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Comment Re:Cut the bullshit, facebook. (Score 1) 196

The idiocy of the public as a collective group will unfortunately always be with us. The idiocy of the US voting system can at least be changed. We'll always have shitty and stupid people around no matter how hard we work to educate them., eugenics, maybe? But then who'll clean the toilets?

Comment Re:Cut the bullshit, facebook. (Score 1) 196

Trump and Clinton are the consequences of the terrible first past the post voting system more than anything else. That is what needs to be fixed in politics; it always devolves into a battle between two contenders, neither of which are wanted by the majority of the population, but all other choices go away because they have no chance of winning in FPTP voting.

Comment Re:Cut the bullshit, facebook. (Score 1) 196

Services like Facebook are so huge that they constitute the de facto "public square" of the Internet. As such, I think that all "public place" rules (such as the protections of the First Amendment) should be forced upon them. Non-participation in a site as huge as Facebook makes you a non-participant in modern society. Unfortunately, this also means that participation in digital society is heavily controlled by whoever controls Facebook, and if they disagree with you or don't like you for any reason, they can eject you from a big part of participation in modern society with no consequences.

Of course, the loud objections will be "They're a private company! Forcing them to abide by these rules is government overreach! How they operate should be entirely their choice!" To those people I would say that if you choose to operate a large social networking website, you've chosen to spend your time and money operating a public square. If you want to be free to arbitrarily eject people from society or force people to adhere to your notions of what the world should look like, don't choose to be the digital public square in the first place.

It's sort of like ISPs being designated as common carriers: anyone is free to build a business that revolves around information passing, but you are not free to arbitrarily control what information may be passed (thereby restricting the freedoms of others) without serious consequences.

Comment Re: I think it's fair (Score 2) 178

The problem with "worker choice" is that it is limited to what potential employers are offering them. In a "healthy" economic situation, supply and demand are well-balanced and the notion of making a choice works fine for either side. However, we're currently in a situation where a large pool of workers are competing for a significantly smaller pool of employer job offerings. Employers are able to dictate highly unfavorable terms to all potential workers because if Alice and Bob won't accept their terms, equally qualified Charlie probably will, so Alice and Bob must either accept those terms from someone to obtain gainful employment or stick to their principles and slowly go bankrupt and end up on welfare.

But what about the employers that aren't assholes? Well, that'd be nice, but we're on the dark side of capitalism now; all employers that are pursuing the almighty dollar during a huge glut of available labor will trend towards being assholes, otherwise they're not going to be able to compete.

The argument that "the worker can choose" in the current economic climate is akin to offering someone meals with cyanide, hemlock, arsenic, or they can opt not to eat any of those meals and die of slow starvation...but hey, "they had a choice! It was their choice!"

Comment Re:Responsible? (Score 1) 569

Notice the "current" in "current events." There's nothing to be done about Powell today; the matter could be re-opened, but complaints about that needed to happen when it was a current issue. Hillary's email server issue is a current issue and Hillary wants to be the president of the entire country while Powell is out of the picture. Stop pretending the two issues should carry the same weight today just because the person you like is the one who's currently under the microscope. Shifting the focus to Powell is an attempt at distraction.

Comment BD-R: cheapest per GB and easily preserved (Score 1) 385

If you do some quick math, you'll see that cheap 25GB (really 23.2GB) BD-R 50-packs have a significantly lower cost per gigabyte than any hard drive. When you realize that you need TWO hard drives instead of one due to the many ways a hard drive can fail unexpectedly and lose everything (even when that drive is an "on the shelf" "cold storage" unit) then the advantages become even greater.

As long as you choose a good quality large capacity CD wallet, put the discs in it properly, and store it in a dry climate-controlled area and are gentle with the CD wallet, the discs practically last forever. For large amounts of infrequently accessed data and for regular backups, it's hard to beat the BD-R discs.

Of course, the big disadvantage is that Blu-ray drives are rare and you essentially have to buy your own if you want one, but that's a simple one-time investment in an external desktop-sized burner which can be plugged into any computer you own now or in the future.

Comment Re:Never that specific program (Score 1) 569

That is bad information that's been circulating for decades, from back when that was not really bad information. It originates from a paper by Peter Gutmann during a time when hard drives didn't do the insane signal processing they do today. One zero pass on a drive is sufficient today. This was brought up on Slashdot ten years ago.

Comment Re:And the other end of the deal? (Score 3, Insightful) 294

The myth that women don't have agency and aren't capable adults needs to die.

It is a choice to have children and the full consequences of doing so aren't a secret.

It is a choice to listen to people who try to tell you what you can and cannot do in your own future.

It is a choice to ask for a lower pay raise when you ask for a raise, as it is a choice to not seek a new job if your company doesn't appreciate you.

The last statement doesn't make any sense without more context.

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