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Comment Re:Total Coincidence (Score 1) 264

Rumors about Pizzagate hit the internet. Twitter removes people talking about it. Reddit deletes the group talking about it (but leaves actual groups of pedophiles online!). Even 4chan, the internet's cess pit is trying to censor it. The MSM won't touch it. Suddenly there's a big war on "fake" news, simultaneously by the new media, the old media, and now the government.

This much censorship makes it MORE likely there's something to the allegations, not less. Nobody cares when the National Enquirer makes up nonsense about Brangelina or the Weekly World News claims to have found aliens.

Media should ignore fake news when possible. Reporting it, even to debunk it, tends to give the story more credibility and make the target look more suspicious.

Pizzagate is a great example. It's fake news, a particularly ridiculous piece of fake news where people have invented a massive pedophile network all because they didn't understand why a restaurant owner (who was also a fundraiser) was mentioned in an email.

Pizzagate isn't a scandal. It's a trashy detective model where the characters have been given names of real people.

Now were Twitter and Reddit right to censor those discussions? I don't know. Going by the fact I've been spared knowing about this particular piece of stupidity until now I can't say they're wrong.

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 4, Insightful) 264

I see you're still in "denial". Wake me when you make it past "anger" and get to "bargaining". But don't rush - if the left can keep its echo chamber intact for 4 more years, Trump get re-elected. Delay introspection all you like.

I'm in denial of what?

I know Trump won the election. I knew that was a very real possibility for at least a month beforehand.

I also know that he's ridiculously unprepared and still doesn't really understand what the job entails.

I know that he's moderating some of his positions as he talks to the Obama administration during the transition.

At the same time he's filling his administration with some of the most extreme characters from the right, so that moderation may be gone by February when the extremists are back in charge.

The guy isn't even in office and he's already caused 1 potential corruption scandal (using his new position to get construction approvals) and two diplomatic incidents (phone calls with Pakistan and Taiwan).

Trump was supposed to learn the job and start acting presidential during the primary. He didn't.

Trump was supposed to learn the job and start acting presidential during the general. He didn't.

Trump was supposed to learn the job and start acting presidential once he became President-elect. He hasn't.

When is he supposed to grow up and learn the job? 2025?

When is the right going to stop being in denial and realize there's no brilliant statesman hiding under the hair extensions. The Trump you see is the Trump you get and he is not remotely suited for the position of US President.

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 4, Insightful) 264

It's yet another government waste of money. Fake news is effective because all the major news outlets have lost their credibility by not even trying to hide their bias. I know that CNN usually doesn't tell outright lies though, even if sometimes they report things with a certain slant or ignore some stories. I know that 99 percent of what I see on twitter is bogus. Still, the fact that the MSM has become so obviously pro left has pretty much enabled all these crazy stories. Now, having the government chime in is only going to make people double-down on the fake stuff. If there is any organization less trusted than the media it's the government.

Remember all those years where Sarah Palin was the effective leader of the GOP base? Remember the absolute gong show of the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary with the parade of ridiculous not-Romneys?

2016 isn't the first time the GOP has gone off the deep-end, if media coverage seems skewed it's because it's difficult to give an intellectually honest defence of the US right when it regularly rallies around conspiracy theories.

If anything the media helped Trump with constant coverage of Clinton's emails and controversies around her foundation, while paying no attention to the actual policies being discussed.

Comment Re:Responsibilities of a publicly traded company (Score 2) 1042

Have you ever looked to see some of the things Leslie Jones said? Obviously not. It's very telling that she still has a twitter account while Milo does not.

Stuff she said as she was being harassed.

It's basically the difference between yelling obscenities in the middle of a heated argument and walking up to someone and yelling obscenities without provocation.

Comment Re:So.. (Score 2) 1042

hate speech is "speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or other traits.

Everything is hate speech? Awesome.

You need to leave some wiggle room since defining hate speech is similar to defining obscenity, you'll know it when you see it.

Comment Re:Responsibilities of a publicly traded company (Score 3, Insightful) 1042

Take, for example, the radical feminist Clementine Ford. She has repeatedly engaged in blatant anti-male harassment and is known to then cry wolf when a man responds with anti-female harassment and had a man fired from his job for his comment. Yet, for some reason, Clementine Ford's account is still miraculously active. No matter what Trump said he did or didn't grab, this woman should be off Twitter permanently by that same policy.

That's seriously the best you could come up with? Some woman making a few dick-themed insults in what looks like larger back-and-forth conversations?

This is what actual harassment looks like.

For one he's targeting visible characteristics (weight, attractiveness, and skin colour) of his targets. Clementine Ford's dick jokes are just non-specific insults since no-one can actually see the target's dick.

