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Comment Skeptics will fail (Score 1) 31

If you /. complainers don't think both autonomous and HAD (highly-assisted driving) is going to be a gigantic market,you're not paying any attention.
I am paying attention, mostly 'cause I work for one of the companies making radar & camera products for these functions, and partly 'cause I like the neat things my Tesla can do :-) .
The fact is that there's going to be zillions of dollars' worth of contracts from car mfrs for sensors, processing algorithms, and control algorithms. Intel wants in on that.

Comment Re: Who's Responsibility? (Score 1) 246

Bobs hacked Samsung TV is not a national security issue

It is when Bob is the son of a general and the television is used to eavesdrop on conversations of classified material in his house.

SRSLY? If some jackass general is discussing classified info outside of an approved secure area, that's the national security issue. He should be court-martialed. That said, catching him in the act in his own home should be preceded with issuance of a valid warrant.

Comment and yet I have neither (Score 1) 70

I'm not bragging, nor am I whining: just stating a fact. I don't understand why people need a DVR when every show and its brother is available via OnDemand. NetFlix I could see as a possibility if I were suddenly laid off, deathly ill, and could do nothing but lie on a couch and watch shows.
Since I'm not, I've got a job, books, the cello, tennis, and about a dozen other hobbies, leaving only a few hours a week for screen-eyeball time anyway. (and when the heck is Orphan Black coming on?)

Comment wishing for rant-free comments (Score 4, Insightful) 71

Is there even ONE slashdotter who's going to comment on the **contents** of the catalog instead of bitching about governments and copyright issues (of which they most likely know very little)?

I'd be much more interested in reviews/ ratings of software tools for various tasks than in what NASA allegedly is or isn't keeping from the public.

Comment Coding IS the new slide rule (Score 3, Insightful) 142

You may not believe it, but back in the pre-1970s, every student taking science courses was expected to learn how to use a slide rule. Sometimes it was a similar one-hour intro, sometimes it came with the curriculum.

Programming high-level languages is the slide rule of the current era. Despite what many people think(cough cough Excel cough), you simply cannot be a scientist or engineer if you can't write decent code in, say R or python or Matlab.

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