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Comment Inter-connection (Score 1) 93

Well, if the federal government forced on messaging systems a requirement to interchange with other messaging systems, then some of this may be reduced? Back in the 20th century this was done for the voice-landline networks and in many ways has resulted in the only non-fragmented, multi-vendor, communications system we have today. GSMA was formed because of the fragmentation of the analogue cellular networks at the time, but inherited to a certain extent the regulatory requirements to interconnect.

XMPP held a certain promise there, but because there was no regulatory requirement, businesses just said 'screw this and lets keep our little nation states isolated for more money'. We saw this happen with both Facebook and Google. Other systems just made it difficult for apps such as Pidgin to talk to their systems from the start.

Myself I would welcome any move to interconnect, since I have 5 messaging apps just to be able to keep up with friends, since the favoured platform varies with region. SMS isn't the best, but most friends still have a phone number.

Comment My question is: (Score 3, Informative) 164

Have they fixed the rather major defect they introduced by forcing an unconfigurable doze on us all?

Any application which requires the device to remain active (ie. safety applications like marine anchor and AIS alarms) are not functional on Android 6.0+. Even if you add applications to the exception list, they'll still be suspended, and woken only every 15 minutes while dozing.

A simple "do not EVER interfere with this process under any circumstances" option would resolve it, and to be honest it's quite shocking it was ommitted.

Comment Re:In the meantime Canada ISPs are behind (Score 1) 148

This story was more about cellular carriers rather than ISPs: even in the US, ISPs are really pathetic in terms of IPv6 support. How are Canadian cellular carriers, like Rogers, in terms of IPv6 support?

Non-existant. They don't even know what IPv6 is. In the US there is already a move and while some may be dual stack, they are ultimately going pure IPv6 with NAT64 and DNS64, for performance reasons. This is part of the reason Apple required iOS apps to be IPv6 capable to be in the App Store.

Comment Re:She needs some crowdfunding herself (Score 1) 84

I am not blaming the victims. I am simply saying that you try to reduce risk where possible. Even with the belief that you have covered all risk scenarios, there is still a possibility that people will get screwed.

For the scenario you provided, while the ultimate blame is still on the attacker, you can still argue that they increased the risk factor by choosing the passage they did. I experienced a similar situation recently, where my bag was stolen. While the ultimate issue is with person who took the bag (frigging low life of a person), I need to accept that I was a little too trusting in where I put my bag and that I didn't factor in how I was facilitating the opportunity for a crime.

Comment Re:If Water is Scarce (Score 1) 323

Your'e right .. I am (today, in most places). But the point still stands.

It's mostly people lacking a scientific education screaming "we're running out of water" and misunderstanding the actual nature of the problem - some areas have limited access to naturally fresh water, and will need extensive recycling and desalination programs.

But when you put it that way, it's so much less dramatic.

Comment Re:If Water is Scarce (Score 3, Interesting) 323

Seventy-one percent of the Earth is covered by water. We simply lack the technology to change that statistic.

Water cannot be "scarce" on Earth.

It is expensive to desalinate water. However, war is many orders of magnitude more expensive.

Think of it this way: $0.25USD per 1,000L of desalinated water vs $2.50USD per 1,000L of ground or lake water taken by force.

There may be minor skirmishes over specific rivers, but there will never be war because it is not economically advantageous.

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