Second Milo was the instigator going after people who did nothing to deserve it. There's no context for your examples but they look like excerpts from conversations.

Finally Milo wasn't banned just for posting a few offensive things, he was banned because he knew it would trigger his troll army to join in on the fun by escalating the harassment. You posted no evidence of troll armies from Clementine Ford.

Comment Re:Funny definition of "small handful" and "confus (Score 1) 524

GOP politicians go on massive hunts looking for voter fraud after every election, and never comes up with anything but a small handful of people who were just confused.

Here's a list of ~400 people who were not just charged, but convicted of voter fraud: http://thf_media.s3.amazonaws....

400 people over at least 8 elections.

About half are registering ineligible voters (no reason to think they actually voted, more likely someone trying to scam a turnout organization like happened to ACORN), or voting when ineligible (non-citizen? felon?).

There were only 7 cases of impersonation at a poll, and it's unclear how many voter ID laws (the major push for the GOP) would have stopped.

And I did see 32 cases of absentee ballot fraud.

Are there more than listed there? Of course.

But nothing that would sway an election, and certainly not "millions".

Comment Re:To be fair... (Score 1) 524

To be fair, undocumented citizens did receive assurances that they would not be deported if they voted:

Cavuto is being an idiot or a liar. Re-watch the clip and listen closely.

The questioner is asking a poorly phrased question about I don't know what.

Obama is answering a question about US citizens who are co-residing with illegal immigrants, and those US citizens are concerned their names and addresses will be taken from the voter roles and used to deport the non-citizens they're living with.

Comment Re:Congress has passed a law... (Score 2) 154

Too bad the Democrats put the nuclear option into the rules.

It has to suck to be them. Particularly one of the 52 D senators that voted to change the rule. We should send them all nice 'thank you' notes, perhaps with a pacifier.

So what? There's no system of government that can withstand absolutely terrible politicians.

If the GOP hadn't decided on a policy of blanket obstructionism then Democrats wouldn't have needed to axe the filibuster.

And if the GOP had nominated a sane and competent Presidential candidate there wouldn't be a need for a filibuster now.

If you want to protect your country then stop trying to craft rules that will stop authoritarians and start focusing on not electing them.

Comment Re:Good to see mocking the President back in fashi (Score 4, Insightful) 524

Why is it not racist to mock Trump on his hair, his skin color, his small hands?

Because "bad spray tan" and "ridiculous hair extensions" is not a race.

And the "small hands" thing is generally just needling him since he's bizarrely insecure about the size of his hands.

Well I do care. I don't care for Trump, but I do care that apparently it is okay to be racist against white people, but everything a white person says can be considered racism.

It's not OK to be racist against white people.

Thankfully it's also relatively rare (at least compared to racism against non-whites).

Comment Re:Good to see mocking the President back in fashi (Score 5, Insightful) 524

After eight years of it being racist, mocking the President as well as other dissent is patriotic once again. That alone made voting for Trump worth it...

And to think, it almost became sexist instead!..

Mocking Obama was always fine.

Mocking Obama in a transparently racist manner was racist. Just like mocking Hillary with obviously sexist insults was sexist.

Just because it's possible to mock Obama or Hillary without being racist or sexist doesn't mean that any offensive thing you say magically becomes not racist or sexist.

Comment Re:Crybabies (Score 4, Insightful) 524

Never Happens

That's clearly a right-wing, biased publication, no?

Broerman said after their deaths, the Sosas remained on active voter rolls and mail ballots were still sent to their home because they did not meet the criteria to have their names deleted from eligible voter rolls.

Notice how mail-in ballots, the one voting method where voter fraud is actually very easy to commit, is never a target of GOP efforts to combat voter fraud?

I wonder why?

Comment Re:Crybabies (Score 5, Informative) 524

Only if you count illegals. We have no idea what the vote count would be if you didn't count illegitimate votes in California, which is where her lead is coming from.

So not only do you think there were millions of illegal voters, but you think these millions of people are in such an effective air-tight conspiracy that not one of them is willing to spill the beans. And they performed this conspiracy, which risked jail time and/or deportation for every person involved, to run up the score in a state in which Clinton would have won anyway.

That is literally an insane idea.

The simply reality is that the US doesn't bother trying to account for voter fraud because the Electoral College makes it mostly pointless.

Which is why GOP politicians go on massive hunts looking for voter fraud after every election, and never comes up with anything but a small handful of people who were just confused.

Comment Re:So now Clinton supporters can't handle the resu (Score 1) 1424

The riots are justified


To put on peaceful and lawful demonstrations is certainly the right of Americans. But to riot? Are you serious?

My mistake for accepting the premise.

I'm aware of a lot of protests, and I'm sure there are a handful of people in those protests who are simply out to cause trouble.

But I'm not aware of anything that I'd consider riots.

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