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Comment Re:Boaty McBoatface: people power (Score 1) 116

There is a difference between elections and referendums. In an election the people choose representatives to represent them in making decisions. In a referendum the representatives or their leaders are too cowardly/sly/divided/scared to make a decision and throw it back at the people. A democracy implicitly states that smarter decisions happen by representatives than by letting the people have a direct say. Boaty McBoatface is an example of a stupid result from a referendum; it would never have happened if representatives had chosen it.

Wrong. Representative democracy is the result of technological limitations and lies told by oligarchies. Boaty McBoatface is an example of someone asking a massive number of people a question not worth their time and only getting the responses from idiots with too much spare time within that massive group. Using this as an example of idiots making bad decisions via direct democracy does more to outline your own logical inconsistencies than it does to highlight any in democracy.

Comment Re:First and second reactions (Score 1) 101

Google might have *some* of that data - possibly even the MAC, if it's an Android device - but even with Google's reach, expecting them to be able to produce that data on a whole bunch of essentially random Google users just based on their searches seems a bit of a stretch. Am I missing something here, or is it just those involved in writing and granting the warrant badly need to run a few Google searches of their own?

Google is in the business of marketing, and they are among the best at it. If anyone has it (and they do) Google is among the people who do.

Comment Re:Business (Score 1) 274

Nah, the lesson here is that it's IMPOSSIBLE to keep government and economics as separate as possible, and that trying to keep them away is not a sustainable solution.

This isn't true, at all. The government has one asset: it holds a monopoly on violence. All things the government does or can do stem from that one basic fact. Having the government do anything else is bad because they will mix the assets they have to achieve objectives. Some things are more "benign", at least in modern conception, like taking people's homes by force or shooting/jailing/etc them for not paying taxes, the bulk of which antithetically go to providing other people with food and housing. Then there are bigger issues, like the fact we are coming up fast on the transition from a scarcity-based economy to a post-scarcity economy thanks to extreme automation - the place controlling who lives and dies is not the place I want deciding what to do with all the extra people who are no longer needed to drive the economy.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 289

This shows the real problem. The problem with a dictator is not the dictator himself, but the amount of people allowing and even supporting him to be a dictator.

FYI - the types of people who post swastikas aren't the types of people who support Erdogan. This is clearly someone in the EU trying to vilify Turkey (not that they are wrong in the attempt.)

Comment Re:Boaty McBoatface: people power (Score 1) 116

That's why Brexit and Trump are such disasters. Instead of a compromise solution, we get extremes and the winners ranting about how democracy requires them to get everything they want and fuck you fascist anti-democrat for even daring to question it.

Trump is the first "compromise" we've had in decades. For my entire life it's been the Democrats getting a little more and the Republicans getting nothing (excluding the RINOs in office, who are in fact just globalists calling themselves "Republican", just like most of the "Democrats" - the difference being Democrats are largely in favor of globalism.)

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