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Comment Re:Open Source is similar to the Tea Party ... (Score 2) 356

I refuse to allow you to define the Tea Party in your own words!

> The "Tea Party" is for:

> government control of public morality

No it isn't. It is against the forcing of your morality upon me. That is freedom.

> limited access to things that won't kill you (birth control, for example)

No it isn't. It is against you enforcing your morality on me. My child cannot even have a tylenol at school yet can march right down to a supermarket and buy abortion in a bottle. Until that child is 18 that child is mine and you have NO right to force you morality upon me.

> free access to things that will (i.e. guns)

Funny the one thing that keeps people like you from 100 percent forcing your morality upon me is what I want. In this case you are damn right!

> They are for the freedom to limit other people's freedoms

Excuse me, the Tea Party simply wants the freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution to be adhered to without regard to any qualifiers. You would qualify freedom.

> for the tyranny of the majority over the minority

We live in a Constitutional Republic. You obviously do notknow what that means. If we didn't I believe you probably would have seen the Tea Party restore it by now.

> Tea Partiers are all for government handouts when it suits them

Well that is simply a bald-faced lie. The Tea Party is diametrically opposed to handouts.

> Government: hands off my Social Security

Social Security is not a handout. I pay every paycheck for Social Security and I will be damned if you are gonig to take it away from me. It belongs to me. Not the government.

> They are also for massive subsidies to large corporations

Show me one shred of evidence. One shred. You are full of it.

Comment Re:Open Source is similar to the Tea Party ... (Score 1, Interesting) 356

It is interesting how the tide is turning against "Progressives" (and I hate to even say that word, what makes them progressive is beyond me). Two years ago your post would have been modded so far down on /. that it might have emerged on the other side of the world.

BTW, I agree with your sentiments 100 percent.

Comment Re:Time for the maths! (Score 1) 284

The battery in the Chevy Volt is not a typical Li-ion battery, it's technically a LiFePo4 which has pretty awesome capabilities. I use these bad boys in my RC aircraft and they kick li-ion batteries butts any day of the week.

To look up LiFePo4 Google A123 battery.

Advantages over typical li-ion:

- Extremely high output capability
- Relatively flat delivery of charge
- High charge rates
- Safety, no fires with an A123 battery


- Weighs probably 40% more than typical li-ion.

Comment Re:Educated, not crazy and not afraid. (Score 1) 725

I tell you what, feel free to accept all of the tags your government wants to slap on you. Because I'll just be laughing at you because you will not be free my friend and I will be.

That's what Christians understand, and it is truly sad that you who believe you are so smart are so idiotic to believe you'll be free with a government provided tag.

Good luck!

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