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Comment Re:Breaking news: investors are idiots (Score 2) 190

Unicorns crashing are unlikely to cause a crash of the 2008 type. That happened because the housing market was out of control AND because housing "packages" were resold 6 or 8 times, thus creating an illusion of 6 or 8 times the amount of money existing. (In the sense that a classical savings&loan doubles the apparent amount of money available).

I rather doubt than a unicorn crash could even rival the first dotcom crash circa 1999.

Comment TRWTF (Score 1) 37

Yeah, I know, that's a different site but really:

TRWTF is allowing any kind of "pay for a service over the phone" operation where billing is done onto the telco bill. For example, calling a lawyer (those guys charge by the minute for phone calls related to a live case) leads to a bill from the lawyer's office, not the telco. That would be allowed, but not "you can talk to this sexy [choice of self-identified gender] for $5/minute added to your phone bill."

Comment Re:This won't wash (Score 1) 282

How would we differentiate between an encrypted data stream and a video stream in a new movie format? What's the difference between decrypting vs displaying a movie? Both processes are a conversion operation being performed on a data stream.

Simple. Packet capture and look for the key exchange. I do this daily.

Dunno if you are trying to be funny or are just a complete idiot. There's no need whatsoever for "key exchange" when I send an encrypted message to my broker in the Caymans. He has the decryption software and password. NOthing but the message is transmitted.

See also PGP.

Comment His worst mistake (Score 1) 237

Disclaimer: I voted for him both times.

It isn't even a matter of manned vs. unmanned exploration. The Space Shuttle was the Universe's most cost-overridden project ( until the F35 came along). The original promise was that the materials scientists would produce a monohull insulating layer. The moment they gave up and announced it would take 70-zillion separate, custom "bricks" , the program should have been shut down. Heck, it would have been cheaper to shoot astronauts 3 at a time on Sat-Vs, shoot up some payloads & return vehicles (modded Apollo3s) etc. than what it cost to build and maintain the shuttle fleet.

Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score -1, Troll) 644

I just hope that enough seats flip in Congress to prevent Republicans from obstructing Hillary for the next eight years the same way they obstructed Obama for the last eight years.

Depends whether they hate blacks or women more. Could be a close call.

If you still deny that the fundamental reason for Repubs blocking Obama is racism, you're just a lost cause.

Comment Re:Fuck Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 482

I'm no fan of the Clintons, but she's not any worse than the 535 corrupt assholes in Congress, and just about anyone alive would be a hell of a lot better than that [redacted] that the Republicans offered up in contrast.

To be fair, the Republican Party bosses & Congressional bigwigs did everything they could think of (using the word "think" loosely) to stop Drumpf, so they didn't really "offer him up."

PS anyone who mods this anything other than "Funny" or "Overrated" needs to relax a bit.

Comment Re:It's Heartbreaking you're not in Jail (Score -1) 482

You do realize 56% of Americans think she should have been charged?

Which says nothing at all about the validity of purported evidence, but does strongly suggest that at least 56% of all Americans are bleeding idiots. Or misogynists. Or both.

one person who dislikes HRC's politics but still recognizes she's innocent of everything the Repubbaggers are trying to sling her way.

Comment Re:Beware Facebook (Score 1) 60

Dunno about Facebook, but Windows domain servers sure do. Not that they actually record passwords (so far as I know), but since they record every userID used in a login attempt, all you have to do is click the wrong field and enter your password into the 'name' box, and there it is, in clear text, one line above your actual userID which you presumably typed in your next attempt to log in.

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