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Comment They've been talking about the $100k salary thing (Score 1) 51

since the tail end of Obama's first term. Talking. No action. Same thing with Boeing. Lots of talk. No action. As soon as everybody's eyes are off it'll be BAU.

Obama at least cock blocked the AT&T/Comcast. Yeah, Trump's said he's against it. But at this point that's a little like saying you're against Hitler and Stalin. It's not a controversial stance.

I don't need to give Trump a chance. One look at the cavalcade of billionaires he's nominated for his cabinet (that guy who used to run Carls Jr is particularly bad) and I know where this is going. While I'm on the subject I've got friends who live and breath because of Obamacare. So far their 'alternative' is selling insurance across state lines; an idea that has been vetoed in the past because it just means the companies incorporate in whichever state has the weakest consumer protections. Meanwhile I get to go back to worrying about how the fuck I'm gonna afford Cobra if I change jobs.

Comment Re:Objective fraud (Score 1) 254

Apparently you've never looked at wikipedia history before. Take a look at this first mention. Hmm, that page was created 9 months before winning a national office. Flynn's first mention was 84 months before he was up a national office. And even big complicated pages start with little tiny nuggets.

And there is a note on the top...

This is an old revision of this page, as edited by ChildofMidnight (talk | contribs) at 18:44, 5 January 2010 ...

If only you had kept reading... The stuff that you elided is very important to understanding what you were looking at.

Comment Re:Gender change as collateral damage? (Score 1) 309

First, we're pretty sure that GD gets started in the 12th week by, in m2f transsexuals, the male gonads not releasing testosterone at that critical time. We can retroactively tell the intrauterine testosterone environment by the growth rate of different bones in the body at different points in development. (see 2D:4D digit ratio). While it's a strong indicator in white males, it's not so good in other ethnicities, and it's not 100% determinative, but it's a damn good red flag that something didn't happen when it should, and that affected the development of the fetal brain.

Just look up the definition of GD. There is no "spectrum." Either you have it or you don't. Now, in terms of treatment, there IS a spectrum. Some people do okay just with social transition, some add hormones, some get a lopitoffofme or an addadicktome. Some can't access various treatment options because of financial, social, legal, or medical reasons.

The other "transgenderisms" are just simply not medical conditions, same as sexual orientation isn't, same as eye color isn't (except for the lack of pigment which causes problems). There's no demand for treatment, no medical reason for one.

What you describe is not transsexualism. Here's a simplified list

If you're a teenager or adult with gender dysphoria, you may feel:

  • without doubt that your gender identity is at odds with your biological sex
  • comfortable only when in the gender role of your preferred gender identity
  • a strong desire to hide or be rid of the physical signs of your sex, such as breasts, body hair or muscle definition
  • a strong dislike for – and a strong desire to change or be rid of – the genitalia of your biological sex

Without appropriate help and support, some people may try to suppress their feelings and attempt to live the life of their biological sex. Ultimately, however, most people are unable to keep this up.

Having or suppressing these feelings is often very difficult to deal with and, as a result, many transsexuals and people with gender dysphoria experience depression, self-harm or suicidal thoughts.

When they say "strong desire", think "taking a knife to it and cutting it off yourself." It's not a social thing so much as "this is SO F*ING WRONG I WANT IT GONE ANY WAY POSSIBLE - no doubts, no regrets."

Also, forget the whole "coached as to what to say if you want to go through the approval process." These assholes briefing you (and they are assholes if they're feeding you this pantload of crap) are 20 years out of date. It doesn't work that way except in some backwards gender clinics. Just. Tell. The. Truth. There are no wrong answers, and if you make sh*t up, you're more liable to screw yourself over than anything else.

If you end up dealing with someone still practicing as if it was their role to be a "gatekeeper", find someone else. Gatekeepers cannot help you nearly as well. Those gatekeepers still exist, and you can see by the "coaching" that those who have gone through them in the past feel you need to have, that they have done some serious damage.

You should never have to "sell" the idea that you're transsexual. If you feel you have, maybe it's just not right for you, or you've been given some really bad advice.

Either way, best of luck.

