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Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 1) 259

It's going to legally be tough for them to wriggle out of.

This is morally wrong and dangerous. Morally wrong because if you commit suicide, you did it, not someone who made you feel bad. Dangerous because incentive payments for people who commit suicide is counterproductive unless you want more suicides.

Societies should disallow these types of lawsuits -- maybe with some sort of exception if you can prove someone had the specific intention of driving the person to suicide.

Comment Marginal cost of Internet distribution: $0.09/GB (Score 1) 68

Unless a work includes material licensed under terms that require payment of residuals per copy, all the work involved in production, editing, and mastering is a sunk cost that was covered by the work's crowdfunding campaign. The marginal cost of distributing a copy of a work is the cost of transmitting it over the Internet, for which AWS charges 0.09 USD per GB.

Comment Music and film are essential in two senses (Score 1) 68

However, unless those works are also essential

They are "essential" in the same sense that a college textbook is "essential": a student in a music or film analysis class gets a 0 on his homework unless he buys a copy.

If you live in an area where all grocery stores play background music, music is also "essential" because a fraction of what you pay for food goes toward licensing background music, and food is essential.

Comment Re:Funniest part is it's no conspiracy to... apk (Score 1) 182

Of all the conspiracies out there I can count on one hand which ones are true. This one isn't.

And while I agree awareness is good, focusing on the problem means one isn't focused on potential _solutions._

What you are also forgetting is that things are ALLOWED to be the way they are.

i.e. America gets the government it deserves because people won't fucking do a thing to change it. They will bitch, and complain, and then carry on with their life -- letting the government steal the profits of their labor, and then go back to watching the boob tube.

The solution is, and always has been, local community living to a higher standard as a positive role model. Nothing else works.

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