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Comment Re:Would prefer a seperate app (Score 1) 89

Agree with the others - nobody suggested using paint for illustration. I work in television graphics and have to do stuff like grab a screen shot, crop it, and send it to clients. Running photoshop or GIMP for that is like running Visual Studio or eclipse to write a 3 line batch file.

Comment Re:Fix your 2D first, MS. (Score 1) 89

Ok, but what do you think this new paint will be like when they add all the features? It'll have big/deep menus and a lot of UI clutter in order to squeeze all the controls in, and it'll take just as long to load as GIMP does. I use paint when I need to do something like take a screenshot and crop it; it's simple and easy. I'm not nay-saying this new paint 3d program, but I imagine it'll be as complex as GIMP. Still not difficult to paste and crop an image, but just as long to load and do what I want as GIMP. It'll be nice to have something on every box by default, though.

Comment Re:And why are they doing that after all this time (Score 1) 89

Me, too. If I have to do a lot of work on images, or anything remotely complicated, I install something else, but when I need to take a screenshot and crop it, I can be done in paint before GIMP finishes loading. OK, not quite, but yes, for something like that it's simple and fast.

Comment Re: The cupboard of history (Score 1) 105

[a] Trump is not nor has ever been "anti-gay."

[b] Hillary, like Obama, was anti-gay and gay marriage for decades before it became politically expedient to be "pro-gay." And her foundation routinely accepts donations not only from governments with capital punishment for homosexuality, but from some of the actual guys who have thrown the stones.

Comment Re:DGW - Dinosaurogenic Global Warming (Score 1) 354

>>No, you go fuck yourself you both sided libertarian retard. Conservatives and libertarians (another kind of conservative) OWN this you lying psychopath and we need to make you PAY for your fucking evil habits.

Please tell me this was a parody of the Global-Warmist-as-Medieval-Inquisitor variety. If not, then you're really starting to scare us...

Comment Re:Diversion (Score 3, Funny) 176

Future headline:

Russian leader Vladimir Putin was killed in a freak accident today while crossing the street next to the Kremlin. A fully autonomous prototype Tesla sedan had veered out of control and was speeding through central Moscow side streets at freeway speeds, and it tragically ran over Putin and several of his bodyguards. A defiant Elon Musk issued the following statement: "Our vehicle had nothing to do with this incident. We've analyzed the black box data, and this car was miles away at the airport at the time of the accident."

Comment Random prefix workaround (Score 4, Interesting) 56

There may very well be something I'm missing here, but I have a suggestion for how to deal with the random prefix attack.

Keep a running count of the number of requests for non-existent subdomains. Once they exceed a certain number in a short period of time, cease to respond to requests for subdomains that aren't already cached as valid.

Example:,, and are cached. A flood of requests for (random chars) starts up. Once this exceeds 100 requests in a minute, all requests for subdomains are ignored except for,, and

This would still cut off access to infrequently-accessed subdomains, but subdomains with enough traffic to be in the cache would remain reachable.

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 5, Insightful) 181

If you want "change", you need to know what kind of change. Some changes would be good, some would be worse than the status quo.

The problem with Trump is that he's fighting the last war. Much of the public is afraid because their lively-hoods are in peril. Trump says it's because of immigrants and government corruption. That's no longer the case; it's actually because technology and automation will be putting most jobs on the entire planet in jeopardy within the next few decades.

Trump's proposed solutions would not solve anything, and they're aiming at issues that this country has already successfully dealt with since the 18th century: We've always been a nation with "unsavory" immigration and corrupt politicians, and somehow we've muddled through and even thrived. The actual root cause of the current public angst is an elephant in the room that NO politicians are talking about, even ones from the fringe parites.

So while the status quo isn't ideal, it's better than Trump's disruptive ham-handed proposals which would solve nothing. (And it doesn't help that he's an unhinged megalomaniac on top of it all.)

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