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Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 2) 771

Fake news refers to some website that superficially appear to be a real news site such as a news paper to give them legitimacy. These "news" sites may only have one story, but they have a the gloss of a real news source. So they are more insidious than some typical deranged paranoid manifesto posted to redit.

Comment trump Inc. (Score 1) 235

Every other national politician has come up through the ranks and is driven by a quest for Power to control Policy. trump never has cared about policy unless it directly affected his plans. In older, pre 2016 interviews he would answer policy question without thought and tended towards what he likely heard on the NYC TV news - mildly liberal. He does not have a policy bone in his body. He really does not care about policy or politics. Like every other con man he sells you what ever you want. He is a narcissist who is driven to make money to be a bigger man. I believe the reason he ran for the presidency is to make money. To a great extent, the President and VP are exempt from most conflict of interest laws. Trump is not putting his wealth into a trust lake every other present has done for decades. It is perfectly legal for him to propose having the federal government buy the block across from trump tower, tear down what is there and put in a national park to increase the value of his tower. There is noting illegal from trump threatening republican congressional leadership with putting Elizabeth Warren on the supreme court unless they build such a park for him. Let me take a flyer and say that trump's plan is to use the presidency to become the first trillionaire bythe end of his first term. That means he has to make $684,931,506 per day. That is a lot of money to shake the county down in a day, but heck he is a hard worker. This guy is going to be like Silvio Berlusconi on a yuge dose of steroids. There is the whole social security trust fund that can be channeled into a new trump security investment company, because who would be smarter to mange the money??? I do think the republicans in congress will get their way with policy as they have leverage, but so does trump to get paid for every bill they want signed. I fear that in four years we will have an empty treasury and and caveman republican policies with supreme court seat sold to the highest bidders. Want a supreme that likes patents, no problem, just make the highest bid.

Comment Re: MacGyver (Score 1) 117

The teaser summary at the publisher's website states: "cell voltages up to 1.8 V, energy density up to 20 Wh/kg, power density[sic] up to 20 kW/kg, and stable cycling over 5000 cycles in alkaline electrolytes." Lead acid batteries have an energy density of 41 Wh/kg and Lion has around 128. So not a great performer per weight or volume, but if it is cheap enough who cares for fixed location applications. If it is cheap enough, bring in a back hoe, dig a hole, drop in a bog box and have 10 kWhs in your back yard.

Comment Re:Eliminate all I/O (Score 1) 81

There is an old joke about universities in the south: The college president going around telling the faculty they have to build a school the football team can be proud of. So often things get turned on their head and phones are are going that direction. Perhaps you kids will one day ask you, "in the olden days, did cell phones really have person to person voice communications without an app?"

Comment Finish your Bachelors Degree (Score 1) 435

I know a number of very gifted programmers who did not finishes their bachelors as once upon a time you could sneak in the backdoor without a degree. Today, HR uses the lack of a degree as a club to keep their salaries low. Plus, moving to a new company will be harder than ever these days with so many folks with a BS and MS. Even if it is nothing but journalism degree finish it. HR fill usually just toss any applicant without a degree. If you've been coding for 15 years, what your degree concentration is in will matter much less at most companies. (And if it does matter, then they are probably only hiring new grads from name brand schools like MIT, Stanford, CMU, etc anyway). Don't get me wrong, new grads without a STEM degree face an uphill battle.

Comment Banning devices with a mic or camera is news?? (Score 1) 106

It not like anything with a mic or camera has not been banned from any sensitive meeting since they were invented. Why would any cell phone be allow in a sensitive meeting for that matter? While were are on the topic, seems like any computer's mic or camera should be physically disabled from computers in classified areas. Or is facetime with your kittens at home that critical to national security?

Comment Sounds like a great opportunity (Score 1) 342

Sounds like a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Seems like a good fit for those who have the mentality of restaurateurs. There have been some some dinner theater type place for a long time. How a bout an local organic restaurant that also serves up documentaries with your soup? Even sounds like an opportunity for Starbucks: coffee, a scone and a Sundance movie. Sounds like the content providers really want to be outlets so what's the problem.

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