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Comment Re:Sure thing, Republicans. (Score 1) 517

Conservatives and libertarians like myself want the DEA gone as much as the BATF. They're asshole government agencies that have long outlived their purpose, if there ever really was one. We could improve the crime rate by normalizing hemp, prison overcrowding would disappear, and the government would have 1 less excuse to trample over people.

Comment Re:Same old lefty games... (Score 1) 517

You've got so many things wrong there its hard to start at any one place. If the deficit disappeared under Clinton the national debt would have gone down. It went up. When he left office he claimed the surplus disappeared. Pretty amazing feat even for slick-Willie.

Even then, what do you think of the national debt going up by $500,000,000 a day now?

Couple that with Clinton's banning of Dursban with no scientific evidence against it whatsoever. 1 zealot decided she would rid the earth of it and hello bedbugs, by the trillions. Thanks slick Willie!
This is why the science should be available to everyone including congress - so that zealots and other quacks can't invent hoaxes like the Dursban scare, the Alar scare and the anti-GMO hysteria.

Comment Re:Science vs Belief. (Score 1) 517

All anti-GMO zealots are liberals. 100%! Marin County went 79% for Obama last election and more than half of the children there are un-vaccinated. So of course we should hide any study or science from the public and congress lest they actually make us do real science and not invent stuff out of whole cloth for political reasons. Because the EPA just hasn't jailed enough people that can't afford to mount a decent defense in court yet.
The fun and games at EPA never end as long as the taxpayer is buying.

Comment Re:Today the EPA calls CO2 a pollutant (Score 2) 517

The temperature last June was -135.4 degrees below 0. Laugh at that. Its just .3 of a degree within being the coldest temperature ever recorded on the planet. Or how about this "scientist", Dr. David Viner of the Hadley Climate Research Center: "We have seen our last snowfall. A snowfall will become a rare and exciting event. Children will just grow up not knowing what snow looks like."

That was in the year 2000. 15 years later with winters colder than ever we see that his "science" was wrong.
The number of people freezing to death has not gone down. The number of snowfalls in Florida has not gone down (it snowed there in January). Now if you still believe in whack-jobs who are doing politics and not science then just keep supporting them and not requiring to disclose where they came across this new-found alien science that no one knows about but the Environmental Quacks and no one can see but them. That is how we wind up with anti-vaxxers and the zealots behind the GMO hysteria.

Comment Re:Teachers (Score 1) 388

Well you have just hit upon an untouchable subject: school is simply not for everyone. The government herds everyone into the system including some they just want to keep off the streets and out of jail. The schools in America could be revolutionized simply by getting rid of the worst of the worst who aren't going to learn anything anyway and many of whom will eventually drop out regardless. The parents of the worst of the worst (bottom 5%) don't care about education either, they just want them out of the house

Without having to spend 80% of its time on the gang-bangers, thugs and other assorted riff-raff that disrupt class at best and commit crimes at worst the schools could actually focus on learning. They also would not have to waste time teaching ABCs to high-schoolers.

Newsmedia talk about how our schools are ranked 38th in the world compared to other nations but fail to realize that we try to educate everyone. In many places of the globe like China if you act up too much in school they don't just expel you, they arrest you and put you in jail. Not so here.This is a simple problem to fix and could be done tomorrow, IF politicians and the public actually believed that schools should be a place for learning.

Comment Re:Teachers (Score 2) 388

It is easy to see how it got this way. Schools deal with change very poorly if they ever deal with it at all and computing is the best example. 12 years of English literature and more in college for a subject no one will pay you to know. And that could be said about 70% of the curriculum. Schools don't teach any skills that will get you a job in the real world. They teach abstract and nearly worthless material that THEY want to teach, not what YOU want to make it in the job world.

As an instructor in programming and networking I only had 2 students who knew more than me: one was an absolute genius who was admitted to MIT. The other was a network admin for a huge corporation and had been for many years. If schools taught the things that would get people jobs the teachers would simply leave for higher paying positions once they got the skills themselves.

Comment Re:Oh no! (Score 0) 552

I've worked with many Indian workers over the years. Most are male and they do not regard the words of females over them or even beside them. Microsoft hired Satya Nadella never even thinking he would have any view of women different from their own. They just knew he was a foreign born person so therefore would be better and then had to apologize for his words. U.S. corporations are under the comfortable delusion that all nations think just like us and act like us.

Comment Re:Logic applies to all professions (Score 1) 552

Yes, the premise was not only flawed it was only targeted at 1 industry. Oliver Wendell Holmes said it only took 1 good catch phrase to keep people from thinking for 50 years. Insults and jingoism are what passes for logical argument in this great con they are trying to push over on us. That is why cries of "racism" to you objecting to losing your job should be called out for what they are: lies. The above should demonstrate why we need to import 95% of our executives to get the " best and the brightest" that we need to stay on top of the world. Suddenly it would stop overnight.

Comment Re:Wrong assumption (Score 1) 552

They are not bringing them here because its cheaper to hire labor in foreign lands and keep them there. They want them here so they can talk to them in person and show them what they want and not spend many hours a day on the phone. That drives up costs as well. H1-B is bad all around for everyone. But since they think they'll benefit there is no stopping them.

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