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Comment Where is Palantir located? (Score 0) 260

Unless it is in Asia, why are we even having this discussion here? Has the world gone to a bunch of idiots and pussies in the last few years? Lets go to companies in Asia and Africa and ask them why they are not hiring a significant portion of white people, including menial tasks. Racism?

Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 495

I might actually change to a notebook from a BRICS country. If it has a processor other than Intel so much the better. I would prefer a MIPS, however the market is ripe with ARMs.
I was thinking for a long time of buying an Apple Mini, and I am not sorry of instead buying a chinese raspberry/ARM compatible with a SoC with SATA and an internal gibabit switch with 5 ethernet ports.
As for Lenovo, they whitelist components to force you to upgrade their wifi and network cards with Lenovo components, which can potentially create problems with Linux in very new models as the components are rebranded with a different manufacturer ID, and also have been caught with malware both at OS and firmware level. (...). I would seriously rethink that choice.

Comment Re:The Sixth Mass Extinction will be People Only (Score 2, Interesting) 156

The WHO has been saying for so many years that in 10 years time antibiotics will no longer work.
Have we already heard about stopping giving preventively antibiotics to aquaculture fishes and shrimp, and to cattle, to keep them "disease and parasite free", and also in the latter case, to disrupt their guts for any shit they eat be able to fatten them to the maximum?
Despite now being much more difficult to buy antibiotics in the 1st world countries over the counter, nothing is done about the cattle industry. Money speaks higher than our future, and it is a shame.

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