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Journal Journal: WiCast - Wireless Multicasting

Checkout the website for my Java WiFi MultiCaster.

The concept is simple, a server to UDP multicast XML documents from a WiFi Access Point for receipt on WiFi enabled mobile devices such as PDA, Mobile Phones and Laptops. The documents are organised into WiCast channels, where a wifi channel is equivelent to a UDP Multicast stream.

Each channel stream containing one XML document and each document may be hyper-linked to other channel documents. The documents are intended for broadcasting of localised data.

The project initially started out as an idea for broadcast an electronic WarChalk icon for upstream internet connection.

However once I realised that the system could multicast any type of electronic document containing all sorts of data, it has balloned. It could be local maps, containing tourist information, or traffic or parking data, it could be commercial information such as openning times, special offers even advertising.

However I want this project to be much more than about billboards and advertising, so if you have any good ideas on the type of information you would like to see broadcast in this way let me know. Better still join the project and work on the XML schemes for your own idea.

AIH I cannot see companies taking this up for advertising for sometime until a critical mass of users is acheived and I cannot see that happening soon.

The first node is broadcasting from my own WiCastSID home. Though this is a pretty built up area and I need to install an arial to get decent coverage.

I looking for additional volunteers to work in the following areas.
- Provide a WiCast Node to complement your existing WiFi Access Point.
- Design & Develop XML Scheme for WiCast documents.
- Help to port the Client for additional platforms.
- Improve the Project Website.


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Journal Journal: Rant on PDF’s

I don't get why PDF's are becoming so popular, even amongst open source geeks, increasingly every other document on he net seems to be a pdf, yet it's a sub-standard format and its use is illogical. It's an anachronism, representing the complete worst aspects of everything we supposedly strive against with open source and free software.

1) PDF's is a closed proprietary standard.
2) PDF's file format is substandard, using RLE for compression for f* s*?
3) The viewers seem are unreliable on all platforms because of the buffer-overflows issues.
4) The PDF buffer-overflows problem represents a theoretical exploit / security threat to machines.
5) PDF Documents are useless for searching.
6) Dmitry Sklyarov.

So this is my call to drop PDF and start using open standard alternatives. There is plenty of choice of more open, more portable, more reliable,better conceived and implemented options. html & XML, png, tiff, even postscript, but not PDF.

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