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Comment Re:I wanted to take a photo of my ballot (Score 1) 46

That 3% number is clearly nonsense. And you can contact the county offices to make sure your ballot was received and is in order (which I did).

My vote is overseas. They're counted at the same time as local votes. You're thinking of absentee ballots.

What state are you? Don't forget about the downballot races.

Comment Re:Home internet (Score 2) 74

WTF will it be looking like with consumers torrenting @ 10Gbps? Meh. Not really thought through this article...

Would we download more though, or just faster? A Netflix 4K stream is 25 Mbps, BluRay Video has a max rate of 54 Mbps, UHD BluRay 128 Mbps. I have a 150 Mbps line and apart from occasionally downloading a season and figuring out it's junk after a few episodes I use the bandwidth regardless. The only advantage is that huge game patches and such download quicker so I don't get stuck just because Steam wants to install a 2GB patch right when I want to play. Even a big family streaming half a dozen UHD monsters shouldn't be able to saturate a 1 Gbps link.

His huge downloads are probably hogging the whole bandwidth because of poor QoS, so 10 Gbps solves the problem with brute excess capacity. Either that or he ran into some kind of soft limiter because 30000*10GB = 300TB a year is way, way outside the norm but they let it pass if you pay the 10 Gbps price. And if the software was a little smarter at caching 30000 images / 2000 working hours = average 4 minutes/photo, download takes about 10 seconds so if it would preload he wouldn't be waiting at all. I'm sure he can well afford the extra $3k/year to just make the problem go away though.

Comment Re:Touch screen (Score 1) 283

I don't mind them adding the touch bar. It looks like they've nailed the deep integration in a way that Apple is pretty good at doing. What I could not believe is that that was it. I literally sat there after the show was over half expecting them to do the "one more thing" bit to show us why they even bothered with the press conference. Such a minor, gimmicky feature doesn't stretch very well to take up as much time as they talked about it.

Comment Re:I hope Apple knows (Score 1, Insightful) 130


Any new computer hardware on the market these days is plenty powerful enough to handle anything a typical user might ever want to do.

That means that unless you're a power user (or video game or VR enthusiast), there's going to be very little difference between your experiences using a modern low-end vs a modern high-end system; either one will work just fine for you.

So the remaining criterion (other than purchase price) is the quality of the user-experience -- i.e. how much of your time at the computer is spent getting accomplished the things you want to accomplish, and how much is spent dealing with computer problems?

Minimizing the latter is what Mac users are willing to pay extra for.

Submission + - Feds charge 61 people over Indian call center IRS scams

BUL2294 writes: Following the arrests earlier this month in India of call center employees posing as IRS or immigration agents, USA Today and Consumerist are reporting that the US Department of Justice has charged 61 people in the US and India of facilitating the scam, bilking millions from Americans thinking they were facing immediate arrest and prosecution.

"According to the indictment — which covers 20 individuals in the U.S. and 32 people and five call centers in India — since about 2012 the defendants used information obtained from data brokers and other sources to call potential victims impersonating officers from the IRS or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services."

Comment Re: great (Score 1) 327

Most starving Africans at the time were just starving Africans. AIDS almost certainly had its origins in more tropical areas of Africa, as evidenced by the fact that it was contact with bush meat that was the most likely cause of HIV jumping from chimps and other primates over to humans.

Comment Re:Why didn't it blow up in the heteros? (Score 1) 327

It is harder for women to spread the disease, but not impossible, which is why you see such high infection rates in the developing world.

The fact is that if you have multiple sexual partners, gay or straight, vaginal or anal, male or female, you are at increased risk of HIV and STD infections. There are all kinds of other linked factors, as there always is (such as circumcised men being at slightly less risk), or, as you point out, women being less likely to spread the disease because of the structure of the vagina versus the rectum. But as evidenced by HPV, herpes and hepatitis infections, vaginal intercourse doesn't confer some magic immunity against viral STDs. All it takes is an exchange of bodily fluids, so if the man has even a small, possible even invisible lesion on the skin of his penis, he's at elevated risk of infection, and when the person he is having sex with is at later stages of the infection, and viral counts in bodily fluids like blood or vaginal fluids, those risks get higher.

Comment Re:Gay people worldwide was going crazy. (Score 1) 327

What do you mean you're not allowed to say what groups are getting infected? The CDC site itself has breakdowns on the groups where new infections are the highest.

What will get you looked dimly upon in many circles is basically shouting "It's a gay disease!" and somehow asserting that sexuality itself is some inherent determinant of disease progression.

After all, outside the developed world, the bulk of new HIV infections are heterosexuals, which ought to tell you that it isn't a "gay" disease, but rather a disease where people who have unprotected sex with multiple partners put themselves at much greater risk.

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