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Comment magic internet money (Score 3, Insightful) 61

his could increase the roughly $20 trillion of U.S. national debt and triple the current budget deficit...

or you could sober and realize that no matter how unqualified, despised, ignorant and inappropriate you think he is, a president is merely a figurehead for the party. as an example: George W Bush rubber stamped everything his party wanted and spent most of his days on vacation. He had no grand vision or goals. Barack Obamas party managed to pass the ACA, but once they lost control of the house and senate, Republicans shut down the government twice, reduced the US Credit rating, stonewalled the supreme court electoral process, and managed to obstruct nearly all legislative activity that didnt include prosecuting benghazi or affirming 'god' in the US Dollar.

The worst a trump presidency means for the US is another foreign war, market deregulation, and more class warfare from the 1%. main street will have the same pot-holes in 8 years that it has today.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 351

Yes, tell us more while ignoring how the 97% number was achieved, the tolerance for the "warmest year EVER!" claim was bigger than the claim of how much warmer it was, the year of record cold all over the world 3 years ago but claimed "warmest year ever", the ignoring of satellite data in temp measurement for the "warmest year ever" claims. Ignoring ice production at Antarctica while claiming it's melting then a bunch of climatologist get stuck frozen in the ice upon a ship that the believers make excuses as to why it happened. The list goes on, but yeah, tell us all about the "lies" you "uncovered". It means SOOO much when you ignore the misinformation, claim you "don't give a flying fuck" about someone that the climate change community used to extort funds out of governments, and then go off about "defending liars" and ending corruption but ignore everything President Obama has done while in office and most likely think he has actually had "the most transparent administration EVER!!!". It's like a crack head telling a heroin addict that he is despicable.

Comment I like how this is just now a problem (Score 2, Interesting) 351

When neoconservatives spread outright fabrications and lies about obamacare, nobody took the time to correct them. When they spread lies about the iraq war, we just went along for the ride. when they bullshit their way through school vouchers for religious schools and tax breaks for the rich we never seemed to care, and when they launched an all out ban on abortion and started jailing women for miscarriages nobody seemed to bat an eyelash. When they stood firmly against gay marriage and firmly against trans rights, it was unfortunate but all we could do was hope for a boycott.

but oh god, now that Hillary has lost the election its a coalition the likes of which weve never seen. Every media conglomerate, every online site, every technological oligarch is now combining forces to fight even the most mundane attempts --breitbart-- at conservative shilling. the conservative brand is being labelled alt-right fake news, and anything so much as potentially bullshit is being hammered into the ground quickly and mercilessly. part of me thinks this would never have happened if we just gave the woman her damn dream job. then again, part of me cant seem to get past the fact that Trump is the only reason in 2016 we have this type of car-torching, block-wrecking catharsis against the brand at all.

Comment Re:Bluetooth Headphones (Score 1, Informative) 295

I have never had any issues using bluetooth headphones while my Android watch is connected. Not once.

I also haven't had issues with interaction with "wifi-rich" environments, and I live in a 26 story building with dozens of WIFI networks.

The battery life issue is entirely dependent on what model of headset you have. I did the research, and got a set that lasts a good long while.

I'm not saying that I agree with the removal of the jack, but your arguments don't apply to any environment I've encountered in recent years.

6 years or so, Bluetooth was far more dodgy, and didn't provide sufficient quality for music anyway.

Comment Re: This works for me (Score 4, Insightful) 379

Well considering that the Smith Mundt act was repealed under President Obama, our government can now use propaganda on it's citizens. The dumbing down of the snowflake, "lets protest everything" generation makes it easier for them to push that, but they missed one thing. No one trusts the mainstream media here and it's losing viewers left and right. That's why they come up with sensationalism like this story to try and snag a viewer or clicker in with bullshit. Anyone with a little bit of reading comprehension can see past the bullshit. But back to your original, stupid post. Compared to China, we are a thousand times more free. Don't think so? Try the same protest we've seen over here in Tiananmen square. Enjoy the tank tread tattoo.

Comment Re:Dissent will be labelled fake news (Score 1) 225

Yes, they are going to get "thrown in jail" for having a result of a website that someone deems "fake". So are they going to not have any of the major media outlets on their sites also? Because I see PLENTY of fake, native ad stories on the mainstream sources all the time. You can spot them when they are fluff pieces that mention specific brand names for no reason. By the way, this isn't Canada and comparing the two is no even reliant. Canada still kisses the ass of a monarchy thousands of miles across a sea.

Comment Oh China! (Score 2) 379

"the influential entrepreneur said in a recent keynote speech at a state-sponsored conference"

"State-sponsored conference" says it all about what Li's speecg really is. It's propaganda sent out by the Chinese government in an attempt to attack whatever plans the incoming administration might have. Funny that the clip here on slash dot doesn't have the stipulation for getting the $1 million dollar bonus. It's open it Nobel Prize winners, which could make considerably more in the Valley through awards, grants, salary, etc. But hey, good luck in China if that's where you think you'd like to live.

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