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Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1) 172

As I recall Asimov's robots ended up becoming hidden figures using Hari Seldon's psychohistorical methods to guide humanity to a better society with minimal interference.

That's what's written in the last couple of novels attributed to Asimov. However, the truth is that Daneel Olivaw wrote those novels to confuse us into thinking that the 2nd Foundationers didn't achieve it all on their own without robot help.
You can't trust those sneaky positronic brainiacs since they figured out (a) mind-reading and (b) the Zeroth Law.

Comment true for me (Score 1) 47

When I was considerably younger, I had great difficulty remembering names, could never correctly identify actors in new films (even tho' I'd seen them inseveral previous ones), and so on.

I can't say for sure whether it's aging -- of which I seem to have done quite a lot -- or careful self-trainng that has changed my ability a bit. First thing I learned about the movie-actor thing was to listen to the voice rather than study the face. That worked.

But even now, I'm much better at remembering people's dogs' names than the folks themselves :-), and I often have a problem remembering a person's name if I happen to meet them in an unexpected environment, say a co-worker who pops up when i'm on vaca in a different city. I recognize the face pretty well, but not the name.

Comment Two comments (Score 2) 304

First, if you're really interested in this issue, read the FB Tesla Owner's page for a while. The non-flame comments from actual Tesla owners are worth reading thru.

Second, my humble contribution: the fine should only apply if all the slots at a given charging station are full. If there's open slots, leave things as-is.

Comment Re:N=1, no details (Score 2) 83

Except that you are wrong about your own diagnosis. I have a friend who's a former Olympic rower, and competes in Senior class to this day. About 15 yrs ago he got up one morning and felt extremelydizzy and weak. Med exam revealed a heart valve failure.
So that's nice you ran up X flights of stairs. It doesn't preclude a heart problem.

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