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Comment Empire Strikes Back (Score 1) 1222

A New Hope was great but it suffered from some plot holes, plot pacing issues, some special effects rushes, and just a general lack of polish. Empire was a professional effort with proper production, budget, director, an better emphasis on acting and character development, better scripting, Yoda, and, last but not least: Lando.

It was dark and deep and delved into the truth nature of the Force. It brought out emotions that the first movie could not. It has more creative planets and better dialogue.

I don't understand how A New Hope could be considered better other than the fact that it introduced the Star Wars universe.

Comment Re: Everybody has their own languages (Score 1) 260

Well, even if Google loses, there's also the question of how far the fair use exemption goes if API's can be copyrighted. I doubt the courts will let somebody copyright Integer add(Integer first, Integer second), for instance.

I'm not saying I agree with Oracle (I don't), I'm just hopeful that cooler heads prevail and civilization isn't finished if the courts decide that APIs are copyrightable.

Comment Everybody has their own languages (Score 1) 260

Red Hat has Ceylon. Mozilla has Rust. Google has Go and Dart. Apple has Swift. Typesafe has Scala. SpringSource has Groovy. Oracle has Java. Microsoft has C#. Etc, etc, etc.

Ceylon caught a lot of flack initially from some members of the Scala community (and I guess some Java people) for "doing unnecessary work", "not listening to the community" and "not complying with standards. Apple caught the same flack for Swift with the same nonsensical arguments. Go has similarly been criticized for being weird.

The fact of the matter is that each one of these companies has their own requirements, requirements that "standard" languages like Java and C++ don't meet.

Also, which each new language comes a potential set of new innovations for new or existing languages to build upon. With Ceylon it's union types and null variables handled by built-in Optional types. With go, it's interfaces that are not explicitly implemented. Etc, etc, etc.

Bottom line: This is a good thing.

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