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Comment Re: They could always work elsewhere. (Score 3, Insightful) 143

It's weird how lefties hate Walmart for the same thing, but love amazon.

Hating Walmart is party-line obedience to union leaders. Plus classism. Amazon hasn't become a big focus for union organizers yet, and Amazon employs many members of the progressive tribe in The Seattle area. So they get a pass, for now.

None of this has ever had anything to do with actually caring about the employees of these companies.

Comment Re: Yeah fuck this (Score 2) 118

But seriously, lawsuits can't succeed without laws

Lawsuits succeed based on proving you were actually harmed and that the actual harm was wrongful. It takes very few laws and only a little enforcement. Local judges have been settling disputes between neighbors for many centuries.

none of my examples require imagination, they're real

You should have no problem proving them in court then. You don't need to police your neighbors' private actions because (unless you are a liar) you have proof that their actions aren't private and that they actually harmed you.

Everyone else who is minding their own business should have the opportunity to be safe from having their behavior policed.

Comment Re:I guess there is demand (Score 1) 74

> All money is fake by definition.

That's partially incorrect.

* Hard currencies have an intrinsic value. i.e. Especially the metals.
* Soft currencies -- you are correct -- they are completely artificial.

However, this isn't telling the entire picture.

There are 4 Levels of money. That is, money can represent 4 different things:

1. Barter

If you have physical good I desire, and vice versa, we can trade. The *thing itself* is money -- ANYTHING can have value -- depending on who wants it. Now this becomes impractical when you only want 1/2 a cow -- thus a solution was needed for this problem. Which leads me to my next point:

2. Tokens

Instead of trading the physical things themselves, we can trade tokens which represent them. The nice thing is that we can sub-divide tokens into any division we want.

3. Time, Effort, and Skill

I don't have the skills to build a house, nor the time, but if I have enough tokens, I can hire people who do. As a result we've started to ditch using physical tokens and moved to digital tokens, aka bits to represent money. For the time being banks will honor this Bits <--> Paper money equivalency.

4. Energy

At the end of the day, currency is really about energy. Hell, Bitcoin mining shows _exactly_ this. We can currently, very primitively, convert matter into energy and vice versa. This will play an ever increasing role as our technology moves beyond the primitive level we have.

ZPE (Zero Point Energy) will free us from the greed of currency, and move the value into what people can create uniquely. But hat is still a few decades off before we evolve to that level.

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