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Comment iWatches are not the thing (Score 1, Insightful) 111

iWatches are not practical at all, are too big, have a feel of cheap/plastic/a toy watch, and are too wayyy overpriced. The technology is still very early, as much as only by the time Apple got to iPhone 5S, it was worth to use it. Despite having many of the Apple things at home, the iWatch wont be in my list for several years to come. Add to that the fact I have not used a watch for years now, and the iWatch is even less appealing. As for social status, I do prefer an expensive analog watch to go with a suit for a wedding for instance, than the iWatch...which is ridiculous for a straight male wearing a suit. Apple also seems quite lost in their orientation, and it is sad to see that the dead of Jobs put someone there that seems more worried about a political affirmation and giving face to minorities than being maniacal with the glitches of events and improving the quality of the current Apple portfolio.

Comment Re:If I wanted Linux... (Score 1) 154

While the experience is similar, deb management is more flexible, and in fact, being the master package databases state being text instead of binary, they do allow interesting things like doing live migrations from 32 to 64 bits instead of reinstalling the server, of getting out of inconsistencies or slight corruption of list of packages and dependencies.

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