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Comment Re:Dude plays race case, threatens upper managemen (Score 1) 51

I want to first say that there is enough lack of information in this article that it is impossible to reach any conclusion without a heaping load of reasonable doubt.

That disclaimer having been made, this sounds like a situation where the sys admin became a malcontent because he was left out of the loop on a lot of things,,,something which often happens when someone works remotely. He claims they refused to promote him to management, likely because he was working remotely and they did not think it was practical for him to manage people he never saw (they may have been wrong, but I understand why they felt that way). As for the secret meetings he alleges, I doubt they were secret. There were probably a bunch of meetings they did not mention to him because they were not directly related to his job and not worth setting up a way for him to attend remotely. Then they probably forgot to include him in some meetings they should have because A) he worked remotely and B) they had not invited him to the other meetings (the latter which there was no reason to include him in).

Having read the whole story, it reads like there was a change in administration and the new administration did not like that Williams worked remotely and was trying to find a way to get rid of him if he would not move to where he could actually come into the office (something he could not do). I think he read the writing on the wall (Sidenote: by the time the writing is on the wall, being able to read it does you no good) and wrote his letter in an attempt to intimidate them into leaving things the way they were.

My skepticism for his account of things is not because I do not think it could have happened that way. My skepticism is because the story is almost entirely from his side of things and everything still has explanations that do not require malice on the part of the Institution or its staff.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 287

It's clearly a generational thing. Many older individuals can't seem to understand that dvds are inconvenient.

It's more likely that the older individuals have already lived through the death of a service and don't want to experience that particular inconvenience again.

Do you remember when DIVX went belly up?


Comment Intelligence Busting (Score 2) 109

If you hate unions so much, why didn't YOU sue to prevent drivers from unionizing? I assume that you don't employ drivers, therefore you've got exactly as much standing as a company like Uber that doesn't employ drivers.

Uber's response is pants-on-head retarded for a company that is trying to insist it has no employees. Their correct course of action would be to absolutely ignore everything this "union" does, and continue with whatever click-through agreement that drivers agree to in order to drive for Uber, because without employees, there is literally nothing the "union" can do other than whine and beg their members to quit driving for Uber.

Comment VP8/VP9 free of MPEG LA threat; H.265 has 2 pools (Score 1) 106

For one thing, back in 2013, Google bought a one-time license from MPEG LA to sublicense MPEG LA-administered patents essential to VP8 and VP9.

For another, exactly how are you sure that there's not some submarine patent waiting to surprise everyone on H.265? I'm aware of already more than one patent pool for that codec: MPEG LA administers some patents and HEVC Advance administers others.

Comment Actually shitty movies are killing sales. (Score 1, Interesting) 287

Movies I want to watch more than once? I buy it.
Problem is there is only 2 movies in the past 2 years I wanted to buy. Most of the others I only wanted to watch once or did not even bother watching.

MAybe if Hollywood would make things that were not crap they would sell more? NAH, let's do a movie about a 1980's TV show instead.

Comment Re:Trust? (Score 5, Funny) 202

> Apparently Microsoft uses the word "Trust" in the same way Apple uses the word "Courage". I still haven't figured out what either one means..

MS Trust: "I'm altering the deal. Trust I don't alter it any further." DUN DUN DE DUN.

Apple Courage: "It is easy confuse to Courage with Stupidity -- we did. If you're stupid enough to spend yet more money on over-priced wireless crap to replace the gear you already have, we have the courage to sell it to you."

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