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Comment Re:Missing option: None (Score 1) 134

Voice input has its place.

"Navigate to the UPS store on Princess."

"When does the LCBO close tonight?"

"New appointment for tomorrow 3pm, code review."

"Reply ok, see you then."

Each of these is significantly faster than inputting the request with a touchscreen, and much safer while driving. In the winter, voice control means no taking off gloves or even taking your phone out of your pocket.

It's just another tool, and on some devices, it actually works surprisingly well.

Comment For fuck sakes (Score 4, Informative) 223

It's bad enough having to wade through all of the uneducated mouthbreathers and their "HEALTH GOODNESS WELLNESS NOW!!11" anti-science garbage sites.

Do we really need to see more garbage science on /.?

If you want to know the risks of aspartame (spoiler alert: there are none unless you've been diagnosed with phenylketonuria), consult legitimate scientific bodies, like the NHS or Health Canada.

Comment Re:User's need to take responsibility too. (Score 1) 223

The best thing we can do is to resist the pressure to upgrade our gadgets. No we don't need to upgrade every year and no we don't need the new shiny gadget that will be put in the dump in a few months. The fix starts with us.

I hate to say it, but I think we've already lost this battle.

I run a Galaxy Note 3, and have done so since about its release date back in Sept 2013. For me, it's flawless - 4 monster CPUs, a great OLED screen, thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, great camera (with 4k video), LTE/MiMo, running CM13 (Android 6.0.1). I have no reason or desire to upgrade. None. I'll still be using this phone for 3 or 4 more years unless I break or lose it.

Here's the trick: I'm on my third replacement battery.

This behavior costs the incumbent manufacturers money, and they have put a stop to it by gluing batteries into devices. They all do it now. It's disgusting. And we allow it. And don't be surprised if they start chipping and authenticating the batteries in the future.

This is the battleground, and very few people seem to understand it. Gluing batteries into phones encourages users to replace them at least every two years (as they typically start just long enough to last a day, and after two years, can't do that anymore). Replacement is mandatory, for many users, after 3. Forget about 5, 6, or 10 years.

The practice should be illegal as it is a huge waste of resources, recycling or not.

Comment Re: How to copy? (Score 1) 168

Easiest answer here is for the US gov't to mandate minimal acceptable response times for chip banking transactions. There's precisely no reason why it should take longer than a second or two to authenticate any consumer debit. If it takes longer than that, the bank's systems are broken and should be fixed before they're allowed back on the network.

Everywhere else in the world, chip transactions (including a roundtrip to the bank) happen very quickly.

Comment Re:They could have done better with the data (Score 4, Insightful) 343

We found that driving performance of both younger and older adults was influenced by cell phone conversations. Compared with single-task (i.e., driving-only) conditions, when drivers used cell phones their reactions were 18% slower, their following distance was 12% greater, and they took 17% longer to recover the speed that was lost following braking. There was also a twofold increase in the number of rear-end collisions when drivers were conversing on a cell phone.

Hardly an increase of 10,000% as the OP suggests.

Driving while talking on a speakerphone/headset is worse than driving without talking to someone. Also, driving while tired is worse than driving while not tired, and oblivious drivers are worse than non-oblivious drivers. As usual, the devil is in the details.

Comment Re:Define phone use (Score 1) 343

They include talking hands free and using the GPS as phone use.

I figured as much. So, essentially, the study is irrelevant and worthless. GPS use increases safety behind the wheel, where texting decreases safety. So what's the net?

I suspect this oversight wasn't made by accident.

Comment Empire Strikes Back (Score 1) 1222

A New Hope was great but it suffered from some plot holes, plot pacing issues, some special effects rushes, and just a general lack of polish. Empire was a professional effort with proper production, budget, director, an better emphasis on acting and character development, better scripting, Yoda, and, last but not least: Lando.

It was dark and deep and delved into the truth nature of the Force. It brought out emotions that the first movie could not. It has more creative planets and better dialogue.

I don't understand how A New Hope could be considered better other than the fact that it introduced the Star Wars universe.

Comment Re:500 customers on the other flight (Score 1) 575

C) Continue to offer increasing levels of compensation until someone on the flight voluntarily gave up their seat, no matter what the cos.

Exactly. Like I was taught growing up - if you want something, you pay for it. You don't just take it.

Couldn't this theoretically be prosecuted under theft of service? They quite literally stole a service that he had purchased, and kept it for themselves.

Comment Re: Why do airlines overbook? (Score 1) 575

Actually there are other industries that will not refund money if you fail to turn up, though usually they will refund you a percentage or keep the deposit.

At the same time, you accepted the terms when you bought the ticket. The forceable deboarding is not a set of terms anyone agrees to.

Comment Re: NOT a United Airlines flight. (Score 1) 575

It may not be a United run flight, but by code sharing they should require to have their partner provide equivalent service. By having their name associated with a flight they share some of cost and responsibility for anything that could go wrong.

This is always the risk associated with subcontracting. As the entity subcontracting out, you should always accept that you image depends on whoever is getting the work done or it is time to find another partner.

Comment Regulation to prevent forceable rejection? (Score 1) 575

Could the FAA step in and create regulation preventing an airline from ejecting an already cleared and boarded passenger, unless:
      - volunteering for another flight, with compensation
      - life threatening situation

Sure it comes down to the decision of the pilot, but there should be a culture of customer service and if the paying customer is getting shafted then there is a problem. It shouldn't matter that they are in 'cattle class'.

Clearly staff shouldn't have been treated as VIPs and the screw up happened because people had already been allowed to board.

I hope this passenger gets more than just a flight home as compensation, since the way he was abused should never been permitted. I am thinking of an all expenses trip to Hawaii?

BTW with the attitude of the current administration towards any form of regulation, I am not too optimistic that the FAA will do the right thing.

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