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Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1298

America's strength is that it allows the people to Democratically decide who will represent them, causing our society to sway towards the majority view.

Rule by the majority is a flaw in any system. It was never the point of America's republic-style democracy, saving only for the origination of spending bills. Instead, the point of democracy is to overthrow tyrants without bloodshed, and it works very well for that.

but once you start saying that "diversity of culture" is the reason an individual person living in Wyoming has a vote that is worth 3-4 times that of an individual in Ca

Individuals? The federal government represents the states.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1298

I'm no fan of Al Gore.

The man is a genius. Anyone who can come up with a new stock market (carbon credits) put themselves at the top and actually get people to buy into it isn't a buffoon. Greedy, huxster, sell out, puppet bitch-boy of global interest, sure, but he pulled off a shenanigan on a global level that has given him tons of profit and still has people arguing and fighting about it.

He only lost the election against Bush because he got out-cheated. They both had plenty of people in place stuffing ballot boxes and rigging the vote, Bush just had better connections.

Comment Re:Intelligent design (Score 1) 159

Actually natural selection *can* explain how the 6502 had two different indirect access modes.

The PDP-11 (one of the great ancestor computers) had two different indirect access modes (6n and 7n). The computer eco system flourished and spawned many different types of computer chips, one of those which was the 6800 which shared the instruction set traits from that line. However, later, the computer eco system got more price competitive from descendants from other computer chip lines. This put evolutionary pressure on then existent microprocessors to reduce their cost. Features needed to be jettisoned from to reduce the cost, and other competitive processors only had one indirect access mode where the 6500 processor line kept two different indirect modes in the instruction set, but jettsoned the "B" accumulator. Natural selection somehow allowed this instruction set selection trait to survive in it's successor the 6502...

Not making any value judgement about the value of the *un-RISCi-ness* of retaining two different indirect access modes, but natural selection somehow allowed them to both survive the evolutionary pressure, so who am I to argue that it was some Intelligent Design process...

Of course the researchers are probably trying to apply the wrong methods (as many do).

It is not necessary to appeal to a higher power to reason by the 6502 was able to retain two different indirect addressing modes, it was simply the unexpected result of evolutionary pressure and natural selection. Now as to why the PDP-11 had two different indirect addressing modes, that is another question as it was certainly a mutation of the PDP-5 ;^)

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 364

I'm hoping 3D cinema are next to go.
Yes, it was fun in Avatar and all, but nowadays it only makes everything fuzzy and dark.
The last movie I watched in 3D was "Star Wars Rogue One", and I had no option for 2D (movie theaters here in Brazil are doing this dirty practice). In some scenes it was so dark I could barely see anything... I liked the movie, but 3D almost ruined it for me.

Yep. Had exactly the same experience in Australia. Dim, fuzzy.would have been better in 2D.

Comment Re:Wait who's computer is it again? (Score 2, Insightful) 136

Just yet another reason to uninstall Windows 10.

While I agree, I get just as pissed at Google that I have to close a advertisement for Chrome any time I use gmail or youtube for the first time from a new browser. It would be one thing to use the normal ad space to hawk their own stuff, but no, they have to be more intrusive.

Comment Re:Connector (Score 1) 364

(BONUS point : this setup gives dual-viewer capabilities (viewer A and B get to watch 2 different channels thanks to the glasses) which might be popular in some market with cramped living rooms ? Japan ?)

My understanding is that it's for videogames, where two players can sit on the same couch and each will see the game from their own perspective. I don't know how many games actually support it, though.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 2) 1298

America's strength is the diversity of cultures. Having the culture of any one area dominate the country is bad. The electoral college does a good job of balancing this - to the extent that state boundaries reflect cultural boundaries, which is reasonably close.

As far as comparing states - compare Cali and Washington. Similar culture, totally different tax scheme and implementation. Sure, Cali is bigger, but taxes and services are per-capita to begin with, so that doesn't seem to matter. You can have the government services you crave without Cali's amazing taxes and overbearing government intrusion into life (local as much as state).

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