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Comment Re:So you say, Solandri.... (Score 1) 227

But by abandoning the gold standard and not coming up with anything concrete to replace gold, we effectively said our currency is no longer tied to anything tangible of any value, so only faith in our leaders managing everything keeps it afloat.

This. Pinning a currency to one specific commodity is stupid, but pinning it to nothing at all is even more stupid. Currency should be pinned to a representative basket of investments -- some precious metals like gold sure, but a variety of them, and other valuable commodities, and shares of public companies, and so on -- that is continuously updated in a passive fashion (akin to the techniques underlying index funds) such that one unit of currency represents a stable amount of economic value over time.

Comment Re:Net worth is over $86 trillion!!! (Score 1) 227

$180,000 is more than "decent", it's 300% the median household income for California, i.e. three typical California families would live off of that.

Of course, you're also right that $200k (I assume you made a typo) debt is tiny compared to the typical mortgage in California, namely about 50% of it.

(Those two things together just means it's fucking near impossible for anyone to stop renting in California).

Comment Windows isn't free; it's cheaper than free (Score 1) 152

Bash is free software (as in speech) on all platforms. But GNU/Linux itself is not free as in beer for those who need to replace an incompatible laptop with a compatible one. Furthermore, laptops warranted by their manufacturer for use with GNU/Linux, such as System76 or Dell XPS, tend to have a higher sticker price than entry-level laptops warranted for use with Windows 10.

Comment Re:planned for AFTER hillary's election (Score 1, Troll) 60

The only election that counts has not occurred. That's December 19, 2016, and it's not the foregone conclusion that some of Mr. Trump's supporters claim. For one thing, as Secretary Clinton's popular vote margin continues to rise, there remains the distinct possibility that close states will flip to her slate of electors. For another, eight electors have already announced intent not to vote for their party's nominee.

Comment Re:Airtime is still scarce (Score 1) 192

You're talking about per-user airtime. I'm talking about "only X songs will be played on the air in this city this week"

Per-user airtime times the number of subscribers in a city equals per-city airtime.

My point is that schools ban "disruptive" electronic devices from school property, meaning the only music source left is the FM radio on the bus.

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