PS: Gender clinics will lie to you. In many jurisdictions, you no longer have to go through one to be approved for surgery, but they won't tell you that - and neither will many of the practitiioners, such as endocrinologists, because the government doesn't go out of their way to say the rules have changed. Not even the trans-specific orgs will necessarily know. There's no incentive to "get the word out" in the industry and piss off working relationships.

For example, here all you need are a letter from a psychiatrist who has known you for 6 months, a second mental health professional who has seen you at least once, the doctor (can be a GP) who has prescribed hormones for at least 6 months (and yes, GPs can prescribe hormones without you seeing a specialist for an assessment - it's called either the harm prevention (if you would otherwise get illegal hormones) or informed consent (if you have been told of the risks) model - and both meet WPATH standards), and a doctor who says you're healthy enough to undergo surgery.

And yet the gender clinic will tell you that you can only get hormones through them, that you have to be in therapy every week and group every 2 weeks for a year before, and that there's another 2 years minimum of therapy before you can get surgery. It's all about the money, baby.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 309

I never claimed that because something is organic, that it must not be a mental illness. However, the experts have said it isn't a mental disorder. I tend to agree with them. As in the movie TransAmerica, which was filmed while GID was still the classification, Bree making the point that it isn't a mental disorder by saying to the psychiatrist "Isn't it strange that you can fix a mental disorder by surgery elsewhere on the body?"

Comment Re:Gender change as collateral damage? (Score 1) 309

Are we really bigots if we both say that we don't want drag queens who are doing "performance art" to be in women's bathrooms? Or transvestites who dress like women because they like it, even though they admit that they like their wee-wees and the thought of losing the use of them makes them go eew-eew? I don't think so. Especially when they leave the seat up!!!

Comment Re:Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 309

Too bad for you that today I was ultimately proven right. The name on the pardon is "Chelsea Manning." Not "Bradley Manning." It's not just the military courts that recognize it - even the POTUS does. Why didn't they announce the pardon of Bradley Manning? Because it would not have had any legal effect, duh!

Comment Re:Gender change as collateral damage? (Score 1) 309

Grow up. There's more than one viewpoint. And the majority LGBT viewpoint does not represent transsexuals, who are a very small minority who have been continually thrown under the bus by the LGBT majority. We don't need them. Many of us don't want them. They can play in their sandbox, and just leave us alone. We will continue to support their rights, but they do not have the right to claim they speak for all of us, or even a majority.

Not when most of them have shown they don't even know what we are, and many go out of their way online to infiltrate our discussions and then harass us just as badly as the religious right.

Let them clean up their act, and we'll clean up ours. We have far different concerns.

Comment Re: Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 309

No, you go and read the comments where you did exactly that - blame the victims of sexual assault. Remember this second one:

I haven't met an adult who gets sexually assaulted all the time unless they're either in an abusive relationship, which they can get out of but don't want to, or they attend drug parties all the time out of their own free will.

I posted a link elsewhere in this thread about the study that was released yesterday wrt sexual assault on Universities, and how, while the +35% number wasn't surprising, the repeated victimization of those victims was. It's a fact that many of the adults who are sexually assaulted will be repeatedly assaulted just in the few years time they go to university.

All you can come up with is victim-blaming.

And of course, now that you've been called out on it twice, look what you're doing:

To be brutally honest, with as much narcissism as you routinely demonstrate, I think you're starving for attention from people who won't give you any, and that leads to you having a victim mentality, which is very common among narcissists, and in your case that desire for attention may have ultimately lead to you desiring a sex change. (Didn't you know? Roughly half of all people with gender dysphoria have narcissistic personality disorder.)

What a joke - making shit up again. Unlike you, I've gone through a complete psychiatric workup. There is not a trace of narcissistic personality disorder. Just anxiety disorder / PTSD, major depressive disorder, and gender dysphoria. The gender dysphoria is genetic - after all, it's triggered by hormonal changes in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. The rest can certainly be explained by the murder when I was in my mid teens, as well as having to try to hide what I was from an earlier age. But NPD? Nope. Gee, I must be an exception :-)

Then again, if we include the various psychiatrists and psychologists from back when I was a kid, with hundreds of hours of interviews and tests, and the half-dozen since I started transition, with their investigations, and of course the therapists, if they couldn't find it and found no reason to address it (after all, it didn't exist, so why would they), I'm going to believe their expert opinions over some shithead trying to avoid responsibility for blaming sexual assault victims for their own assaults.

