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Submission + - A Glimpse of Star War episode 7

Midnight Thunder writes: The Star Wars episode 7 trailer is now out. This is the first real opportunity to get a feeling of whether childhood dreams will be crushed or that Disney, with the help of JJ Abrams, is able to breath new life into the story, without making it feel like a merchandising excuse.

Submission + - How to get out of developer's block? 1

Midnight Thunder writes: I have spent the past six months working on a software project, and while I can come up with ideas, I just can't seem to sit down in front of the computer to code. I sit there and I just can't concentrate. I don't know whether this is akin to writer's block, but it feels like it. Have any other slashdotters run into this and if so how did you get out of it? It is bothering me since the project has ground to a halt and I really want to get started again. I am the sole developer on the project, if that makes a difference.

Submission + - Shutdown Day

Midnight Thunder writes: There is an experiment being planned by the web site Shutdown Day. The idea is, on Saturday 3rd May 2008, to see how many people are able to go with out their computer for a day. A number of blogs are starting to cover the initiative, including Hexus and Geek News.

Submission + - Monitoring your TV viewing habits? 3

Midnight Thunder writes: Most TV ratings are selected from a small portion of the population, by one monitoring system or another. How accurate the end results are is arguable and in turns affects what is shown on TV. How would you feel if you cable company or your satellite company started anonymously monitoring what their subscribers switch to, on the condition they provide you with an option to opt-out? It could mean better TV.

Submission + - X-platform conference solution for user support?

Midnight Thunder writes: Today I was contacted by support staff of a company, whoes software solution we use, because we were having issues installing the upgrade software. Their product runs on, amongst others, Solaris. To help them, they establish a conference session to the local computer, so they can see what the user is doing and help them along. The catch is the conferencing solution requires MS-Windows and Internet Explorer to run. Luckily for me I was using an X-Windows server on a Windows based PC, but would have had issues if my workstation was Solaris or any other non-Microsoft system. My question is whether there are any similar solutions that a support site could use in this manner, but which works on multiple platforms?

Submission + - No MSN tunes for Zune

Midnight Thunder writes: In a move that makes everyones fears about the limitations of DRM encumbered media files a reality, Microsoft will not allow you to play files purchased through the MSN store on the Zune. Their answer is for you to buy your files again. Is this another death blow to DRM or just Microsoft shooting itself in the foot?

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