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Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 36

Every program that invades the privacy of anyone other than known or suspected criminals and their associates, should fail in a similarly spectacular fashion.

Until the responsible person is at least fired, it hasn't failed in the right way
For all we know, the solution will be to replace the $500K device by a $10M device (hey, it worked for TSA -- when 1st gen machines were deemed unsafe, they just bought a round of 2nd gen machines without as much as an apology).

Comment Re: 10x more job loss than coal (Score 1) 178

You imply "PhD" and "stupid" are mutually exclusive. Clearly you have never worked with PhDs.

mod up.

GGP clearly meant "stupid" as in "not able to" or "not having any desire to" get a PhD.

PhD degree is not even a salary-optimal path. A good MS degree with 5+ years experience is likely to lead to a much more lucrative salary.

Comment Re:I think he just got scammed . (Score 5, Informative) 236

he scanned his dl and credit card into a google site ??

No, it just looks like scam, but companies are that brazen nowdays.

Both eBay and PayPal have, at various points, requested a copy of credit card and driver license sent to them because of some verification they made up. My electricity provider and my dentist even wanted my SSN! Of course I told them off.
Someone I know had been locked out of the eBay account because eBay would not even accept a European DL instead of US one.

Comment Re:Gaming (Score 1) 191

You brag about your closed ecosystem, while I think "poor guy is stuck running Windows."

He is not "bragging" about the ecosystem. He is listing things that he needs for Linux to be considered a "replacement"

If you keep laughing at people who cannot move to Linux for reason X, Linux will remain at the current adoption levels.

Comment Re:As funny as NPR (Score 1) 499

Absolutely any possible reason except that the voting public do not like and do not trust Hillary Clinton.

I realize that it does not change the outcome, but she did get the majority vote.
So, in sum, 59.7M voting public do not trust Hillary and 59.9M voting public do not trust Trump. (current).
Not sure if anyone actually trusts one of the candidates.

Comment Re:Wet paper bag (Score 1) 2837

Sanders was simply never going to win the primary, and to be honest, it's highly questionable he'd have won against Trump despite the opinion polls supposedly making that claim.

Pretty much every poll (e.g., Nate Silver) had Clinton winning comfortably in most swing states for months until the actual election started. So there is really no reason to believe the Sanders claim either.

Comment Re:its not always about tracking "issues" (Score 2) 243

Give me a checkbox to disable it (even if it is enabled by default) and I'll not whinge. Make it a PITA to disable and I'm livid.

That's no good, though. These checkboxes tend to become "accidentally" re-enabled with every software update.
The only solution is to remove telemetry from the driver and provide driver as a separate easy-to-find download (and then they can include what they want in add-on software).

Comment Re:its not always about tracking "issues" (Score 3, Informative) 243

Telemetry is also there to help product owners to determine which features of the software are used the most. It allows product owners to have a better understanding how their software is used over all.

It's a frigging driver. First, "product owners" should stop insisting on bundling 5 different crap software packages when all I want to download is a driver (not easy to get individually).

According to TFA driver itself comes with telemetry too. But I am guessing that "driving of the hardware" is the most frequently used feature in that case. It's the only reason for getting that driver in the first place.

Comment Re:My Apologies (Score 1) 174

I disagree. My use of Steam over the last 7? 8? years has been nothing but a pleasure.

I believe that's an exception that proves the rule. A standalone game (not from Steam) that comes with a "here's your download code" or a "here's CD with a tiny binary that will attempt to download 100GB of the actual game when clicked" is unacceptable and should be illegal. It requires being online and it will stop working at some arbitrary point in the future (and that's besides issues of being able to resell a download code).

I guess we have to wait until Europe (or some other place with customer protections) will force that issue.

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