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Submission + - SPAM: Electronic data capture clinical trials

decimasoftware1 writes: Nowadays, electronic data capture software for clinical trials come out as the most important features that serves as the effective system to collect data. After the data gets uploaded on site, the staffs authenticate them guaranteeing flourishing execution of CDMS.
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Submission + - Windows mobile operating system 'Mango' to hit the (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft new mobile operating system titled ‘Mango’ is likely to hit the market to compete with the established ‘Apple’ and Google ‘Android’ products. Microsoft started working on ‘Mango’ from the month of May and likely to be available in the market at the year end. Mango will be available in the smart phones of Samsung, LG and HTC and new partners Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE and would be free for existing customers of windows phone 7, according to the sources of Microsoft.

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