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Comment Re:constitutional protections don't apply (Score 1) 510

They cannot deny a citizen entry without cause, they can deny them their possessions or hold them for a "reasonable time."

Unfortunately, few people can afford to test these rules -- as having your possessions and not "being held for a reasonable time" may be integral to keeping your job.

Comment Re:Web don'ts (Score 2) 116

Autoplay video has been on every year's "Top 10 Web Don'ts" list since at least 1998

Topped in the same list only by Autoplay of loud sounds before you can even spot the video on the page.

For some reason there is no obvious browser mechanism to disable sound by default. It's very rare that I want a webpage to be able to speak. So explicit permission would be nice.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Digital Divide. (Score 1) 325

if I have to choose between making my website shiny and make it small, 9/10 will prioritise the UX for users with high bandwidth

And then some of them will also make a mobile-version website that insists on showing up even when terribly broken and even if your phone can handle the non-mobile website.

Comment Re:What is the objective of UBI? (Score 1) 399

Is it to allow people to not work at all, or is it to provide an income floor to allow them to bootstrap their way out of poverty into a truly productive, sustainable lifestyle?

I think it is both -- presumably, given UBI, people would separate themselves into these two categories.
Plus there is the bonus for removing administrative overheads of unemployment benefit coordination.

Comment Re:Society (Score 1) 267

The failure to understand why people don't want a different stranger living next to them every week is a sure sign that our society is breaking down.

There is no "failure to understand", there is only "failure to care" that people don't want strangers living next to them (both by the company and by the people who rent our their rooms).

Otherwise agreed.

Comment Re:And I'll never read TFS (Score 1) 232

They don't like my add blocker and I am not turning it off for them.

That's why we come to slashdot! For the story-within-the-story experience.

Not only that, but they offer "Get ad-light access for just $1" (the best of both worlds, pay and see ads).
And the ad offer is a solid image instead of using some stupid old-fashioned text in a browser (e.g., I couldn't copy-paste it)

Comment Re:I understand the concern but... (Score 1) 262

Controller adapters should absolutely /not/ be banned, since

Actually, you don't even need a reason!
Why is it that someone thinks they can have a say over my console? For what reason??

It's like a farmer decides to reach out and ban sporks because they do not combine fork and spoon functionality well and may cause us to incorrectly eat some of the produced food. (or substitute a car analogy...)

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 537

I like what someone suggested above- cost is determined based on your grade point average. Maintain all A's and it's free. Have all C's or a C average and you pay full price. If you can't maintain a high grade, perhaps you shouldn't be in school.

Only if you could agree on fully standardized tests across all schools
Otherwise you are opening so many horrible doors...

  • Grade inflation is an issue everywhere (sometime the average is B- or C, but more often it is A- or B+)
  • If you curve, then having one's payment depend on how smart the class is really unfair
  • Do you really want professors to have a financial incentive to give student a C?

It's all about unintended consequences.

Comment Re:Stop with the Nag screen (Score 1) 62

I get tired of developers who seem to think I'll give them a good review if they keep asking for one

It is annoying. It sounds like you were ok with the app but did not feel like leaving a review
I don't have a solution, but the problem is common -- 1000 people use the app and are ok/happy with with it and 7 of them leave a good review. 5 people have a serious problem and 5 of them leave a terrible review. Also, 2 more people did not understand what the app was for and 2 of them leave a bad review as well. And now it looks like half the people hated the app.

Comment Re:People agree that Windows 10 has better tech (Score 1) 503

They just don't like being spied upon...

Also, anything you had to fight off for months does not leave a good long-term impression.

Between daily nags with continued NO answers, Windows 10 managed to install itself both on my mom's desktop and laptop at least once (fortunately declining the TOS successfully rolled it back).

Comment Re:How much bandwidth per plane and how meany AP's (Score 2) 71

They just sort by price in Expedia and book the cheapest option.

You are ignoring one crucial detail.
Problem is that I cannot sort tickets by leg room or by some weighted function of (price+legroom).
Nor can I factor in checked bag prices -- you have to research each individual airline webpage for hidden costs. Leg room info is not given there at all!

If all you are told is price, you naturally have to choose by price.

I fly Southwest when I can, btw.

Comment Re:Hahahahaha (Score 2) 296

So what?

Well, the article's goal is either to spike Bitcoin further or to try and delay the fall because they are not done dumping it.

I cannot tell which one because TFA thinks that they are important enough to make me turn off ad-blocker or convince me to get ad-light(??) access for less money. But nowdays even with ad blocker, some websites manage to play video with obnoxious sound or freeze the browser, so I am too afraid to turn it off and see the real web.

So lots of fascinating discussion topics.

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