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Comment Re:This again? (Score 2) 339

> Assembly language usually normally contains conveniences ...

Minor quibble. FTFY.

On the Apple 2 computers you can use the mini-assembler built into ROM -- which IS the raw assembly it generates.

300: LDA $C000
  BPL $300
  STA $C010

The OP is ignorant of what assembly language even is.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 339

Mod parent -1 incorrect.

> "Assembly" is not a programming language.

You keep using this phrase "not a programming language." It doesn't mean what you think it means. Methinks you need to review what a programming language IS because your definition is incomplete.

Your mistake is assuming "assembly language" refers to one canonical language. The truth is Assembly language refers to a family of languages.

As someone who still programs in 6502 assembly language (I work on an emulator in my spare time) then tell me my WHY does my Apple //e have a mini-assembler built into ROM if assembly is not a programming language??? The 6502 mnemonics are stored, compressed, in the ROM of ALL Apple 2 computers, along with a dis-assembler.

I could program in machine code (either decimal or hexadecimal):

300:AD 00 C0 10 FB 8D 10 C0 60

I could use the mini-assembler:

300: LDA $C000
  BPL $300
  STA $C010

Or I could use full canonical assembly

; Stupid /. unindents first line
  ORG $300

So yes, "Assembly" is a programming language. It comes in many flavors. There are even two flavors on x86: GCC assembly and Intel assembly.

Apostle Paul the Perverter, 1 Corinthians 11:14

Submission + - New formula massively reduces prime number memory requirements.

grcumb writes: Peruvian mathematician Harald Helfgott made his mark on the history of mathematics by solving Goldbach's Weak Conjecture, which every odd number greater than 5 can be expressed as the sum of three prime numbers. Now, according to Scientific American, he's found a better solution to the Sieve of Erasthones:

In order to determine with this sieve all primes between 1 and 100, for example, one has to write down the list of numbers in numerical order and start crossing them out in a certain order: first, the multiples of 2 (except the 2); then, the multiples of 3, except the 3; and so on, starting by the next number that had not been crossed out. The numbers that survive this procedure will be the primes. The method can be formulated as an algorithm.

But now, Helfgott has found a method to drastically reduce the amount of RAM required to run the algorithm:

Helfgott was able to modify the sieve of Eratosthenes to work with less physical memory space. In mathematical terms: instead of needing a space N, now it is enough to have the cube root of N.

So what will be the impact of this? Will we see cheaper, lower-power encryption devices? Or maybe quicker cracking times in brute force attacks?

Comment Re:To late .. they are already here (Score 1) 279

What conspiracy? To keep people in the dark? That's a fact, not a theory.

You can see NASA's own evidence of UFO's, Edger Mitchell's own testinomy, many Government officials, researchers, time and time again admit this.

Lastly, 12 years ago I met an alien -- but you can keep trying to label other people's experiences that don't fit within your myopic perspective.

Only the ignorant stick their head in the sand and ignore a problem. The truth is:

We were never alone.

In roughly 8 years this fact will be public. You can either accept it now or later. Your choice. But all the wishful thinking won't change fate.

Comment To late .. they are already here (Score 0, Troll) 279

Governments are already aware of at least 4 different species whether they like it or not.

(Public) First Contact will be allowed to happen by ~2024 since by then everyone else will realize it isn't that big of a deal.

People will first be angry at what they are doing to "our" planet, and then reluctantly agree.

Submission + - TypeScript 2.0 Released (

An anonymous reader writes: Since its introduction, TypeScript has included new features to improve performance, enhance JavaScript compatibility, and extend the range of error checking that the TypeScript compiler performs. TypeScript 2.0 introduces a big step forward here by giving developers greater control over null values. null, used to denote (in some broad, hand-waving sense) that a variable holds no value at all, has been called the billion dollar mistake. Time and time again, programs trip up by not properly checking to see if a variable is null, and for good or ill, every mainstream programming language continues to support the null concept. TypeScript 2.0 brings a range of new features, but the biggest is control over these null values. With TypeScript 2.0, programmers can opt into a new behavior that by default prevents values from being null. With this option enabled, variables by default will be required to have a value and can't be set to null accidentally. This in turn allows the compiler to find other errors such as variables that are never initialized.

Submission + - How ITT Tech Screwed Students and Made Millions (

An anonymous reader writes: This is a grim story about a company that screwed poor people, military veterans, and taxpayers to turn a profit. It includes shocking details about the inner-working of the for-profit college including stuff like this:

"ITT recruiters even manipulated prospective students using pain-based sales techniques. Recruiters used a sales strategy called the “Pain Funnel” that encouraged them to ask progressively more hurtful questions to get prospective students to enroll in the school."

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