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Comment Re:Totally disagree (Score 4, Insightful) 87

What makes Robot Wars and Battlebots interesting is the rules and limits placed on the bots. the builders have to decide how much to sacrifice armour for weapons and manoeuvrability in the weight limit and how to design a weapon in those limits. and when bot builders all go for the same winning design they modify the rules the following year. e.g. when wedge bots became popular hazards were put into the arena. And none of the bots carry an armour piercing explosive round something that would be on a real battlebot designed for warfare. The same has occurred in car racing involving human drivers and the same will occur in e-racing

Comment Re:Maybe folks have re-evaluated "value" (Score 2) 113

This is what happens when bean counters start running the company products get expensive which no additional perceived value and they fail to recognize the value of additional "Halo" products such as the Macpro or professional laptops beyond the "meagre" sales. Add to that that many people are still happy with their iPhone 5 and even 4 I've seen around and will upgrade when it dies all leads to a fall in sales. Bean counters often don't remember history (before Steve returned) and as a result can't see the future i.e. one without the RDF

Comment Re:Not sure (Score 1) 69

Of course the world is full of two bit people hen decreasing in number 4bit , 8 bit 16,32,64 all the way out to 512 bit and beyond of in color terms those that see in black and white to those that can see shades of grey and and the whole color spectrum but like color beyond 32 bit it gets hard to tell the difference

Comment Re: Finally (Score 0) 540

All cost is derived from human labour. If there is no labour in making the stuff you need to live, then it has no cost (free). A businessman owning a fully automated factory would be the human labour, and rivals would attempt to reduce that (competition).

No economics 101 all cost/price is due to supply and demand just because there is no labour cost there will still be material/delivery/distribution/advertising etc, etc cost and just because a product is plentiful or cheap to manufacture doesn't mean it will be cheap to buy, diamonds for example. Note also Labour cost is only part of the problem some gadgets are completely built by robots yet are manufactured in countries where regulations and tax systems mean better profits for stock holders

Comment Re:So tens of thousands of mining jobs gone (Score 1) 231

The bigger concern is that it is the lower end jobs cab drivers /labourers etc that are going to be replaced at this end the workers are generally not capable of retraining to more complex jobs addionally this is where people who were desperate for work would go during tough times I knew a lot of software developers driving cabs now what are they going to do when times get tough

Comment Re:Asian discrimination?? (Score 1) 469

We have as a policy including staff in the interview particularly staff that would eventually work with successful applicants. Once the easy question were answered we often had an idea whether the paper matched the brain then depending on whether we were busy or not depended on if we continued the interview with applicants that obviously had fake or bought qualifications and no real understanding of the topic. One of those could give you ROFL statements that could last weeks. the hardest part was not to burst out laughing in the interview, and keep straight deadpan faces. It also taught the staff compassion for those less fortunate/intelligent than themselves.

True that most of the failed applicants were asian or indian but even the asian and indians on our team appreciated the method as it meant we didn't waste weeks with someone who wasn't qualified

Comment Re:Law of Unintended Consequences (Score 1) 302

And... how exactly would Britain be able to help multinationals dodge taxes on profits earned in EU countries?

"Transfer pricing" EU divisions buy at higher price from UK distributor and sell at near cost to them leaving all the profits in low tax area, already happens everywhere else and near impossible to police. And yes Brexit looks a good thing as the Brits don't want to be governed by the Germans who obviously now need billions to fund the refugee/invader crisis they encouraged

Comment Re:social experiments (Score 1) 323

His point is quite valid, with the exception of a condom a teenage girl or any woman no way of knowing if a male is on the new drugs or had a vasectomy which is highly unlikely at that age and condom use should be encouraged to stop disease as well as pregnancy but condoms in a purse or wallet is a dead give-away to parents. however some parents strangely, mostly creepy dads, think that a chastity vow is all you need.

As for the courts In the past the woman was certainly a parent after all it came out of her however are you sure you are the dad? A while back when paternity testing first became popular a statistic came back that as much as 25% of children were the progeny of another dad- note I can't recall if was disputed cases only which is why courts tend to favour women in custody al other things being equal.

Comment Re:WAIT (Score 1) 97

There is another disturbing aspect to this:

If it is established that in order to avoid liability, providers must disconnect their customers after a certain number of allegations of infringement (because let's face it, it's rarely going to be practical to determine the factual or legal basis of these alleged infringements), .

What would be the legal liability if they frivolously disconnect someone whose internet connection is connected to security services, medical machines etc and those services are suddenly required. Or simply trying to get legal help to fight a frivolous claim. These days internet access is arguably a utility like electricity and water and the normal phone system which is exempt from liability of the illegal use by there customers. This seems like a mistake on the part of the judiciary and ISP's should fight it as it is not there job to be police - looking at everyone’s internet connection, I suspect and highly illegal, judge listening to and acting on claims by any party, jury i.e. passing a judgement and then executioner cutting of a service without a court order based on individual merit. ISP's should fight this otherwise the compensation payments to customers will be higher than anything Hollywood could inflict

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