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Comment Nah, Obama is even worse. (Score 1) 302

GWB was a misguided buffoon with evil, extremely connected people pulling his strings. GWB really IS a "compassionate conservative" and a born-again Christian who thinks that anyone can be redeemed (Huckabee is the same. He doesn't pardon murderers for the purpose of furthering his career. He's scary too however).

Obama is to the right of Nixon, but due to the extremely negative media coverage portraying him as being to the left of Marx he gets cover to sign off on shit like this. Obama was supposed to be better than the average politician even if it meant he would be less effective. He wasn't supposed to be cynical. In practice however Obama is the most cynical president in history; a Clinton-style gamesman. "But, Clinton didn't do that bad outside of the DMCA and bombing an aspirin factory!", yeah, that was with the Republicans imploding during his presidency due to the government shutdown and Americans finding the circus of the Monica scandal repulsive. The popular media (Fox/Drudge/Most local newspapers) is far more hostile to Obama than it ever was to Clinton. The Senate/House makeup and the general mindset of "defeat anything with Obama's name attached to it" among the GOP means we're going to get a shittier form of Clinton.

No economic boom, no sane legislation passing unmolested through both houses, but you bet your ass every "the MPAA can came to your house and literally rape you" or "The government reserves the right to legally disappear you forever" law will make it through.

TL;DR: Death is Certain.

Comment "Free", "Included" DLC is anti second-sale garbage (Score 1) 261

TFA seems to think that most of the DLC that's included for "Free" with newer titles (i.e. everything from Bioware now, Red Dead Redemption, etc) is sort of an "Oh, we got this done after we had to go gold" afterthought deal.

No, it's there because you have to make an account and tie your name and credit/debit card to your game to get it. If for example you buy Mass Effect 2 and register on Bioware's HORRIBLE community website (also they commit the xbox live sin of using nebulous points as currency) to get the "Cerberus Pack" which includes a character (Zaheed) and a set of armor, if you go to sell your copy or trade it in you need to give up that name and password with it otherwise the person who buys the game used will have to create their own account and pay $7-10 for the DLC you got for "free".

DLC isn't loved by game companies just because they can nickel and dime you for shit that should've been in the original package, but it's also a way to pry money out of the pockets of people who buy games from the used market they despise so much.

Comment I imagine Microsoft doesn't want them. (Score 1) 775

Aren't the "Young" and "Hip" developers usually the douchebags who collect a check until they complete whatever it is they are personally working on and then they quit and create a shitty startup company whose entire purpose is to be bought out by Microsoft/Google/Apple so they can retire early?

Comment Hahahah you think Americans would actually revolt. (Score 1, Funny) 615

"You mean if'n we all took up arms against the gov'ment they'd turn off my power and I couldn't go home and watch the Idol after a day of shootin feds? And pretty much all business would stop so I couldn't go to the Wally World or McDonalds? ...I think I'll just vote for the Republicans like Rush sez."

Comment Re:Just so you all know. (Score 1) 359

That's what aristocrats kept telling the people right until the French Revolution. Apparently when everything fails, the good old "kill, rape and pillage the fuckers" still works wonderfully. Back then, being rich made you a target, the more riches, the bigger target, the more the mob tortured you before you lost your head.

Moments like these, one has to wonder if pro-gun folks, regardless of their political inclination and their "government must fear us" agenda is dead on.

The idea is "sexy" (wooo, grab the pitchforks and storm the bastille!) and generally correct but the practice of it is most definitely not. In a nation of 300+ million people that spans an entire gigantic continent, you'd need pretty much the entire populous motivated to do something. Nothing on that scale has ever happened in human history.
Americans will never "eat the rich" because they've bought completely into the myth that they have a reasonable chance of being one of them. They vote against tax hikes for multi-billionaires for god's sake.

Comment Re:Just so you all know. (Score 1) 359

What exactly do you mean when you say "be held responsible"? Are you hoping for public executions? BP CEO's heak on a pike, maybe?

If there was justice or a god, then actually yes. Yes 1000 times. They may have just participated in killing an entire ecosystem there spud, and are trying their damnedest to get away with JUST having to try and clean up the oil.

  In other words, BP will be held responsible, in that they will pay for the cleanup.

No, they won't. They'll throw money at the leak until it's stopped or the government steps in and stops it. They'll pay some people $10 an hour (going on right now actually) to rake up oil and pick up oil blobs off the beaches. They'll pay people to run booms and pay to pump a shitload of dispersant into the oil so it doesn't look as bad. However, they won't ever really clean it up; it'll reach a point where it looks "okay", then give the affected areas a thumbs up for luck and then at most set up a small dedicated account to trickle funds into continued "clean up".
After they leave, the oil will still be there under rocks and quietly poisoning the ecosystem for decades. After Exxon spent about a $1 billion "cleaning" up the Valdez spill you can still go to the coast, kick over a rock, and see oil sheens. The whale population there is devastated and literally doomed to extinction, and pretty much all the top-tier predators are wiped out. Yeah, that's "clean" alright.

  Obama's an amazing guy -- simultaneously to the left of Chairman Mao and to the right of Richard Nixon! He's everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time! Maybe he's mastered that quantum teleportation technique from the other article.
Don't be dumb. The narrative supplied by the right-wing media and the reality can actually exist at once you know. Obama is right of Nixon; so was Clinton. That's not terrible per-se but don't think for an instant that Obama isn't a squishy centrist and beholden to the same corporate lobbyists Clinton/Bush Sr/Bush Jr/etc were even if he isn't in DIRECT business with them.

  You sound like someone trying to defend their own apathy. After all, if there's no hope, then you are cleared of all responsibility for ever doing anything. Nice gig if you can avoid suicide.
No, I just actually have good pattern recognition skills. You can rake oil, wash birds, run boom, and excise (read: burn) affected marshes to attempt to limit the damage but a good portion of the end damage is utterly unavoidable.
If you honestly think BP will pay for anything but their own efforts to deal with the spill (i.e. punitive damages to the hundreds of thousands/millions of people this will harm, actual regulations that will be enforced to prevent this bullshit from happening again, etc), you're delusional.
Trust me, I don't want to be right. I'm just going to be.

Comment Just so you all know. (Score 5, Informative) 359

No one will ever be held responsible for this. Ever. Not now, not ever. Ever ever ever.

BP will pay whatever it ends up costing them to "fix" the spill, or whatever it costs up to the point the government has to take over if that ends up being the case. The government (or at least the people in the senate and house who make any public statements regarding this) won't want to seem like idiots so they'll defend BP's stonewalling and ridiculously low damage estimates. Obama is a completely worthless shill to the right of Richard Nixon and will do nothing.

Then BP will appeal any and all personal liability related lawsuits to the supreme court where in a 5-4 decision (get used to hearing this for the rest of your life) the punitive damages will be thrown out, or dropped and sent back to the lower courts (like what happened with the Exxon Valdez spill) where it will be appealed until the affected people settle for pennies or drop the case since they won't live long enough or have enough money to see it out to the end.

Nothing ever changes, rich people never suffer, and again no one will ever be punished for it. There is literally no hope, and that's not even a joke. There seriously isn't.

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