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Comment Re:Find a new job, then quit (Score 2) 506

Look for a mixed house. Very few companies even try to use one OS exclusively. At my current workplace, we have Solaris, Linux and Windows stacked floor to ceiling across more than an Acre of Data Center space. Within the environment, different people are recognized as experts on different platforms and expected to administer accordingly.

I.e. I am one of the Linux guys and I am in a department where everyone else is a Cisco or Firewall specialist. End result I do Linux 40 hours or more, each week, and once in a while help out with hardware, Windows, Networking etc...

This is a phone company/ISP with 2.1 Million customers (in a 2.7 Million person country). So there may not be an identical company in your area. However, look out for those features, which may have contributed to my ability to find work doing Linux full time here.
Telecom (Primarily cellphone)
Rapid growth
New company (10 years old)
Market leader
Young staff

Comment Re:Huh (Score 2) 163

We have that where I work.

I am not sure of the name of the package.. but it has a web interface that you can use to check how many days you have available and to apply for time off. I can use that to not just request a 1/2 day, but also to request just a few hours.

Does this mean we (and whoever created our HR software) have to sue IBM? Or can we just ask for a cut when they start collecting license fees on this patent?

Comment Re:Is this Wikileaks day? (Score 1) 810

Work at the data from the other direction. Start from the guy who has some explosives and some people to plant it, but is looking for a target.

This list provides him the raw data to find the easiest target for his particular teem, gear and location.

Worse yet, for those talking about the perils of security throgh obscurity. Dose America have the resources to fully protect 200+ facilities around the world?

How much less will be left for Medicaid if they spend that much on this mission?

Comment Re:a clarification to my comment (Score 1) 810

The news story I saw (over on BBC) mentioned an anti-venom site in Australia. If you know how this stuff is made, then you would also know how vulnerable such a facility is and how difficult to secure.

I.e. It's basically a zoo and a Vet station with a little lab attached and a dozen clones of Steve Erwin on staff.

Comment Re:Is this Wikileaks day? (Score 1) 810

We occasionally listen to music by characters facing some pretty serious charges. Some of them have even been convicted. And that's just music. Helping someone leak information that you want, may still be a good idea, even if for an unrelated reason you want that guy locked away.

After yesterday's leak, they may as well dump the whole shebang. IMHO: "A list of stuff that people can blow up if they want to screw with us", is something that legitimately deserves to be hidden from everyone but the guy dispatching people to guard that stuff.

That so many of these assets are important to other countries, compounds the danger.

What Ambassadors have to say about the Government's that host them? Bring it on. Back door deals on how to cover up embarrassing events? OK. Private communications that conflict directly with what was said publicly by the same people? lovely.

Just go easy on the target lists.

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