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Comment Re:how about 4A (Score 2) 285

force them to arrest you

So, effectively ruin your life? By doing that, you not only get into databases that you might have had some chance avoiding otherwise, you also fuck over your chances of ever having a decent job again (unless you happen to be in a career such as activist or journalist where getting arrested is respected instead of condemned). HR departments are too stupid and lazy to know or care about the difference between getting arrested because you're a criminal and getting arrested because the police are criminals.

In the totalitarian police state of America, it's injustices all the way down.

Comment Re:The consumer market needs military-grade securi (Score 1) 285

(1): Some form of secure (preferably cloud-stored) backup/restore mechanism with appropriate encryption and access protection mechanisms, and

Note that a cloud-stored copy of your data can be gotten at with a Search Warrant issued to the cloud service provider. If the backup is on your own hardware, at least you know when the Feds are looking at it....

Comment Hold down power button and ... (Score 5, Informative) 285

... keep holding it down.

Seriously, this is such an unconscionable violation of basic privacy that even people who have done nothing wrong should automatically have that reaction. And anybody who has done something wrong should know better than to use a fingerprint for unlocking anyway. What was this supposed to prove other than that they have a judge who will rubber-stamp any order no matter how appalling?

Comment Re:Biometric Gun Safe (Score 1) 317

I looked at those gun safes and rejected them for exactly the reasons you stated. I bought one that uses a quick entry combo. The downside, it requires a battery so it needs to be checked every now and then. Not really an issue since I take it out almost every weekend for a trip to the range.

Comment Re:It's time for an Android alternative (Score 1) 145

Cyanogen is all but dead friend. I know I'll get shit but you want a tablet YOU control? Get one of those Windows 10 tablets, nice thing about those is since its a desktop OS you can run something like ShutUp10 and run a nice light third party firewall to make sure nothing gets out that YOU don't approve of. You can also replace all the default apps with any programs you normally use on a desktop, replace the browser with Pale Moon or Comodo Dragon, replace the trial of office 365 with LibreOffice, etc.They have them starting at $47 on Amazon for the 7 inch models but personally I'd spend a little more and get one of the 2GB models because you can never have too much RAM.

I'm just glad I hung onto my little netbook, I can run any OS from BSD to XP on it, was easily upgraded to 8GB of RAM, thanks to the AMD APU I can use it as a 1080P HTPC and even after 5 years I still get nearly 3 and a half hours on a battery. Now I just need to get off my behind and upgrade the HDD with an SSD, its a bit of a PITA to do with one of those EEEs but I've seen vids of the performance gains you get on one when you do it so its worth the hassle.

Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score 3, Insightful) 317

And yes I realize that finger print technology will reduce deaths.

It may reduce deaths by the gun's owner, while causing more deaths OF the gun's owner.

So, no, we have no real idea whether it will cause a net reduction in deaths. We can be pretty sure it'll produce some change in the identities of the people killed though.

Comment Re: Still a justice failure (Score 4, Insightful) 57

They did not succeed in their stated aims, but that is not the same as "failed". I'd hazard these douchebags were happy with the message that they sent.

The only "fail" condition for these officials would have been some form of punishment up to and including deprivation of the roles and responsibilities as government agents.

They basically threw some shit at the wall to see if it would stick. It didn't, but it did leave a nice stain, and they're free to do it again and again in the future.

Comment Re:Exhibit A (Score 2) 56

World record time to beat Super Mario. Who gives a shit?! Why would you spend time on this?!

I agree with you, but let me be the devil's advocate anyway

TFA also plots recent advances in "time to assemble Rubik's cube" and "time to run 100m dash".
So why do people care and spend time on that? Because there are more spectators?

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