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Comment Re:Law of Unintended Consequences (Score 1) 302

And... how exactly would Britain be able to help multinationals dodge taxes on profits earned in EU countries?

"Transfer pricing" EU divisions buy at higher price from UK distributor and sell at near cost to them leaving all the profits in low tax area, already happens everywhere else and near impossible to police. And yes Brexit looks a good thing as the Brits don't want to be governed by the Germans who obviously now need billions to fund the refugee/invader crisis they encouraged

Comment Re:social experiments (Score 1) 323

His point is quite valid, with the exception of a condom a teenage girl or any woman no way of knowing if a male is on the new drugs or had a vasectomy which is highly unlikely at that age and condom use should be encouraged to stop disease as well as pregnancy but condoms in a purse or wallet is a dead give-away to parents. however some parents strangely, mostly creepy dads, think that a chastity vow is all you need.

As for the courts In the past the woman was certainly a parent after all it came out of her however are you sure you are the dad? A while back when paternity testing first became popular a statistic came back that as much as 25% of children were the progeny of another dad- note I can't recall if was disputed cases only which is why courts tend to favour women in custody al other things being equal.

Comment Re:WAIT (Score 1) 97

There is another disturbing aspect to this:

If it is established that in order to avoid liability, providers must disconnect their customers after a certain number of allegations of infringement (because let's face it, it's rarely going to be practical to determine the factual or legal basis of these alleged infringements), .

What would be the legal liability if they frivolously disconnect someone whose internet connection is connected to security services, medical machines etc and those services are suddenly required. Or simply trying to get legal help to fight a frivolous claim. These days internet access is arguably a utility like electricity and water and the normal phone system which is exempt from liability of the illegal use by there customers. This seems like a mistake on the part of the judiciary and ISP's should fight it as it is not there job to be police - looking at everyone’s internet connection, I suspect and highly illegal, judge listening to and acting on claims by any party, jury i.e. passing a judgement and then executioner cutting of a service without a court order based on individual merit. ISP's should fight this otherwise the compensation payments to customers will be higher than anything Hollywood could inflict

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 367

You don't need the system to be perfect. Here in the US it just needs to avoid some 5.5 million auto accidents each and every year that in turn injured 2.5 million people and killed 30,000 others.

Could some glitch run a car into a wall? Maybe.

But that's one death vs all of the others where dumb, drunk, distracted, texting, road raging idiots drove their cars into walls, other cars, pedestrians, bikes, etc..

Now to add to my earlier comment on not just taxi drivers Doctors rather than patching up the above idiots can move into things like solving cancer etc. unfortunately many of them won't have the talent for that. no they aren't all as brilliant as the characters we see portrayed on TV shows

Comment Re:Failed model (Score 1) 367

That's why Ford is looking into there own ride sharing autonomous car imagine the buying power uber will have to force down prices, Once cars are truly autonomous. Not just taxi and Uber drivers, services like go-get and rent a car companies will diminish quickly. The flow on will be companies that supported personalized cars - no one is going to modify a car they don't own, car repairers both accident and general maintenance and refuelling stations - I imagine these cars will refuel where they can also get cleaned up.

Add to that builders no longer building the big garage to house these multiple cars insurance companies no longer collecting premiums, leasing companies for car loans etc. etc.

This is a major change and it is happening, people will adjust but many won't adjust fast enough. The bigger problem for these companies will be how many can afford their services or maybe even need them

Comment Re:FarmBot (Score 1) 80

Even those that do have time such as retired/pensioners may not be able to garden due to various reasons. Look around and its easy to spot the houses where once proud gardeners live the gardens have not been properly cared for for a while. This would extend their enjoyment and may give some slashdotters a side job setting them up. Personally I'm all for this kind of robotics that removes the menial and repetitive work. Note I know this isn't free-form gardening yet but it is a start and more practical producing food which could overtime pay for itself.

Comment Re:The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 2, Insightful) 1145

The problem with the future of AI and automation is that you might not have the opportunity to work.

Maybe if we didn't have a bunch of people breeding or migrating just so they could get various welfare checks there would be enough work to go around and enough leisure time for people to enjoy life. but its politically incorrect to say any of the following.

1) if you can't afford to raise that child don't have it.

2) Or get a job then a house then have a child.

3) stay in your own country we are full

Comment Re:Headline is misleading and a little clickbaity (Score 0) 474

No it wouldn't those employees would likely spend the $900 on wasteful items alcohol gambling etc a few years back a union backed government in Australia took a 20 billion dollar surplus and handed out $900 to each tax payer thinking they would do something good with it most of it ended up on alcohol and gambling the smarter people paid down their mortgages or credit card. The tradies who thought they would be doing house repairs well $900 doesn't buy much in that area so most people didn't bother. As for CEO getting those salaries faced with a difficult situation this would have to be offered to get them to try, knowing well that they may not be able to get a job for a year or two after certainly failing to save the company if they couldn't get enough concessions from the union

Comment Re:Good Grief... (Score 1) 94

Actually I think the patent office has a lot to answer to.

1. They took money on the application and processing fee.

2.They claimed this was for due diligence to make sure you have the right to the patent

They should be included in the law suit

Additionally why do patent trolls pick this part of Texas? is the system a part of the local economy

As for the little guy who has no business training, no capital to fund production or pay employees something like an angel investor can be found be smart your first idea will fund your next idea you just have to sell part of your product

Comment Re:all growed up now (Score 0) 111

May have already happened Shenguan Holdings had a rise in the share price after the released report said strong buy then has continued on a downward trend Not saying they did it deliberately just that anything they say will have an effect good or bad in the short term in the long term the truth will come out regardless.

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