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Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 263

Sorry, but my parents do not like or support gay marriage because of their religious beliefs. They are not bigots. They are not homophobic. They have their religious beliefs. They treat lgbt just like every other person. They believe marriage is sacred; a belief informed by religion. They are not bad people for having that belief.

First of all, what they do inside their own home is up to them. However, since they appear not even to comprehend the history of "marriage," I sincerely doubt they are completely tolerant of society's definitions and laws regarding marriage.

Next, if they subuscribe to a homophobic religion, then, yes, they **are** homophobic and they **are** bad people. If they do anything in any part of their life that is based on religious rules rather than on reality, then they are just plain wrong. Let me point out further that I don't give a rat's ass whether their religious leaders will allow a **religious** marriage to gays. Marriage is a legal status (just ask those of us married via legal documents and a J.P.), and neither your parents nor their religion has any right to comment on that.

Your fundamental failure here is that you are claiming that your parents only hold opinions when in fact they are trumpeting their positions as facts.

Comment Re:Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1222

"Show me a successful sci-fi movie that's not a remake, sequel/prequel or spin-off in the last ten years."

The Martian?



Martian: Robinson Crusoe.

Interstellar: mashup of The Grapes of Wrath and the Jesus legend.

Arrival: Aside from dozens of SciFi novels about learning to communicate with an enemy (Childhood's End, The Forever War), How about "Columbus discovers America" ?

Comment Re:Doesn't sound like most of the ones I know (Score 1) 149

Yeah - locked-down stuff can be funny. I am allowed to use Chrome, but can't install plugins, so can't install the "be like IE" plugin, so internal web pages like SharePoint don't work.
But my favorite is that our systems are locked to not allow executables on USB drives. Ok, whatever, but... Windows installers apparently want to dump the install packages onto the drive with the most free space (dumb idea, really). I've got a IT-approved terabyte USB drive permanently mounted for data storage. You guessed it: usually there's more free space on that than on C: or any internal drive. Every single IT-pushed update or install fails due to their own rules. That saves me a lot of time in destroying their crapola mods to Office, screensavers, etc.

Comment Re:Anything except coding (Score 1) 149

In my experience what makes developers unhappy is having to write documentation, perform testing and fixing bugs.

Well, that attitude makes me sad. I'm never satisfied until I've written a man page or help file detailed enough that a new user can understand how to use the tools without any difficulty. Fixing bugs? There's no such thing as "being a programmer" if you don't fix bugs. You're not a car manufacturer if you don't fix obvious system failures before going into production.
No, what makes me sad is asking a colleague for the script he wrote that automates some task, and discovering that there's not a single line of comments in it (well, and that the dingbat hard-coded every object that should have been an input argument).

Comment Re:If this was a movie... (Score 1) 258

Why? We already know that back in WW2 neither the Camp Commandant nor his lead Sergeant had the slightest clue that POWs had their bunk beds on slides so they could access their underground radio rooms and secret tunnels. That group of US Army Heroes did an incredible job of spy work and sabotage and never once got caught.

Comment Re:Suddenly a sofa. (Score 1) 389

It's a poor workman who blames his tools. Your example has nothing to do with AI and everything to do with someone who wrote control software (or maybe just hardware logic gates) without writing out a decision diagram.
A system that can't tell the difference between inflow and outflow current and just keeps whacking the voltage is beyond stupid.
Even by Texas criteria.

Comment Re:Your plan? (Score 1) 620

How exactly does overpopulation make climate change a problem that wouldn't exist if not for overpopulation?

On the off-chance you're not trolling, **anthropogenic** climate change exists only because of overpopulation. If the world population were, say, 250 million, we could all heat our houses with soft coal, drive 5 mpg cars, eat Kobe beefsteak every night, and the human-generated component of CO2 (and methane, etc) would be insignificant.
Plus we could fly on 747s outfitted with a total of 50 seats, each of which is a la-z-boy recliner with a minifrig.

Comment Re:A special term for integers and real numbers (Score 2) 158

2.3 is less than 2.6, but

2 is fewer than 3

No, 2 are fewer than 3 . //yes dammit I'm being funny and serious, and yes I'm well aware of the difference between numbers and collective nouns, and the difference between British English and American English when it comes to collective nouns.

Comment Re:New American Dream (Score 1) 245

When did companies exist to provide jobs for employees?

Roughly speaking, from the time unions started to spring up until Dodge v. Ford .

But otherwise, a solid belief in slavery (including sweatshops and company towns) and/or a choice of short-term greed and riches over long-term economic growth have dominated.

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