is necessary is that by failing to exercise proper care, the documents under her charge became vulnerable to theft.

The physical analogy is leaving a paper file on your desk when you step away, rather than locking it back up the safe. People get charged with that. And not because anyone actually steals the files. but because their boss walks in while they are away and finds files that weren't properly secured.

Comment Re:Clinton is above the law (Score 1) 444

The really shitty part for Martha is that she had lied about something that wasn't even a crime in the first place.

That law needs to die in a fire. Other than in the very narrow context of sworn testimony in front of Congress or a Jury, or at a sworn deposition, lying should not be a criminal act in itself, not even lying to cops. I have no objection to having a pile-on charge, or a sentence enhancement, for lying to cover up a different crime, but only after (or concurrently and dependent upon) a conviction for that other crime.

(Philosophically, sentence enhancement post-conviction and NOT as a different charge is better. Overcharging is a shitty practice and it intimidates jurors into thinking that "They are charging this guy with 5000 counts, surely one of them is right.")

And as much as I despise her, I don't think that Hillary should face criminal charges for lying either, except for the times (if any) when she did it under oath.

Comment Re:Clinton is above the law (Score 1) 444

What evidence of intent could there possibly be? A signed confession? A stone tablet from God himself handed to Comey personally by an angel? In this case, intent must be inferred. All of her excuses so far have turned out to be lies. Remember how she didn't want to carry two devices? Blatant lie, she had several, and aides to carry them for her. Gowdy would say that false exculpatory statements prove intent. Actually, I think he made Comey say that.

And your second part is stupid. Do you want me to give you a second to think about it?

Don't read any more until you've thought it through.


The Federal Government provides secure systems for handling (aka sending and receiving) classified information. Federal law dictates that they are to use those systems, and only those systems, for classified work. Having to work with classified documents is not cause to use a private, personal, insecure, unclassifed email system.

Comment Re:On a sober note (Score 1) 238

I'm not talking about research, I'm talking about public health and mandatory for school vaccinations. Surely you're not claiming that children are being involved in a secret research project starting at 15 months of age?!?

Considering that the vaccine hasn't been available for 20 years yet, there aren't a lot of health care workers whose immunity derives from the vaccine yet unless you count candy stripers and even there, it's not 100% of them since the vaccine wasn't mandatory when it came out.

I agree that learning how the immune system forgets would be extremely valuable, but that isn't anywhere near on-topic here and certainly doesn't count as a justification for the Varicella vaccine for school children.

It may be that data derived from tracking vaccine performance would be helpful, but the value is likely limited WRT autoimmune since in the latter, the immune system will be constantly stimulated.

The data point on breakthrough cases is more an observation that having chicken pox is 100% effective at immunization (with the exception of immune compromise where vaccines don't work either).

Comment Re:On a sober note (Score 1) 238

Understood that the range is still not proven. I do note that the original single injection schedule was updated to 15 months then at 6 years. Nobody has yet gone 20 years between boosters since it hasn't been approved that long. We'll find out in a few years I guess.

We seem to be putting out a lot of effort and people's money for a fairly small benefit (if, indeed there is any in final analysis).

Just another data point, we have seen breakthrough cases of chicken pox in otherwise healthy vaccine recipients, but I'm not aware of any in those immunized by having the disease, even with it's reduced prevalence.

Comment Re:Never was a reasonable conversation (Score 1) 238

That is mostly true.

However, vaccines are not 100% effective. If everyone in my neighborhood gets the vaccine, we're basically safe. Anyone who by chance does get it will tend to have a mild form and so others will have little exposure and will most likely be protected by their vaccine.

OTOH, if I alone got my shots, the whole neighborhood will probably end up with more severe cases of the disease and I'll be under constant exposure. If my vaccine is anything less than 100%, I'll get it.

That in a nutshell is herd immunity.

Submission + - Private phone and chat conversations ended up in tech company

Dex Hex writes: The Volkstrant reports: "The private communications of thousands of Dutch citizens has fallen into the hands of the Australian technology company Appen. It concerns telephone and chat conversations from 2010 and 2011. According to telecom experts, the only explanation is that this communication was tapped by the British intelligence service GCHQ and was then handed over to Appen with the aim of improving software for converting speech into text."

Can you believe the arrogance?

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