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Journal Journal: Google Wave Invites? 2

I sure don't have any of those, but I'd like one hint hint. Thought I signed up early enough to get an invite but my Inbox is sorely missing them.
Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: Apple TV (to put Boxee on) 3

I'm trying really hard not to buy one and I need to hear from someone who has one to tell me that it sucks and that I should by no means get one.
XBox (Games)

Journal Journal: I got a Wii 2

And all I've been fiddling with is the best way to get my music and movies setup to play on the Wii rather than the actual games. So far I've tried Weezo and Orb. Weezo's pages get all screwed up but Orb is choppy and keeps buffering, it also eats up a lot of CPU. Thinking of sticking it in a separate VM or get a cheapo dedicated PC for it.

Anyone got any good flashgames for the wii?


Journal Journal: I can picture it now

From the new Fox business channel about to launch:

"And today thanks to Bush's war on terror, and God, the Dow is up 10 points."

This segment brought to you by Halliburton. English only subtitles available. Gore/Clinton + Osama = true.


Journal Journal: am I infected? 4

Pretty frequently when my PC is running slowly and laggish my Task Manager will tell me that Internet Explorer is taking up 98-99% of the CPU while using about 70MB of RAM. However, no IE will be visible on screen. It's like it's running in stealth mode doing its own thing.

It's got XP sp2 with all the latest patches. Since I'm a cheapskate I use the AVG free edition for antivirus and Windows Defender or whatever M$'s spyware protection is called. They both tell me daily nothing is wrong.

Any ideas? Thanks

United States

Journal Journal: How to avoid being murdered 4

Go to Jail Go directly to jail.

...In 2005, 56 prisoners were murdered. There are roughly 2 million inmates held in state prisons, meaning that the homicide rate per 100,000 prisoners last year was only 2.8. That number is less than half the rate of New York City (6.6 per 100,000) and an order of magnitude lower than Baltimore (42 per 100,000). Indeed, of the 66 largest cities in the United States, only El Paso, Tex. and Honolulu, Hawaii have lower homicide rates than the state prisons...

United States

Journal Journal: Saddam killed Mandela 17

"I heard somebody say, Where's Mandela?' Well, Mandela's dead because Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas," Bush said in a press conference in Washington on Thursday.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Galaxy vs DC United at the Home Depot Center

Great arena, expensive parking and beer, not so great crowd. Plenty of empty seats, at kickoff it was almost half empty. With all the hype and sellouts everywhere else I was surprised that the upper deck didn't even have to be used. The official attendance was about 17k, not terrible for soccer in the US but about 10k short of capacity.

Got to see some firsts, Beckham's first start with the Galaxy, first game as captain, first yellow card, first goal, and first assist. I also got my first glimpse of Posh but the bodyguards intimidated me into not taking pictures, I'm a failure as a paparazzo.


Journal Journal: my ftp server is under attack 13

Ever since I set up an ftp server the other day attempts to connect to it are coming in from all over. So now that I have their IP addresses what's the best way to figure out where they're coming from? Not interested in vigilanteism, I'm just curious.

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