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Comment "I Don't Want Your Money" (Score 1) 26

Interesting. I had a fellow on the the train yesterday ask me for food. When I told him I didn't have any money (true), he said he didn't want money, just a loaf of bread. I had just spent nearly the last of the money in my bank account at the grocery shop (due to a banking stuff-up, payday was delayed a couple of days this month). I didn't have any bread, but I gave him one of the two bricks of cheese I'd just purchased and wished him luck in finding some bread to go with it.

Comment Re:Yes it can... (Score 0) 172

I'm not sure how it's not the same thing, since it's full Photoshop running on the screen with a pressure sensitive stylus controlling it.... Again the Mac + the iPad Pro is LESS than the new Surface desktop (much less if you max out the Surface specs much at all).

Slashdot sure is full of ignorant morons today! They are thick as thieves this night. Must be people front losing beer for Halloween I guess.

Comment No it is not (Score 0) 172

That's a really a poor option, and rather lame to be honest

Says someone who has never tried it...

A Cintiq 13" is infinitely better for the workflow you're describing

I bought one and returned it because I found it rather sucked. Have YOU tried both solutions? The Clinttiuqe is also a nightmare of cables even if it did work better...

Now don't you feel stupid? Didn't even read the rest of what you wrote because what on earth could you possibly have ot say that's of any value? Please next time keep in mind other people have actual experience and don't talk out of your ass.

Comment Re:In the long run (Score 1) 65

Civilised people have learned how to deal with those who kill without descending to their level.

It wasn't so long ago that the Germans attempted to exterminate quite a few of their neighbours. Yet it proved possible to prevent this without exterminating the Germans.

This makes me glad, as I've a number of good friends today who are German.

Comment Re:The popularity of open offices has exacerbated (Score 1) 200

Brazil is a favourite of mine. Been ages since I watched it, though--might have to do something about that sometime soon.

If I didn't take my job seriously, I could deal with the office. I could go there 9-5 every day and go through the motions and likely get away with it indefinitely. And get almost nothing done, because I simply can't think when random people are constantly walking by and/or talking to each other or on the phone. I am simply very much more productive at home.

My wife doesn't often work at home, but when she does, it's not usually a problem--she has her own desk, etc., in another room. Occasionally she's off work when I'm not--on those days I usually just resign myself to doing administrative busywork or whatever, as they tend not to be such great days for writing or coding. And I can't deny that it's sometimes nice to have her as a distraction.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 885

That Wikipedia article completely contradicts what you said. It says:

> the cumulative products of 100 of these firestorms would unmistakably cool the global climate by approximately 1 ÂC (1.8 ÂF), largely eliminating the magnitude of anthropogenic global warming for two to three years

i.e. the climactic effect "100 bombs" would be no more than a brief reversal of the current warming trend. The much more severe impact you quoted requires a much larger number of bombs, and, as the article goes on to point out, is based on highly questionable assumptions.

Comment Definitely script kiddies (Score 5, Interesting) 65

Of course it was script kiddies. Why in the world would any state-sponsored group show their hand and blow a single-use resource (the IoT botnet) to accomplish... absolutely nothing at all. Taking down some of the internet for part of a day at a totally non-strategic point in time, with totally non-strategic targets, isn't something any state would do randomly just for fun. This attack was large enough that it triggered many actions to prevent it from happening again. You have Chinese IoT chipset manufacturers doing recalls and patching their code. Pressure is being put on ISPs to help filter these kinds of attacks (it is quite obvious when some large percentage of your customers start engaging in some very abnormal network behavior all at the exact same time). Online providers like Dyn are learning and coming up with ways to prevent future attacks on their end. The only thing the attack accomplished was awareness. No state sponsored organization would have wasted their offensive attack resources like this.

Comment Yes it can... (Score 0) 172

The ipad pro can't run the full version of photoshop so it is functionally useless.

The iPad pro can in fact use the full version of Photoshop when it's being used as a second screen with a Mac running Duet, which I do all the time.

Or get an app like Astropad.

Rather curmudgeonly of you to not realize how flexible the whole system is.

But frankly you are also not realizing the strength pf drawing apps that exist for the iPad Pro already... Photoshop actually kind of sucks as just a drawing tool.

Comment Re:Not Unexpected (Score 1) 88

I'm not sure you are correct. The court itself said the term was ambiguous and undefined by the legislation. Claiming that a change from an earlier interpretation is "only strictly interpreting the text of the law as written" does not, therefore, seem a valid statement.

OTOH, it may well be easily within a reasonable interpretation of the law as written. But the summary didn't present an argument that the earlier interpretation isn't also within a reasonable interpretation of the law as just said the judges felt it was too lenient. Not the same thing at all.

This is, however, another good reason why the DMCA should be repealed. So should the previous copyright act (the Sony Bono copyright act). Actually, I think that should be repealed all the way back until the term of the copyright was 17 years, and even that had severe problems. Most copyrights should be valid for no longer than 5 years, though if there are excessive upfront costs a case could be made for extending the term to 10 years.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 904

On the contrary, that's *exactly* what the link shows (and your response as well)--it's one huge exercise in filtering and colouring data in order to "prove" a very specific and narrow viewpoint. One that is very obviously rooted in hatred and selfishness.

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