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Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 593

I'm sure it's passe to say that it's both sides, but it is. Consider that the United States no longer has an anti-war party. At the Democratic National Convention, they tried to drown out and laugh off chants of "No more war" from the delegates.

That's because the context didn't have anything to do with war, it had to do with signalling opposition to Hillary.

I could go on and on about how now neither major party opposes fracking, the liberals are now further right of George W. Bush on Israel, and so much more. Americans as a whole show even less empathy nowadays.

Ehhh, not really. On Israel and foreign intervention in general Clinton is to the right of her party, but far to the left of the Bush, even on Israel.

Comment Re:chain of custody (Score 1) 60

Apple may have to come very clean about how this works or it may not hold up in court.

I doubt it is intended to hold up in court. More likely the idea is to provide the phone's owner (perhaps in conjunction with the police) with information about who took their phone, so that they then know where to look to find more solid evidence.

Comment Opposite (Score 1) 111

The nanny-state would tend to mandate the WiFi stay locked for security reasons, or at least make sure people unlocking the WiFi were properly punished later by whatever means the state has (which are many).

In this actual case, it's private citizens calling for other private citizens for devices to be unlocked...

Comment Re:AI needs some improvement (Score 1) 53

I just won a game of Tic-Tac-Toe for the first time ever.

Since it's trivial to write an algorithm that plays optimally and since a player using an optimal strategy will never lose, Google clearly did not try to create an "AI" whose focus is winning. Instead, they appear to have created an algorithm that is a fairly decent novice player. Which, actually is a good deal harder than optimal play.

Well, maybe not. It wouldn't be too difficult to take an optimal play implementation and randomly cause it to choose a bad move. For example, if it's playing X you could have it select a move at random, rather than always taking a corner. And at each subsequent move you could give it a smallish chance of making a bad move. That approach might simulate a decent novice well enough.

Perhaps a better approach would be to use machine learning and have it learn from novice games, or even from well-played games, but leave it incompletely trained. That might make it more "human-like".

Comment More reliable, not less (Score 1) 141

One vector of "unreliability" the article talked about was iPhones "failing to connect to WiFi".

Let's just put aside the problem with equating network reliability with hardware reliability... there's a big difference in HOW both devices connect to WiFi, by design.

Apple in the last year or so changed iOS so that it will prefer to stay on a cell connection if it seems like the WiFi is going to be flaky or unreliable.

So the "WiFi failing to connect" is a result of the software making the network connection (you know, the whole reason why you are trying to connect to the WiFi in the first place?) MORE reliable for the user, not less... we all know by now sometimes the cell network is vastly better than a sketchy WiFi node.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 1) 415

As appealing as a Senate hearing is, I'd prefer an actual citation from literature, and not a well known skeptic. In other words, let's see the actual data your claim is based off of. Do you possess this data, or did you just rush out and find the only link you could that you thought could justify your initial claim?

Comment Re:How the hell (Score 2) 146

offer 20$ of rides free as introduction offer, undercut taxis by subsidizing rides

Does this mean, eventually, uber fares == taxi fares, when the subsidizing stops?

No, they'll be far more expensive if everything stays the same. Taxi drivers make very little and most taxi companies are run on shoestring margins (sometimes for a lot of money because of volume, but still very low margins), and they're selling a far lower quality product in most markets.

Comment Re: I would invest (Score 3) 146

Don't forget that they're also screwing the city by putting lots of wear and tear on the streets without generally paying any commercial fees/taxes that would otherwise go to offset that damage - street infrastructure is stupid-expensive and they're basically using it for free (individual car fees are generally much lower on the expectation that you're not spending all day driving around downtown).

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