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Comment Re: Drunk driving is a serious crime that kills pe (Score 1) 258

Be responsible. ... I can't believe any mods have modded this up as "informative."

You have conveniently ignored at least one item from GP posting. Specifically, that claim:

the definition of 'alcohol related accident' meaning ANY person involved having a measurable amount of alcohol (including passengers and pedestrians) leads to the inflating of numbers and 'proof' that we need even stupider laws.

(If true) that alone seems like a problem negating ANY meaningful statistics on a number of "alcohol-related" accidents.

Comment Re:Apparently... (Score 2) 421

The vast majority of software will run under Linux in one way or another.

Linux did not gain more ground precisely because of this. I believe the devil is in the one way or another part. You probably can get almost any software to work, but it is not a "double-click this" level of effort.

I usually forget what software I started to install (on CentOS, typically) by the time the 5th library had to be added.

The only major exceptions are games, and even many of those will work.

Do you mean natively or through Wine (or such)? With all of the fun of determining the required configuration settings online?

The user interface in Ubuntu is "good enough for grandma".

It is really time for someone to do a proper study because I have difficulties believing that statement -- but that's all too anecdotal.

Comment Re:The long view (Score 1) 172

They run 24 hours a day, and all areas of a city have a chance to get service.

Have you ever tried to find a taxi (or even call a taxi to) "all areas" of a city? You might have a chance, but that chance can be extremely small.
In NY (at least) it is also common for the taxi driver to drive away if they don't like your destination.

Uber has all sorts of problems, but taxis are a horribly broken system that is far from working remarkably well.

Comment Re:Let them be (Score 1) 207

when hearing 83% of Russian approve Putin

A lot of Russians may well approve of Putin. But this report could just as easily say 75% or 99% or 117% approval.

Not "maybe it is biased in some way", but you cannot trust 1) anyone answering a survey, 2) anyone doing a survey and 3) you certainly cannot trust a person doing a survey and discussing it (non-anonymously!) with a reporter.

Comment Not anymore :( (Score 5, Interesting) 120

"You don't have to have the multi-million dollar budgets to make great games -- I've seen a huge amount of evidence for that tonight," said Sean Brennan.

I think that used to be true. In the 80s and 90s perhaps, you could start small.

The "evidence" we have here is if you started in the 90s and were popular, then you can have the necessary multi-million budget to make successful games now.

A quick google search places Fallout 1 estimated budget as $3M ($4.5M in current money) and Fallout 4 at anywhere between $150M and $250M (or possibly even more, this is not the highest estimate I saw).

Comment Re:Pretty standard boilerplate... (Score 4, Interesting) 186

they need that clause to transmit your user-generated content without it leading to copyright infringement.

I am not a lawyer, but why do they need this part?: fully sublicensable (i.e. we can grant this right to others).

Also, is "waive-your-right-to-trial" now considered to be boilerplate?

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