As for proof, two of them have paper trails (one sealed by the courts, for obvious reasons, and one documented in my hospital records, etc., as well as known by many family and friends).

But I notice that you now claim that people who are assaulted multiple times are not to blame, "people who really are often sexually assaulted are rarely narcissists, and instead are usually overly modest/timid". In other words, the perfect target for someone who wants to sexually assault someone multiple times. Not party animals stoned out of their gourds on drugs. Too bad you can't erase what you said, liar, when you blamed them.

Again, you got caught victim-blaming. You have tried everything, and you just keep changing your story. Mine never has. And it's not narcissism that makes me speak out (since I don't have NPD, and that's been proven in my case, though it's obvious you do have it given your comments on other topics), it's because someone has to.

Who better to defend sexual assault victims from trollish bs than another sexual assault victim? Who better to defend transsexual women against trollish bs than another transsexual woman? Depending on white knights means that we are wilfully giving up our self-determination. Ain't gonna happen, same way as I'm against safe spaces - we should work so that there's no need for safe spaces instead, because safe spaces means we've conceded much of the public commons to the control of those who hate us.

Comment Re:Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 1) 309

as far as sexual orientation is concerned, 1/2 of all transsexuals are straight, 1/3 are bi, and only 1/6 are gay.

Not meaning to offend, just legitimately confused; but for a transsexual, what do you consider straight? If you're born a man but consider yourself a woman- is straight liking other men, or is straight liking other women? When you transition, is straight and gay still the same thing or does it switch around? Straight and gay are very confusing terms when discussing transsexuals.

Take Bradley/Chelsea for example: If, as Bradley, he liked women, would that make him straight, but the moment he transitioned into Chelsea, does that make her a lesbian?

THAT is a good question. And a confusing one, because while sexual orientation is not supposed to be changeable, sometimes it happens with transsexuals during transition. So you can have cases where you were straight as a man AND straight as a woman. But I'm going to have to tell you, when the realization hits you, it's really confusing. Happened to me at a supper party. Within seconds, I went from shock, to "OMG everybody must be seeing me blushing beat red", to "well, I said I was going to do this no matter what ... so I'm going to just have to embrace it." And you just know when it happens that people are going to say you must really have been gay before, or whatever, because they will do anything to back up the myth that transsexuals cannot change sexual orientation during transition. And others will say "see - it can be changed" to use it to justify abusive and stupid practices like changing the sexual orientation of gays and lesbians, or even trying to get transsexuals to go back to living as the wrong sex.

The thing is, they shouldn't feel threatened because this is just another indicator that transsexual brains are different in some ways, same as left-handed people are eliminated from many studies because their reactions to many things, including drugs, throw off the results. It's an edge case, no big deal as long as you don't try to expand its' application beyond transsexuals themselves.

It's also bad science to try to apply the results to other types of cases, but that never stopped a large segment of the population who thinks you can "pray away the gay" or tell women that god doesn't make mistakes and you should keep the body you were born with (even though that means that god must be one miserable f*ck to create deformed children on purpose).

Anyway, Ms. Manning's pardon has been announced, so now the big question is, will Assange follow through with his promise to face charges in the US if Ms. Manning were to be pardoned and use the trial as a public platform? Or will he somehow be offed so that he can't embarrass the US via the legal system? The safest action will be for Obama to pull a Ford, and pardon Assange to put an end to the whole mess.

Comment Goddammitsomuch.jpg (Score 5, Informative) 51

Of all the things that are going to come out of the next 4 years the nonstop anti-consumer mergers (and the inevitable round after round of layoffs) is going to suck the hardest. This is pretty much why progressives fought to keep the $2 trillion in cash sitting offshore outside of American. Companies have pretty much admitted that almost none of that is going into R&D and instead they plan to spend it on M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions).

Comment VP8/VP9 free of MPEG LA threat; H.265 has 2 pools (Score 1) 87

For one thing, back in 2013, Google bought a one-time license from MPEG LA to sublicense MPEG LA-administered patents essential to VP8 and VP9.

For another, exactly how are you sure that there's not some submarine patent waiting to surprise everyone on H.265? I'm aware of already more than one patent pool for that codec: MPEG LA administers some patents and HEVC Advance administers others.

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