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Comment Re:Never do anything on the actual computer (Score 1) 149

I did exactly this, using Qubes at home. It took a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it makes sense. It greatly reduces the risk of things like XSS and browser exploits leaking banking or other important information. I don't particularly consider myself the enemy of any state, but the increasing number of drive-by exploits targeting Joe Nobody for the purpose of extracting money (whether ransomware, stealing card numbers, whatever) makes this a reasonable course of action even for people not participating in espionage or whatever.

Shame that trying to game in a VM sucks hard, but that's the tradeoff.

Comment Re:Really slashdot? (Score 1) 399

With every other product in the world you have a refund period.

I'm OK with a refund period. I just want Internet whiners and hate-swarmers to grow up and stop burdening everyone with their foolishness and entitlement.

Everyone had the chance to know whatever they needed to know to make an informed choice. But that requires being a grownup and waiting a week or two to buy.

Is there a demo of NMS? I don't pre-order any games and if there isn't a playing demo download, the chances of me buying it are zero.

Cool. Thanks for being a grownup. Let's ask others to grow up now.

But if a game really sucks, a refund is a reasonable solution. If somebody has bought dozens of games and only asked for a refund once, it's pretty fair to say that this should be the publisher's problem.

It doesn't suck. It's ok. It's just not "great" and the minimalistic gameplay isn't fun for some people.

I think Sony's policy is one lifetime refund on a digital purchase as a courtesy. That seems about right.

Comment Re: First item on the agenda... (Score 1) 91

LOL. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at the truth of that.

I agree that far too often security is an afterthought. "Gee, is it no wonder you got rooted?"

As much as I hate government interference maybe we need the FCC equivalent for Internet Security?
i.e. All devices on the internet much support encryption of X bits.

Although with the government's retarded stance on encryption (e.g. with the false justification that only criminals use encryption) that might be a hard sell.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 1) 161

I've linked you to her articles a fucking dozen times already

You haven't linked me though. I can only assume serviscope_minor's request was for the benefit of others reading this discussion, such as myself.

I tried "Erin Pizzey" on Wikipedia, and though it does mention "harassment, death threats, bomb threats and defamation campaigns", it says nothing about a drive-by shooting in particular. (But then Wikipedia aims to include only claims that can be backed up by what it considers independent reliable sources.) Nor do the snippets in the first ten results for Google erin pizzey drive-by shooting appear relevant. What am I missing?

Comment Re: First item on the agenda... (Score 2) 91

Interesting point about making the devices display only!
Though I'm not sure I'd want an alarm system where someone can query it for "current active people detected." :-)
At least the "damage" would be minimal if it couldn't accept remote commands.

I would have far less qualms about IoT if they adopted something like SSH public+private key.
I guess the question is "How much security is good enough for IoT" ?

(Obviously any at this point is a step up from none.)

Comment Re:Given the reviews (Score 1) 399

Actually it is worse then that. This is a list of things that Sean said were in the game, implied they were, or where shown in the trailers. Some things made it in, a lot of things didn't:

* www.onemanslie.info/the-original-reddit-post/

When a game has a price of $60 gamers expect a certain level of polish and completeness to it. Go figure.

I.e. Going to the center of the galaxy is one major disappointment. (SPOILER)

If the devs had been more upfront about what is and isn't in the game, and the priced itself at $20, basically followed Minecraft's development, gamers would be much more forgiving of an incomplete game.

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 5, Informative) 399

> The developers weren't just intentionally vague, they outright lied, straight yes-or-no answers to straight yes-or-no questions about what was in the game, just days before the release

Sadly this is correct. Summary of the all the things promised but not delivered, along with things that did make it:


Submission + - Mediterranean diet better for the heart than taking statins, major study suggest (telegraph.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: A Mediterranean diet could be better than statins at reducing the risk of an early death for millions of Britons, research suggests.

Leading heart experts said patients should be prescribed the diet — rich in fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts, whole grains and olive oil — before being put on drugs.

In the first major study to look at the impact of the Med diet on survival of heart patients, experts found it cut the chances of early death by 37 per cent.

Previous research has found just taking statins cuts mortality by 18 per cent. Experts said the figures were not directly comparable, and that many heart patients could get maximum benefit by doing both.

Comment Re:Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in (Score 3, Insightful) 64

As opposed to the soap opera of "un-reality crap" ??
At least you can learn interesting history.

"But wait" you go, "I watch Sci-Fi, such as Dark Matter, Farscape, Fringe, Killjoys, etc."
Well that's a soap opera in set in space.

The question isn't "Is this a soap opera?"
The question is: "Is this interesting?"

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